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Man-made Global Warming PowerPoint Presentation
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Man-made Global Warming

Man-made Global Warming

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Man-made Global Warming

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  1. Man-made Global Warming Fact or Fiction? Bill Weronko

  2. With Cap and Trade Legislation pending it is critical to determine if the underlying stated rationale is true.

  3. What cap and Trade will do: • Cap admissions at an increasing amount to reduce the quantity of US made CO2 going into the atmosphere • Provisions kick in slowly. • Waxman-Markey would cost the economy $161 billion in 2020, which is $1,870 for a family of four. As the bill's restrictions kick in, that number rises to $6,800 for a family of four by 2035. • Costs are spread in increased energy costs across the board.

  4. Cap and Tradeassumptions • Is based on the concept that Earth is warming. • The cause of this warming is stated to be increases of CO2 in the atmosphere. • These increases are the result of humans use of hydrocarbons in energy production. • The solution is to lower atmospheric CO2

  5. Are the assumptions true?

  6. FACT the planet’s atmosphere has warmed slightly in recent decades.

  7. 10 Years of no warming -- not sure why. 11/19/2009 Stagnating Temperatures Climatologists Baffled by Global Warming Time-Out By Gerald Traufetter DPA Part 2: The Difficulties of Predicting the Climate

  8. However, there has always been global temperature variation

  9. Al Gore’s Explanation of Global Warming

  10. CO2 Correlation with global temperature

  11. Earth’s atmosphere is made up of 78% N2, 21% O2 and 1% other gases. CO2 is a atmospheric trace gas with .04 of 1% in atmosphere. From natural sources approximately 550 million tons of CO2 is released yearly into the atmosphere. Only 26.4 million tons or 4.5% are released by human activity. 5.7 million tons are released by United States or .98 of 1% of the world total. If the United States economy is ruined by an optimistic 60% reduction of CO2 output it would result in only a reduction of world CO2 output of .59 of one percent. That would be totally insignificant and have no climate impact. The Carbon Cycle

  12. CO2 is a fertilizer. However, as Al Gore neglects to mention CO2 provides the carbon and much of the oxygen for every protein, fat, and carbohydrate molecule needed in all life. Without atmospheric CO2 molecules, shown by Al Gore as evil demons, life on earth would not be possible.

  13. Fluctuations of pCO2 for the last 500 My. The gray bars at the top correspond to periods when Earth's climate was relatively cool; the white spaces between them correspond to warm modes (18). Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2002 April 2; 99(7): 4167–4171. Published online 2002 March 19. doi: 10.1073/pnas.022055499

  14. If CO2 didn’t cause the global temperature increase what does?

  15. The Pacific Decadal Oscillation (PDO) impacts our temperatures more directly • Forced by ENSO but delayed.

  16. The El Nino directly controls the Earth’s Atmospheric temperature what controls El Niño? • It is thought Solar Activity Controls El Niño and La Niña. • Short term ENSO activity has proven hard to predict. • New Computer models have shown correlations in solar cycles and ENSO oscillations.

  17. The Sun is the ultimate influence on Earth’s climate.

  18. The Little Ice Age during the Maunder Minimum

  19. “It is very clear that the strongest correlation is between the ocean warming index (ENSO) and (Global) temperature; the next strongest is with TSI (Total Solar Irradiance) , the weakest is CO2. In fact, CO2 has no explanatory power over the last decade according to this analysis.” Repressed EPA report draft March 9, 2009

  20. Something Odd is happening to the Sun!

  21. Solar Cycle 24 was predicted as late as 2007 as another massive cycle.

  22. What happened is Solar Cycle 24 has yet to start.

  23. So why the movement to limit CO2

  24. Why the fixation on CO2 • With the fall of Communism the leftist found their philosophies intellectual bankrupt. • Took over the Green Movement. • Climate science became highly political and fanatical with great money and power to be realized. • Inexact Science with political implications has a long history of prostituting their beliefs for money, grants and fame. • Eugenics 1930-40s • Nature vs Nurture debate 1960-1980s • Humans have a innate propensity to blame themselves for natural events • Little Ice Age --- caused by sinners • The Green Movement has turned into a religion.

