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MyFloridaMarketPlace Overview / Tools for Vendors PowerPoint Presentation
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MyFloridaMarketPlace Overview / Tools for Vendors

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MyFloridaMarketPlace Overview / Tools for Vendors - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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MyFloridaMarketPlace Overview / Tools for Vendors
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  1. MyFloridaMarketPlace Overview / Tools for Vendors

  2. Introduction MyFloridaMarketPlace System Overview Vendor Registration How To Use the eProcurement Tools Questions

  3. Introduction Overview of MyFloridaMarketPlace Vendor Registration How To Use the eProcurement Tools Questions

  4. Request Source Pay Receive Order Approval What is MyFloridaMarketPlace? • MyFloridaMarketPlace is an eProcurement (electronic procurement) system • MyFloridaMarketPlace covers the full life cycle of purchasing (from requisition to payment) • MyFloridaMarketPlace connects buyers and vendors through the electronic exchange of catalogs, quotes, bids, purchase orders, invoices, etc. • MyFloridaMarketPlace includes all purchases made with the State of Florida • MyFloridaMarketPlace includes a variety of tools for bids, quoting and invoicing

  5. Who are the Buyers? Governor’s Executive Branch Agencies • Department of Transportation • Department of Management Services • State Technology Office • Department of Education • Department of Citrus • Department of Law Enforcement • Department of Military Affairs • Department of Business & Professional Reg. • Agency for Workforce Innovation • Department of Community Affairs • Executive Office of the Governor • Department of Veteran’s Affairs • Division of Administrative Hearings • Department of Children & Families • Department of Health • Department of Corrections • Department of Juvenile Justice • Department of Environmental Protection • Department of Revenue • Department of Lottery • Agency for Health Care Administration • Department of Highway Safety & Motor Vehicles • Department of Elder Affairs Other Eligible Users • Other State Agencies • Educational Institutions • Other Governments (City, County, etc.) • Legislature • Judicial

  6. Vendor Benefits All vendors, including MBE(Minority Business Enterprise) and CMBE(Certified Minority Business Enterprise) vendors, should receive benefits from using advanced business technology. • Access to Untapped Buyers • State of the Art Tools • Available Customer Support • Enhanced Economic Development Opportunities for Small Business • Reduced Administrative Burdens and Manual Processes

  7. Introduction Overview of MyFloridaMarketPlace Vendor Registration How To Use the eProcurement Tools Questions

  8. Vendor Registration • Registration – What You Need • Company name • Tax ID type and number – Social Security Number (SSN) or Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) • Tax filing information – Including the business name on your 1099 tax form (if applicable) • Location information: • A business name for each company location (if different from the company name) • A complete address for each location (including details for sending purchase orders, payments, and bills to each location) • A contact person for each of your locations • Commodity codes —Codes describing the products and/or services your company provides. The State will communicate informal and formal bidding information to you based on the commodity codes you select. If you do not know your commodity codes, you can search for them during registration. • CMBE (Certified Minority Business Enterprises) information (if applicable) • State-issued sequence number and PIN- Call MyFloridaMarketPlace Customer Service Helpdesk at 1-866-FLA-ePRO (1-866-352-3776) to obtain this information

  9. Vendor Registration  Login onto Select the “MyFloridaMarketPlace / e-Pro” link under “Doing Business with the State” Click “Online Vendor Registration” link

  10. Go To “New Vendor Registration” Enter information and click “Register” Vendor Registration

  11. Vendor Registration Steps to complete the registration are listed on the left side of the screen. You must complete each of these sections to successfully complete registration.

  12. Click the Florida Office of Supplier Diversity Eligibility Criteria link to view the eligibility criteria prior to making your MBE selections. Vendor RegistrationCMBE Certification

  13. The system defaults to “I am not seeking Minority Business Certification” Select the designation that best fits the desireddesignation for your company Vendor RegistrationCMBE Certification

  14. Vendor RegistrationSelecting Commodity Codes Commodity Codes are used by buyers to identify the product/services vendors provide

  15. Vendor RegistrationSelecting Commodity Codes

  16. Vendor RegistrationRegistering for Solicitations The purpose of the Solicitations page is to determine whether you would like the opportunity to participate in formal bidding (over $25,000) Solicitations is also commonly referred to as “Sourcing” The page is automatically defaulted to “No, I do not want to participate in electronic solicitations”

  17. Vendor Registration Registering for eQuote  Vendors are able to indicate whether they want to participate in eQuote (informal bidding) Click on “I want to participate in eQuote.”

  18. Vendor Registration Registering for eQuote If you elect to participate in eQuote You will be taken to the eQuote Registration page. You will need to select who will be the contact for eQuotes. If the contact person is not listed, go back to the Locations/ Contacts Screen and add the desired contact information.

  19. Vendor Registration Registering for eQuote Select the location for the Main Contact Person. Organizations with multiple locations need to select the location for the eQuote Main Contact person by clicking on the drop down box Click Submit •  The eQuote contact person selected will receive an email within 24 business hours with your company's Username and Password, and the link to access the eQuote account -

  20. Vendor RegistrationRegistering for eQuote •  Login in using the username and password contained in the eQuote Activation email •  The first time you login, you will be prompted to change your password

  21. Vendor Registration Registering for eQuote Check to ensure your eQuote commodity categories are correct. FL Terms and Conditions

  22. Vendor RegistrationTerms of Use The last step in the registration process is to read and accept the MyFloridaMarketPlace Terms of Use You must "Accept" the terms to be considered a registered vendor with the State of Florida

  23. Vendor Registration Click the Registration Summarylink, to see your entire registration record Print out a copy of your registration for your records Click Logout, when finished

