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Peterson Grabber

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Peterson Grabber. -The Peterson Grabber is for biting down into hard bottoms and collect macroscopic fauna in Sand, gravel, marl, and clay in fresh water. Luis Inigo. Raegine Newkirk 9/3/13 4 th Ocean. Secchi Disk.

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Peterson Grabber

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    1. Peterson Grabber -The Peterson Grabber is for biting down into hard bottoms and collect macroscopic fauna in Sand, gravel, marl, and clay in fresh water. Luis Inigo

    2. Raegine Newkirk 9/3/13 4th Ocean Secchi Disk Function: a black and white dish place in a river deeper and slower wave to find the depth when the disk vanishes. Function: has a limited use. Not effective in clear rivers. The river current maybe require a extra weighted disk.

    3. Trieste • Designed by Swiss scientist Auguste Piccard. • Bathyscaphe or deep diving boat that was over 50 feet long. • Consisted of gasoline which made it buoyant. • Dove 37,000 feet into the Mariana Trench of the Pacific Ocean into the Challenger Deep.

    4. Purse Seine Net UrielHernandez • a large net towed, usually by two boats, that encloses a school of fish and is then closed at the bottom by means of a line resembling the string formerly used to draw shut the neck of a money pouch or purse

    5. Christion Baxter P4 Plankton Net • A piece of equipment used to collect phytoplankton and zooplankton samples

    6. Alcyone The Cousteau Society's expedition ship. Concarneau, France, is her home port. Alcyone's success celebrates not just the wedding of hydrodynamics and aerodynamics. Marks the entry of electronics & computers into the maritime world. BY:AZAFF R.

    7. ALOCYONE • This boat has the most modern technology • The engines take over automatically when the wind dies down, then they stop completely when the wind is strong and from the right direction. Miriam Palmer

    8. Mathew Watkins Core Sampler The McNeil Core Sampler consists of a cylinder that defines the portion of the streambed to be sampled and an attached basin that is used to store the collected sediments and trap the suspended fines.

    9. hydrometer • A hydrometer is a instrument used to measure the gravity of liquids.

    10. Hydrometer By Malcolm Stokes Pictures and function Hydrometers measure the specific gravity of a liquid or the ratio between the density of the hydrometer and the density of the liquid being studied.

    11. Conshelf A conshelf is used to create an environment were people can live and work on the ocean floor. Glorivee Diaz

    12. DREDGE A dredge is a tool used to scrape the bottom of the ocean to gather the sand and other things on the ocean floor to bring it to the beach.

    13. Dredge • Two pic. & major function of tool • A dredge is a net on a frame, used for gathering fish or silt.(scooping out mud, weeds, and rubbis) By: Mariah Hudson

    14. Water Collecting Bottle • Water collector bottles are also known as a CTD device that's used to measure the Conductivity (salinity), Temperature and Depth of seawater. • The water collector bottles also collect both data on the properties of seawater and water samples in the Silver Niskin bottles. Annissa ryals

    15. Alvin Esveide Garcia Built in 1964 as one of the world’s first deep-ocean submersibles, Alvin has made more than 4,400 dives and It can reach nearly 63 percent of the global ocean floor. An Alvin is a Submergence Vehicle that lets you see in the bottom of the ocean.

    16. KaDarian Mason Alvin • Alvin is a deep ocean submarine owned by the United States Navy and its operated by the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution • The deep diving submersible Alvin helped to turn a sunless, freezing marine world into a new frontier.

    17. Side-Scan Sonar • Used to look at the ocean floor and can give a detailed picture of a large area in a small amount of time as well as in any water clarity. Alexandra Frazier – 4th period September 3rd, 2013

    18. Natalia Capo Reversing Thermometer • A reversing thermometer allows scientists to read temperatures in later point of time. It’s also used to register the temperatures in deep waters.

    19. Alicia Hernandez Reversing thermometer • When its turned 180 degrees (the mercury breaks in the special loop and will not get back together until reset, temperature at depth can be recorded with a 180 degree flip (as is done with the Nansen Bottle) and there will be no change .

    20. Aluminaut This is an deep sea exploration submarine built in 1964by the Reynolds company A film was on the submarine about Navy's nuclear powered research submarine. IT also featured Benjamin Franklin on it.Vict Victoria Taylor

    21. Dip Net A dip net is a tool used to catch fish.

    22. Kirsten Sanders 4th period • A dip net is a small fishing net with a long handle. • A dip net is used to catch fish or other organisms under water. Dip Net

    23. Current Meter Current Meters are instruments designed to measure the velocity of moving water in a river in order to determine its' discharge, also referred to as stream flow. Current-meter discharge measurements are classified according to the type of equipment used and the nature of the station: Wading measurement. Cable supported measurement. Bridge measurement. Boat measurement. Measurement through ice cover. ShaieraGathings

    24. Flip: The FLoatingInstrument Platform • FLoating Instrument Platform, whose great length lies mainly in the untroubled waters beneath the waves. As a result, she is almost as stable as a fencepost and, for those who study the sea, oceanographers, she offers an opportunity for more refined ocean measurements than they have ever had before.

    25. Flip Major Function A Flip is use for stability and Soundlessness to detect underwater earthquakes and the sound of ocean creatures. Tristan Tulloch P4

    26. Nansen Bottle • 2 picture of a function of tool

    27. Underwater camera • The main function of the underwater camera was to be able to see in depth how the ocean looked