  25. If the Greens were really serious and global warming they would be building no-emission nuclear plantsIn that they are not I conclude it is about the left agenda not saving the planet

  26. The Next Few Years should tell much.

  27. As the sun stays cools if: • If the Artic starts to lose ice again. • Warming extends itself to the Southern Hemisphere. • Increasing intensity of El Nino Events. • The Earth’s Atmosphere starts increasing again in average temperature. • Then the Man-Made Global Warming Hypothesis may be right.

  28. If on the other hand: • The Artic Starts continues increasing ice. • The El Nino decline in intensity and frequency. • World Average Temperature declines. • The Man-made Global Warming Hypothesis is probably wrong.

  29. In the meantime it is not justified to destroy the Western World economy to lower CO2emissions. Don’t Believe there is an absolute agreement that global warming is caused by man-made CO2 There are many scientist that find this contrary to the facts!

  30. Al Gore and Hollywood, IPCC United Nations, and Media retainers claim that an overwhelming “consensus” of scientists agree with his statements, and only a handful of “skeptics” disagree. Yet, more than 35,000 Americans with university degrees in physical science – including many of our most eminent scientists – have signed a petition that reads: We urge the United States government to reject the global warming agreement that was written in Kyoto, Japan in December, 1997, and any other similar proposals. The proposed limits on greenhouse gases would harm the environment, hinder the advance of science and technology, and damage the health and welfare of mankind. There is no convincing scientific evidence that human release of carbon dioxide, methane, or other greenhouse gases is causing or will, in the foreseeable future, cause catastrophic heating of the Earth's atmosphere and disruption of the Earth’s climate. Moreover, there is substantial scientific evidence that increases in atmospheric carbon dioxide produce many beneficial effects upon the natural plant and animal environments of the Earth.

  31. There is a rapidly growing backlash in the scientific community against a group of “atmospheric science” specialists who have severely departed from the scientific method in order to support a United Nations political agenda. This backlash by tens of thousands of American scientists, includes a large percentage of atmospheric scientists and many thousands (more than 20,000 to date) of physical scientists who have become signatories to the following petition: We urge the United States government to reject the global warming agreement that was written in Kyoto, Japan in December, 1997, and any other similar proposals. The proposed limits on greenhouse gases would harm the environment, hinder the advance of science and technology, and damage the health and welfare of mankind. There is no convincing scientific evidence that human release of carbon dioxide, methane, or other greenhouse gases is causing or will, in the foreseeable future, cause catastrophic heating of the Earth's atmosphere and disruption of the Earth’s climate. Moreover, there is substantial scientific evidence that increases in atmospheric carbon dioxide produce many beneficial effects upon the natural plant and animal environments of the Earth.