  24. Customer Service Center Vendor Assistance • For Assistance with the registration process, please contact MyFloridaMarketPlace Customer Service • • Toll Free 1-866- FLA-EPRO (1-866-352-3776)

  25. Introduction Overview of MyFloridaMarketPlace Vendor Registration How To Use the eProcurement Tools Questions

  26. eProcurement Tools • eQuote: • For contracts under $25K • Enables vendors to receive and respond to State Agencies’ informalquotes • Solicitations(Sourcing): • For contracts over $25K • Enables vendors to ONLY respond to State Agencies’ formal bids • Electronic Invoicing (PO Flipping) • Enables vendors receive electronic purchases orders from State Agencies using MyFloridaMarketPlace • Enables vendors to “flip” a purchase order into an invoice • Requires registration on Ariba Supplier Network

  27. The eQuote Tool • Used for requests for informal quotes • Replaces more manual quoting processes (phone, fax, paper catalogs) • Vendors are invited to respond by buyers • By Name • By Commodity • Responses (quotes) are submitted electronically • • Quote the buyer's item request as is • • Quote a substitute item • • Quote an alternate item • • Add additional items to the quote • • Decline the entire quote • Optional for all vendors

  28. The eQuote Tool The State will submit informal quote requests to vendors electronically by either email or fax  Vendors can only respond using the online template  Vendors may contact the buyer for further clarification about an item(s) in the eQuote requisition  If awarded the eQuote, the Vendor(s) will receive a purchase order for the item(s) from the buyer

  29. Responding To An eQuote • You will receive an email notification, with the website link • Click on the link and login to your eQuote account

  30. Responding To An eQuote The inbox is displayed with all eQuote requests submitted to you Click on the eQuote Title link to view all the details of the eQuote and to respond

  31. Responding To An eQuote Scroll down to begin entering your response to the eQuote.

  32. Responding To An eQuote Click on all of the pertinent boxes and enter the requested information •  Once you enter a Unit Price for an item, the Extended Price (Unit Price x Qty) will be automatically calculated and entered for you

  33. Step 2 - Review the entirety of your quote Responding To An eQuote

  34. Responding To An eQuote • To make changes to your response at this time, click the Editbutton. • To remove everything you entered in your response, click the Discard Changesbutton. • To save your response without submitting it to the buyer, click the Save As Draftbutton. • To submit your response to the buyer, click the Submit button.

  35. The Sourcing Tool Solicitations (Formal Bidding/Sourcing)

  36. What is the Solicitation / Sourcing Tool? • The process by which the buyer decides who to buy from, at what price, in what quantities, and under which terms • Used for formal bids only (Bids over $25,000) • Supports several types of “RFX’s” - RFI (request for information), RFQ (request for quote), and RFP (request for proposal) • Internet connectivity required • Commonly referred to as “Sourcing” or “Formal Bidding”

  37. Accessing Sourcing Login to your Sourcing account one business day after you complete your MyFloridaMarketPlace registration.

  38. Accessing Sourcing Vendors prepare to participate in the bidding event by reviewing requirements, terms and attachments. Vendors can download and complete appropriate documents, and submit questions via Q&A Board. Preview Vendors download and complete appropriate documents, prepare responses, upload requested documents (if any), and submit final responses. Vendors can revise responses , if necessary, any time during Open for Bidding period. Bidding Selection/ Award The event is closed and Purchasing Analyst evaluates all responses. The winning vendor will be notified. Placing Bids - 2 Options • Direct Method(Online Form) OR • Excel Method (Excel Spreadsheet)

  39. Accessing Sourcing • The first page you will see after you login is the RFX List page. • The RFX List page provides a list of State of Florida agencies. • Next to each agency there is a number, indicating how many formal solicitations are currently posted for viewing and/or responding.

  40. Accessing Sourcing  Click on the department name link for the bid you wish to view Example: The Department of Management Services

  41. Accessing Sourcing RFX List has all the current events existing for the selected Agency Note the RFX Status & Time Remaining is available for you to view Questions are asked while a bid is in ‘Preview’ status

  42. Preview Bidding Selection/ Award Accessing Sourcing Provides any rules imposed by the buyer Lists each line item available for bidding Provides background info on the RFX Reviewing Bid Information • Verify that you meet the requirements using “RFX Info” and “Rules” tabs • Determine which items you want to bid on • Determine how you will respond to any questions or terms posed

  43. Accessing Sourcing The Clock will show the time remaining to submit a response ‘Click’ on the Q&A Board to submit questions electronically regarding a solicitation

  44. Preview Bidding Selection/ Award Preparing A Response in Sourcing When a solicitation is in "Open for Bidding" status, vendors have the ability to formulate and submit electronic responses or bids. In the next section, you will learn how to enter your electronic response and submit it to the agency.

  45. Preparing A Response in Sourcing Step 2  Enter your quoted prices for the items listed in the solicitation.

  46. Preparing a Response in Sourcing  Using the “Direct Method” simply click on the item and enter the requested value, by clicking on the fields. Example: You need to enter your price for the item by clicking in the Price field.

  47. Preparing a Response in Sourcing  Depending on how the agency sets up the bid, you may enter information in addition to the actual pricing information, a description or an attachment.

  48. Preparing An Excel Sourcing Bid Preview Bidding Excel Method • Optional Feature – Must see the “Open RFX in Excel” button to use • Helpful for large or complex bids • Achieves the same end-result as the Direct Method Selection/ Award

  49. Preparing An Excel Sourcing Bid Excel Method • Click the “Open RFX in Excel” button • Excel Spreadsheet opens Preview Bidding Selection/ Award Click to Open RFX in Excel

  50. Preparing An Excel Sourcing Bid Excel Method • Review instructions provided on Cover Sheet Preview Bidding Selection/ Award