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Paolo and Juliet to their Yankee years… PowerPoint Presentation
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Paolo and Juliet to their Yankee years…

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Paolo and Juliet to their Yankee years…
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Paolo and Juliet to their Yankee years…

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  1. Meenakshi Narain

  2. Paolo and Julietto their Yankee years… Meenakshi Narain Brown University

  3. how our paths crossed • in 1984… • I came to the US to study physics at Stony Brook. Juliet became accepted me as her thesis student. (I was fooled by the zeta...) • from 1985 to 1991… • I worked with Juliet and Paolo on Upsilon spectroscopy with the CUSB experiment at Cornell • in 1991 I graduated… • and Juliet and Paolo went to Italy Meenakshi Narain

  4. The 60’s • Juliet and Paolo in 1966 • with state of the art computer Meenakshi Narain

  5. The 70’s • Juliet’s students from this time helped me find out what Juliet and Paolo were doing then • Dean Schamberger and Mike Tuts • 1966 search for C violation in η decays with 30in bubble chamber at BNL • 1970 hyperon experiment at Princeton-Penn accelerator Meenakshi Narain

  6. 1971-76 pp scattering at Fermilab • Juliet and Paolo “practically wrote the book on this” • The first experiment (E-14 at the then new lab) was setup in the neutrino external beam line, upstream of the neutrino target. The experiment consisted of 24 solid state detectors used to measure the recoil proton from the target. • The second and third generation experiments were setup in the main ring tunnel to measure the energy dependence, from 50 GeV to 400 GeV. • The accelerator increased the maximum energy from 200 GeV to 500 GeV. But the magnets were not very reliable at 500 GeV, so they stopped at 400 GeV. For about 2 days the accelerator ran beam at 500 GeV and the experiment took the only data ever published from the main ring running at 500 GeV. • This experiment was run by four-five people. Meenakshi Narain

  7. the Nevis years • 1977-79 μeγ search at Nevis Cyclotron • The Nevis Cyclotron was upgraded which was designed to increase the flux of the machine so that it would be possible to extend the search for neutrinoless muon decays which had been also Juliet's thesis topic. Meenakshi Narain

  8. the Upsilon discovery and CUSB • 1977 Leon Lederman discovers the Υ at Fermilab • 1979 Juliet and Paolo proposed 2nd experiment at CESR with Leon Lederman • CUSB • Columbia University and Stony Brook • NaI and lead glass array • Max Planck Institut Munich • endcap calorimeters • Louisiana State University • muon magnet Meenakshi Narain

  9. The 80’s: 1979-85 CUSB-I Cornell Electron Storage Ring CUSB-I detector Meenakshi Narain

  10. BGO array silicon pad detectors scintillator endcaps 1986-91 CUSB-II Meenakshi Narain

  11. CUSB-II Meenakshi Narain

  12. CUSB accomplishments • First observation of Y(3S) and Y(4S) states Meenakshi Narain

  13. CUSB • observation of b(1P) and b(2P) • measurement of fine structure Meenakshi Narain

  14. CUSB • determination of s g g g g Y Y  g Meenakshi Narain

  15. Observation of Y(3S) and Y(4S) states b(1P) and b(2P) states B mesons (via semileptonic decay) B*B +  Bs*Bs +  Measurement of R = (e+e-hadrons)/(e+e-+-) fine structure of b states s Limits on axion production Higgs production gluino production CUSB accomplishments Meenakshi Narain

  16. CUSB - amazing tools • Emphasis on automation and efficiency: • CUSB data taking ran automatically without anybody on shift • started by button in CESR control room • automatic resets of HV trips, etc • no owl shifts! Meenakshi Narain

  17. Paolo, the electronics wizard • the “Paolo effect” • Whenever we were testing something, and despite our best effort it was not working, even though all the individual pieces appeared to be working, we would ask for Paolo's help. When he came to see the problem, we would repeat exactly what we had done many times before and somehow this time it just worked. We decided that the hardware did not dare to not work while he was watching. Eventually we managed to take a photo of him and had it posted "so he could always be watching”. (via Dean Schamberger) • I witnessed “The kick and the old power supply” interaction! • always tinkering • Paolo was always soldering some new modification onto an electronics design. First the CUSB electronics, then it was the D0 calorimeter electronics. Once he was winding transformers to prove somebody wrong who had proposed to put a transformer at the input of the preamps for the D0 calorimeter. Meenakshi Narain

  18. Juliet’s enthusiasm for physics • Led to insightful and artful analysis of data • Her vision for CUSB, ensured that the results were always the best, competitive and timely. • Promoting CUSB and the group with the funding agencies. • Engaging the members of the group on a one-on-one basis. • And also providing a “nurturing” environment for the group. • We learnt how to give think on “our feet”, give talks, withstand the pressure from the “competitors” and the “football” players, and write concise papers. Meenakshi Narain

  19. Juliet’s enthusiasm for physics • A good skill I learnt from her was how to write PRLs and squeeze all the info in the limited space… • Major part of my thesis analysis was done – start to finish in about ten days time, with Juliet sitting next to me and submitted for publication in PRL: Meenakshi Narain

  20. the one who removes obstaclesand watches over the beginnings: • . Meenakshi Narain

  21. CUSB family Paolo and Juliet, Ithaca 1988 Meenakshi Narain

  22. CUSB family • Juliet and Paolo treated their students like family • at dinner parties at their Ithaca house they cooked for the whole group • when my car was totaled one day they helped buy another one • Juliet introduced me to nature walks through the woods of Ithaca and the monarch butterflies • She put too much faith in her (incapable) students/”adopted children” to take care of fishes and plants • (from Mike Tuts – circa 1974..): they would commute and take paula with them so sometimes she would leave Dean and I in charge of her animals - I think it was goldfish that one day started to swim upside down - so we put them inthe snowbank hoping medical science would find a cure • I was some times incharge of watering her plants… plants and I never have co-existed, it was easier to make the plots she requested than to remember to water the plants and keep them alive (or sort of alive)! Meenakshi Narain

  23. other passions • fancy sports cars Meenakshi Narain

  24. Juliet’s “Mini”s and later Indestructible road tanks for commuting to SB Meenakshi Narain

  25. prelude to DØ • 1981 • Leon Lederman: • “small clever” proposals for D0 collision region • Lapdog • Brookhaven, Brown, Columbia, Michigan State, Stony Brook • array of cheap unpolished lead glass blocks • 1983 • all proposals merged into DØ Meenakshi Narain

  26. the birth of DØ • lead glass won’t do • Paolo • pushed for liquid Argon • complete design of calorimeter electronics DØ calorimeter preamp Meenakshi Narain

  27. prelude to DØ • Paolo invents the “H-matrix” • still used today for electron id at DØ and being implemented at ATLAS (also part of TMVA) “Hadron rejections of 10-3 are achieved. Overlapped  -  are rejected at the level of 10-2. A powerful method for predicting shower leakage is presented.” Meenakshi Narain

  28. the early years of DØ 1st DØ workshop 1984 Meenakshi Narain

  29. DØ – finally ready in 1991 • and so DØ turned into this… Meenakshi Narain

  30. DØ – top quark discovery Meenakshi Narain

  31. DØ – W mass D0 Collaboration, Phys Rev D58, 092003 Wetransverse mass Comparison of this measurement with previously published W mass measurements. The shaded region indicates the predicted W mass value from global fits to the Z line shape data. Meenakshi Narain

  32. Thank you! Physics in Collision 2004, Boston University Meenakshi Narain