  32. Petition Signers – Aag to App Earl Aagaard, PhD, Roger L Aamodt, PhD, M Robert Aaron, Ralph F Abate, Hamed Abbas, PhD, Reza Abbaschian, PhD, Paul Abbett, Wyatt E Abbitt III, David M Abbott Jr, Ursula K Abbott, PhD, Will S Abbott, Riaz F. Abdulla, PhD, J M Abell, Philip H Abelson, PhD, Wayne Aben, Grady Ables, Earl A Abrahamson, PhD, John Abrams, David Acerni, J Wayne Achee, Hans J. Achemann, D T Achord, PhD, Ernest Achterberg, Gene Ackerman, John R Ackerman, William Ackerman, Richard E. Ackermann, Terry Ackman, Donald O Acrey, Lee Actor, Robert K Adair, PhD, Brian Adam, PhD, Chris Adam, John A Adam, PhD, Adams, Arthur Adams, Brook Adams, Charles K Adams, Craig Adams, Daniel Adams, PhD, Daniel B Adams Jr, Dell Adams, Donald Adams, Donald S Adams, Eugene Adams, Gail D Adams, PhD, George B Adams, PhD, Gerald J Adams, PhD, Gregory Adams, Henry Adams, Henry Adams, Howard Adams, James W Adams, Jim Adadms, John Adams, John E Adams, PhD, Kent A. Adams, Leonard C A Adams, PhD, Louis W Adams, PhD, Michael P Adams, Neil Adams, PhD, Opal Adams, Peter Adams, Phillip Adams, PhD, Richard E Adams, Richard L Adams, Robert F Adams, Roy B Adams, Roy M Adams, PhD, Steve W Adams, Walter Adams, William D Adams, William M Adams, PhD, William W Adams, Wilton Adams, PhD, Wilton T Adams, PhD, Wm J Adams, George Adcock, Rusty Adcock, MD, Lionel P Adda, PhD, Albert W Addington, Tim Addington, Bill Addison, John K Addy, PhD, C William Ade, Albert H Adelman, PhD, Barnet R Adelman, L A Adkins, Michael F Adkins, Ronald A Adkins, PhD, Norman Adler, PhD, Lt Col Jacques J Adnet, Anthrony J Adrignolo, PhD, Harry Adrounie, PhD, Richard A Adsero, Steven E Aeschbach, Stephen Affleck, PhD, Siegfried Aftergut, PhD, Jack Agan, Larry D Agenbroad, PhD, Sven Agerbek, George Aggen, PhD, Norman A Aggon, Vincent Agnello, MD, Kenneth Agnes, Mark Agnew, M C Agress, Jorge T Aguinadlo, Roy Ahalt, Robert Aharonov, Richard Ahern, Phillip Ahlberg, Kevin Ahlborg, Mark Ahlert, Terry Ahlquist, Mumtaz Ahmed, PhD, Rafique Ahmed, PhD, Robert Ahokas, PhD, H W Ahrenholz, Edward Ahrens, Rolland W Ahrens, PhD, Robert M Ahring, PhD, John J Aiello, Joseph P. 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  34. Petition Signers – Bar to Bet Leland Barrington, Allen Barron, Cory W Barron, Donald Barron, Lance R Barron, Oscar N Barron, Lawrence J Barrows, PhD, Benjamin A Barry, Joel Barry, John L Barry, Todd R Bart, Robert Bartak, John Bartel, PhD, J H Barten, Eugene Barth, Jon Barth, Merlin J Barth, Maria V Bartha, Cristina Barthle, Jack Bartholmai, MD, Howard Bartlett, B Bartley, PhD, Gary Bartley, Carol J Bartnick, PhD, Charles J Barto Jr, Clyde Barton Jr, Hugh B Barton, Larry R Barton, Richard C Barton, Jerry Bartos, Robert J Bartosh Jr, William P Bartow, David L Bartsch, Blaine Bartz, Don Bartz, Bratzatt, PhD, Edward J Barvick, MD, David T Basden, Cecil O Basenberg, Mark Basile, John Basinski, PhD, George Baskin, Alex Baskous, MD, Jim Basnik, John W Bass, MD, Jonathan Langer Bass, PhD, Steven Craig Bass, PhD, Alton Herman Bassett, Mark J Bassett, PhD, Don Bassler, David Batchelder, Robert L Batdorf, PhD, Samuel Batdorf, PhD, Richard L Bate, James Bateman, James L Bateman, Carl Bates, PhD, Charles C Bates, PhD, Charles C Bates, PhD, Earl Bates, Lynn S Bates, PhD, Andy Batey, PhD, Robert W Batey, Terry E Batlalino, Kevin Batt, Albert Batten, PhD, George Batten, PhD, Joe Battista, Sam Battista, PhD, Jack Battle, Willis R Battles, Kirk Battleson, PhD, Joseph Battocletti, PhD, Richard Baubles, E Baudoin, Armand Bauer, PhD, Carl A Bauer, PhD, Ceo E. 