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The personal touch

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The personal touch. How to connect with your students * Maintaining professional boundaries* Getting involved beyond the classroom * Letting them know you care * Combining academics with relationship By Karen m. Cline. Five Love Languages of Teenagers. by Gary Chapman.

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the personal touch
The personal touch

How to connect with your students * Maintaining professional boundaries* Getting involved beyond the classroom * Letting them know you care * Combining academics with relationship

By Karen m. Cline


WORDS OF AFFIRMATION Proverbs 18:21 “The tongue has the power of life and death and those who love it will eat its fruit.”

“Good job”

“Thanks for your hard work”

“Well done”


“You did your best”

    • Take the love language quiz
    • Six Ways to build your Teen’s identity
    • Equipping your Teen with Character
    • Loving your Teen through Life’s Seasons
    • Intentionally Focusing on your Teen
six ways to build your teen s identity
Six Ways to Build your Teen’s Identity
  • Brick #1 Encourage Self Discovery
  • Brick #2 Acknowledge Natural Abilities
  • Brick #3 Create a School/Class Motto
  • Brick #4 Value Uniqueness
  • Brick #5 Highlight Spiritual Gifts
  • Brick #6 Reinforce Spiritual Identity
advice from colleagues
Advice from colleagues

Treat them with respect

Go to as many outside events for them that you can (ball games, etc)

Care about the things they care about (try to find lessons, books, activities that go along with their interests)

Celebrate with them (birthdays, Christmas, good news)

Help them through a rough patch

Pray with them and for them

Be transparent and share personal stories with them (of course, when appropriate)

I would say to start off strict to gain respect of your students and to establish a productive environment and then let loose after you have already earned respect.  It is so much easier to do it this way than the opposite.  Children look for expectations and limits and are successful when they are clear.

I think just being able to relax and hang out with kids goes a long way with them…being interested in their lives (and knowledgeable about “teenager stuff”).  And I’ve found that checking back in with kids once they’ve shared things with me is really important…shows them that you’ve remembered them and that you care.

Show positive reinforcement and recognition in the classroom…

Also…don’t try to be a “friend”…maintain a professional stance, but let them know that you care

I go to their sports games: football, baseball, basketball, volleyball etc

Have time to “chat”

Ask questions to find out about them and then LISTEN

Don’t push

Interest yourself in the students interest.  Ask them questions???  Take time to listen and respect their opinions

  • I would tell a new teacher to be sure that his/her students know they are loved by
  • showing interest in the students’ lives, asking what they enjoy doing, greeting them with a smile and “How are you?” every day, even if you don’t feel like it, showing respect no matter what, disciplining when necessary, but with love

Food, Fun, Fellowship. 

Take yourself out of the “teacher” environment. 

The best advice I can think of is to treat the students the way I want my daughter to be treated.  Be willing to go the extra mile when you can. 

Accepting them for who they are, and not comparing them to other students.

interview with jolynda
Interview with Jolynda
  • What is a key for you in developing relationships with older students?- They know I am interested in them, and that I care about them. I use a balance of joking and work time.
  • Do you parent differently than you teach?- Yes, sometimes I think I should teach more like I parent.
  • Does outside the classroom activities help in building relationships? How?-Yes! Students like to see their teachers supporting them. I am sponsor for Beta/NHS and go to a lot of sporting events and cheer for them. I also notice their birthdays.
  • What other ways do you use?-“Meet and greet” at door; use their name; have them tell me a little bit about themselves; joke with them, and share about myself.
  • How do you handle discipline in classroom?-I write names on board, give break detentions (I talk with them during this about what they have done), and I make sure I speak to the student first before I speak with parent.
  • How do you bring out the best in students?- I use words of encouragement and identify or read my kids. I also ask them questions and feel them out.
classroom observations
Classroom Observations

Mrs. Jennifer Smith

Mr. Ken Sirmans

Got right to work

Provided insight

Ask thought provoking ?s

Corrects misbehavior

Firm but friendly

  • Professional
  • Smiles
  • Asks students questions
  • Had the students dig deeper
  • Set a mature example with sensitive subjects
how am i using what i learned in my classroom

How am I Using What I Learned in my Classroom?

I am taking the time to get to know my students by asking them questions, going to their events, and interacting with them outside of the classroom. I am praying regularly for them and about our relationships asking God to give me insight and sensitivity.

This project was helpful in that much of what my colleagues shared, I am already doing and have over the years, so it was an encouragement.

I have fallen in love with teaching high school students.