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SMARTBOARD TECHNOLOGY. Training Teacher in Classroom Technology. Melanie N. Joseph EDU624. Why Classroom Technology. Technology improves education to a great extent and it has now become a need for revolutionizing education for the better . ( Saxena , S. 2013)

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Training Teacher in Classroom Technology

Melanie N. Joseph


why classroom technology
Why Classroom Technology
  • Technology improves education to a great extent and it has now become a need for revolutionizing education for the better. (Saxena, S. 2013)
  • Teachers can develop valuable skills early
  • Teachers and Students have access to a variety of materials
  • Teachers can collaborate to share their ideas and resources with each other
  • Technology has proved to be effective for students improvement in many subject areas.
  • Schools are now becoming interactive in their approach to teaching.
  • James P. Madison Charter School install several SmartBoards in classroom
  • SmartBoardtraining is necessary for teachers to have s successful classroom environment.
  • If teachers are trained correctly on how to incorporate the SmartBoards into their lessons they can effectively reach a variety of students and lesson planning will become less time consuming


Approximately one in nine adults from

Far Rockaway received less than a ninth grade education

  • Population holds individuals from different cultures and background
  • Far Rockaway, New York
  • 60% students are Black 35% Hispanic and 5% Asian
  • Low Income Urban area with majority of students are eligible for FREE breakfast and Lunch
  • Assistant Teachers hold Bachelors Degree
  • Lead Teacher holds Master Degree in Education
  • 62 Staff Members 45% White, 25 Black American American & 30% Caribbean Mixed
  • The fear of technology is the greatest barrier that many of the teachers must overcome in order to receive the information they need that would master the content. “Teachers must feel free to make these mistakes without fear of damaging the computer or software” (Bitner & Bitner, 2002)
  • In order for this training to be effective, the educators must overcome the anxiety of making errors during the process. The anxiety of damaging files or documents must diminish in order for the new knowledge to be understood and applied.
instructional goal
Instructional Goal
  • Training should provide teacher with the tools, so they can work independently and feel comfortable when operating the SmartBoard)
  • Staff must be fully trained within a set time period
  • Enhance instruction knowledge and Attitude
  • Enhance Student Engagement
instructional analysis
Instructional Analysis
  • Teacher will know how to use the functions corrently on the SmartBoard
  • Teacher must use the Board 75% of the class time
  • Teacher must engage all learners in the interactive process
  • Teachers must understand and utilize the elements of an effective interactive lesson
  • Teacher must know how to customize lesson in every content area
  • Staff must be fully trained within a set time period
learning analysis
Learning Analysis
  • Teachers will be able to do the following:
  • Organized visual and interactive demonstration of new concepts
  • Create lesson plan in timely manner
  • Incorporating interactive learning games and other multi-media concepts
  • Students will learn:
  • Learn concepts through SmartBoard Technology
  • Student will be able to understand how the contents is thought
  • Student find learning to be interactive and fun
learning objectives
Learning Objectives

Objective 1:

All Teachers and Teachers Assistants will learn how to use the interactive technology and features on the SmartBoard

Objective 2:

All Teachers and Teachers Assistants will learn to hook up SmartBoard and Computer

Objective 3:

All Teachers and Teachers Assistants will learn how to create lesson plans using the SmartBoard, using Active Inspire

e learning module design
E-Learning Module Design
  • -Elearning platform will take place on SchoolRock
  • This site was choosen because it allow users with a variety of multi-media function
  • The site is use create project and gather data and creates teacher collaboration
  • Customization of site is easy and anyone can join to promote a training module or website
  • One major setback is an overload of information



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