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Bear, Marshall Bearce, James B Beard, PhD, N. Gerald Beard, Thomas Beard, Scott Beardemphl, Carl Bearden, Henry J Bearden, PhD, Wm Beardmore, PhD, Melville W Beardsley, Carl Beark, Charles Bearse III, Reginald H Bearsley, Donald Beasley, PhD, Wayne M Beasley, William Beaton, James Beattie, PhD, Ken Beatty, David Beaucage, PhD, Robert Beauchamp, Robert A Beaudet, PhD, Charles G Beaudette, James H M Beaudry, Edward A Beaumont, Frank Beaumont, Lee Beaumont, Dennis Beaver, Harold Beaver, Paul Becher, PhD, Richard Becherer, PhD, Gayle D Bechtold, Bill Beck, Craig A Beck, Curt B Beck, Curt B U Beck, Curtis Beck, David Beck, Donald Beck, Douglas B Beck, Lloyd Beck, Niels Beck, PhD, Tom G Beck, William Beck, Willie Beck, A D Beckerdite, Clarence Becker, PhD, Don Becker, Ernest I Becker, Gordon E Becker, PhD, Harry C Becker, PhD, John C Becker, Louis S Becker, Milton Becker, PhD, Ralph Sherman Becker, PhD, Robert P Becker, PhD, Robert S Becker, PhD, Wilbur Becker, Sidney D Beckett, PhD, Roger H Beckham, Arnold Beckman, PhD, Joseph A Beckman, PhD, Kermit R Beckmann, David Beckner, Merrill Beckstead, PhD, Scott Beckstrand, Thoams Becnel, Charles Bedell, Glenn Bedell, PhD, Rowland Bedell, Thomas E Bedell, PhD, Kenneth L Bedford, PhD, Tom Bedford, Phillip Bednarek, William C Bedoit, PhD, Curtis M Beechan, PhD, Brian Beecken, PhD, Scott K Beegle, Giselle Beeker, Kenneth Beeney, Tom Beer, David Beerbower, Edward Lee Beeson, Jr, PhD, Mark Beget, Mark Beget, H Dale Beggs, PhD, O Beggs, Jana Begor, Nicholas Begovich, PhD, Francis J Behal, PhD, Pat Behm, Wallace B Behnke, Buriel A Behrens, Greg P Behrens, Herbert Ernest Behrens, Richard Behrens, PhD, John Behun, PhD, Rudi Beichel, Alan Beiderman, Henry Beilstein, PhD, Arthur B Reindorff, PhD, Walter F Beineke, PhD, Carl A Beiser, PhD, John Beitia, Paul Bekarik, Ihor Bekersky, PhD, Gary L Beland, Orris D Belanger, Abdeldjelil Belarbi, PhD, Kevin P Belcher, Ralph Belcher, PhD, Curtis Belden, Dan Beldy, Leo T Belill, Bruce Bell, PhD, C Allen Bell, Charles Bell, PhD, Gregory Bell, James M Bell, Jeffrey Bell, John Bell, PhD, John Bell, Linda S Bell, Mark R Bell, PhD, Robert Bell, Stephen W Bell, Thomas Bell, DVM, Wallace Bell, PhD, William Bell Jr, Zeb Bell, John C Bellamy, PhD, Joseph S Bellassai, Thomas E Bellinger, Robert Bellino, MD, Wade Bellon, Robert A Bellows, PhD, Daniel T Belmont, PhD, Stephen Belmont, PhD, Lawrence C Belnoski, E F Belohoubek, PhD, Randy Belstad, Delfin Beltran, MD, James Noble Bemiller, PhD, Paraskevi M Bemiller, PhD, John Ben, Robert D Benbow, Edward Benchik, Raymond L Bendure, PhD, Rudolf J