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Peterson Grabber

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Peterson Grabber
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Peterson Grabber

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  1. Peterson Grabber A Peterson Grabber is used for bottom sampling. It has a two hinged semicylindrical bucket that is held apart by a cocking device and is released when the grabber hits the floor of the ocean Ana Carrera

  2. Peterson Grabber • The Peterson Grabber has been used in fresh water to collect macroscopic fauna in sand, gravel, marl, or clay. • Is not intended for salt water sampling and must be painted with protection if so. Kaitlyn Duncan

  3. Secchi Disk The Secchi Disk measures the transparency of the water. The transparency of the water gets affected by the algae ,suspended of sediments, and the color of the water.

  4. Secchi DiskIs used to measure water clarity. E’NyaSpeights September 03,2013 1st Period

  5. Trieste • Designed by Swiss scientist Auguste Piccard. • Bathyscaphe or deep diving boat that was over 50 feet long. • Consisted of gasoline which made it buoyant. • Dove 37,000 feet into the Mariana Trench of the Pacific Ocean into the Challenger Deep.

  6. Purse seine net Definition-Net used in menhaden fishing that encircles the school of fish What it does-Purse seine nets catch schooling fish like tuna by en­circling the school with a wall of netting. They can cap­ture dolphins and other natural predators feeding on the school.

  7. Purse Seine Net By: Alexus Dillard A large net , carried by two boats , used to enclose, or trap, a school of fish.

  8. Kofi J. Mrs.Rhymer 1st Period Plankton Net There are 3 forms of plankton nets, which are The Ring Nets, The Bongo Nets, and the Multinet. Plankton Nets are a modification on the standard trawl used to collect planktonic organisms, of any size, intact. Plankton Nets have a long funnel shape that allows them to catch differently sized plankton.

  9. Plankton Net A piece of equipment used to collect phytoplankton and zooplankton samples. EdinSujak

  10. A L C Y O N E • Alcyone is one of the main stars of the Pleiades cluster. Its official astronomical designation is Eta Taurus, and it's approximately 407.4 light years away.

  11. The Alcyone , is a oceanographic ship registered in France.Brianna McCants

  12. Angelic Williamson 9/3/13 1st Core Sampler a roughly cylindrical piece of subsurface material removed by a special drill and brought to the surface for examination

  13. Sherlock Greg Soetan Core SAMPLER Core sampler equipment is used to collect virtually undisturbed soil core samples for soil profiling and environmental investigation

  14. hydrometer is a tool use to measure the gravity of liquid Francisco arreola

  15. Elijah McClinton 1st period Conshelf An idea of what there underwater habitat looked like. There were different stages of conshelf, i, ii, iii … and so on. Definition: Continental Shelf Station Two was an attempt an environment where men could work/live on the sea floor. Conshelf proved that human beings can live under the sea for long periods of time but that, even though they have the physical and psychological capabilities, humans are not made to exist in a world without sun.

  16. conshelf • In 1962, Conshelf I was set up off Marseilles at ten meters depth. • steel cylinder, 5 meters long & 2.5 meters in diameter. • Conshelf proved that human beings can live under the sea for long periods of time. • Conshelf II was essentially a small village, built on the floor of the Red Sea at ten meters depth.

  17. Dredge an apparatus for bringing up objects or mud from a river or seabed by scooping or dragging. This helps the rivers and seabed be clean .

  18. Water Collecting Bottle The bottles shown above are originally called niskin bottles and are used for collecting ocean water as a marine census. These bottles either have one opening at the top or two, one on top and the other at the bottom. They are all put together to make on big CTD that’s thrown into the ocean and collects the samples. -ShelsyLópez

  19. MirzaKaric 1st Period Oceanography 9-3-13 Water Collecting Bottle - Niskin A Niskin bottle is a device for obtaining samples of seawater at a specific depth. Designed in 1910 by the early 20th-century explorer and oceanographer Fridtjof Nansen and further developed by Shale Niskin.

  20. The Alvin Used by the navy as aDeep Submergence Vehicle (D.S.V.) and used by Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution as a national oceanographic facility. Maneuverability tool used under the water at all depth making it easier for research. Its only down side is its 2 hour dive to the seafloor and 2 surfacing roughly giving you 4 hours of search time. Stephen Height

  21. Side-Scan Sonar • A side scan sonar creates a picture of the seafloor. It measures the strength of how loud the return echo is and paints a picture. Work cited: Jade Jones

  22. Reversing ThermometerBy: Brian Galeano Measures underwater temperature and pressure. “Consists of two mercury thermometers—one protected from the water pressure and the other exposed—mounted so that they can slide up and down a cable lowered from a ship” (Britannica).” When lowered to the depth to be measured, device called a messenger is dropped down the cable, the thermometers are inverted, breaking their mercury columns, and preserving their temperature readings as the device is hauled back on board ship.

  23. By : Donte’ Blackmon Aluminaut • Aluminautwas the world's first aluminum submarine , built in 1964 . This contraption weighed in at 80-ton, 15.5 meter manned deep-ocean research submersible was built by Reynolds Metals Company, which was seeking to advertise the utility of aluminum

  24. Aluminaut Sam Martinez It was built in 1964 First aluminum submarine It was used to measure the depth of the water and to explore the ocean

  25. Dip Net • -A Dip Net is a bag net with a handle that is used especially to scoop fish from the water. • -This tool helps humans catch and gather fish more easily.

  26. Current Meter A device that is used to measure the water velocity or current in a river KC Stanley 

  27. Current Meter Used to measure the velocity of moving water in a river in order to determine its discharge also known as stream flow. Melissa Marban 1st period

  28. ErnadHasanovic FLIP: (floating instrument platform) • is the US Navy's oldest, and most unusual, research vessel. the FLIP ship, it is actually a 355ft long, spoon-shaped buoy which can be flipped from horizontal to a vertical

  29. Nansen Bottle-K’Andre Haley Purpose-The Nansen Bottle is a device for obtaining samples of seawater at a specific depth. It was created by early oceanographer and Norwegian Fridtjof Nansen

  30. Nansen Bottle Kourtney Burris an apparatus used in oceanographic studies for collecting water samples at predetermined depths

  31. Underwater Camera Underwater photography is the process of taking photographs while under water. It is usually done while scuba diving, but can be done while diving on surface.