xero tips and tricks every small business owner n.
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Get Beneficial Tips and Tricks of Xero PowerPoint Presentation
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Get Beneficial Tips and Tricks of Xero

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Get Beneficial Tips and Tricks of Xero - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Spending too much time on bookkeeping and accounting is really a waste of time. You can save your time by using these amazing tricks and shortcuts with Xero Bookkeeping. It will really help you a lot. To know more about tips and tricks view this infographic.

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xero tips and tricks every small business owner

Xero Tips and Tricks

Every Small Business

Owner Needs to Know

Looking to save time with your Xero

bookkeeping. You’re not alone. Love it

or hate it, every good small business

knows that good bookkeeping and

accounting is vital.

Shortcuts to supercharge your Xero


Everyone loves a fast, efficient shortcut, and Xero has some

particularly handy ones for inserting dates when invoicing.

Embrace tabs

You already know the joys of multiple tabs when browsing the

internet, but Xero gives you that same versatility for your

automated accountancy needs as well.

Inbuilt calculator

Yes, clear your desk and use Xero’s own calculator, which allows

you to build arithmetic calculations into your invoices.

Email reminders

Many small business operators will say that chasing up clients

with payment reminders is among the most frustrating uses of

time during the day.

Use templates

Small businesses burn precious time chasing up payments, but

even more is wasted in generating the same, regular invoices or

bills to the same clients, over and over.