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  1. Bellringer Discuss with your shoulder partner the following situation… • Why does a four-legged chair sometimes wobbles, but a three legged chair never wobbles???

  2. Points, Lines, and Planes

  3. Objective: • I will represent simple geometric shapes like points, lines, segments, rays, and angles using proper identification.

  4. Point • P Drawn: as a dot Named by: a CAPITAL letter Facts: A point has neither shape nor size Words/Symbols: point P

  5. Line n B A Drawn: with an arrowhead at both ends Named by: the letters representing two points on the line or a lowercase script letter Facts: There is exactly one line through any two points Words/Symbols: linen, line AB or , line BA or

  6. Vocabulary • Collinear- • Noncollinear-

  7. Plane T Y X Z Drawn: as a shaded, slanted 4-sided figure Named by: a capital script letter or by the letters naming three noncollinear points Facts: There is exactly one plane through any three noncollinear points Words/Symbols: plane T, plane XYZ, plane XZY, plane YXZ, plane YZX, plane ZXY, plane ZYX

  8. Plane Parallel Planes: Planes that do not intersect

  9. Examples in Real Life

  10. Write Rally Robin Students take turns stating and writing responses or solutions. Record answers on one sheet of paper.

  11. Name the line of intersection

  12. Point, Line, Plane Video

  13. Rally Coach • Partners take turns, one solving a problem while the other coaches. • 1. Partner A solves the first problem. • 2. Partner B watches and listens, checks, coaches if necessary, and praises. • 3. Partner B solves the next problem. • 4. Partner A watches and listens, checks, coaches if necessary, and praises.

  14. Draw and label a figure for each relationship. • Plane R contains lines AB and DE, which intersect at point P. Add point C on plane R so that it is not collinear with AB or DE

  15. QR on a coordinate plane contains Q(-2,4) and R(4,-4). Add point T so that T is collinear with these points.

  16. Space- a boundless, three dimensional set of all points. Space can contain lines and planes

  17. n P Q m W R S T U l F Name a line that contains point P. Name the plane containing lines n and m. Name the intersection of lines n and m. Name a point not contained in lines l, m, or n. What is another name for line n? Does line l intersect line m or line n? Explain.

  18. In review… There are 3 basic terms in geometry Point, Line, and Plane How do we model them? Draw them? Name them? And write them? It’s important…