Beneda, James H Benedict, PhD, Rettig Benedict, PhD, James F Benedum, James Benegne Jr, MD, David Benforado, Ashley Bengali, PhD, Ray Benge, Ford Benham, Carol Benhemdorf, H W Benischek, James A Benjamin, PhD, John Benjamin, PhD, Robert Benjamin, Michael Benkert, William Benne, PhD, Albert G Bennett Jr, PhD, Bennett, Charles Bennett, Donald W Bennett, Douglas A Bennett, G Bennett, PhD, John Bennett, MD, Joseph Bennett, RS Bennett, Thomas C Bennett, William W Bennett, John Bennetts, Paul A Bennington, Allan Bennison, Sharon Beniot, Alvin K Benson, PhD, Andrew A Benson, PhD, Fred C Benson, PhD, Gordon Benson, MD, Harold Benson, John D Benson, Robert Benson, Roger Benson, Sidney W Benson, PhD, William Benson, Ray Bentall, Jack Bentley, Jack C. Bentley, Kenton E Bentley, PhD, Allen W Benton, PhD, Wesley G Bentrude, PhD, Charles M Bentzen, Bernard D Benz, Edward J Benz, MD, Robert Benz, George Benzing, MD, Ray A Berard, PhD, John A Berberet, PhD, William Berberich, Warren Berce, E Paul Bercegeay, PhD, Hugh Berckmueller, MD, Andrew Berg, Edgard L Berg, J Berg, PhD, Laurence C Berg, MD, Ronald Berg, Louis Bergdahl, Maxmimilian H Bergendahl, PhD, Alan Berger, MD, Brian Berger, MD, Jay M Berger, PhD, Lev Berger, PhD, Louis Berger, Louis Berger, Otto Berger, Roger Berger, T F Berger, Arne Bergh, PhD, C. B. Bergin, Marion J Bergin, Ernest Bergman, Oswald R Bergmann, PhD, Warren C Bergmann, Dick Bergren, PhD, Mike Bergsmg, Rod Bergstedt, Robt Beringer, PhD, Robert Berkebile, MD, Donald C Berkey, Eric N Berkhimer, Dan Berkman, Willima Berks, Leland Berkwits, MD, John J Berky, PhD, David T Berlin, Brian Berman, Elliot Berman, PhD, Marshall Berman, PhD, Curtis L Bermel, John Wilfrid Bernard, Louis Bernath, PhD, Richard Bernhard, Andre Bernier, Warren W Berning, Joseph Bernstein, MD, Kenneth Bernstein, Julius R Berreth, Dave Berrier, Lester P Berriman, Dan Berry, Dan Berry, Edwin Berry, PhD, Edwin Berry, PhD, Herbert W Berry, PhD, James W Berry, PhD, Robert W Berry, PhD, Roy A Berry, PhD, William Berry, John R Berryhill, PhD, Charles F Bersch, M Bersch, PhD, Arthur Bershman, Albert C Bersticker, Charles W Bert, PhD, Allen J Bertagne, Robert G Bertagne, Bruce I Bertelsen, Kevin Bertermann, Siegfried R Berthelsford, MD, Frances Berting, PhD, Robert L Bertram, B. Rodney Bertramson, PhD, Bertrand, Rodney A Bertsch, Arlen D Besel, Kurt Von Besser, PhD, Robert Bessette, Robert Best, PhD, Robert C Beste, David U. Betcha, Arthur F Betchart, Jack Bethards, Robert K Bethel, Peter Bethell, Art L Bethke, PhD, Nedavia Bethlahmy, PhD, Harry E Betsill

  35. Petition Signers – Bet to Bou George W Bettge, John Bettinger, MD, Andrew Betts, Austin Betts, Austin W Betts, Ernest Beutler, MD, Rowland S Bevans, PhD, Vladislav Bevc, PhD, Robert Beverly, Vicky L Bevilacqua, PhD, Vincent D Bevill, Albert J Bevolo, PhD, Cecil Bewner, John H Beyer, PhD, James Beyl, Peter R Beythen, MD, Rahul Bhaduri, Maneesh Bhatnagar, Swapan Bhattacharjee, PhD, Debanshu Bhattacharya, PhD, John M Biancardi, Peter Bianchetta, Kenneth L Del Bianco, Philip Bias, Vic Biazis, William R Bibb, PhD, George Bibel, PhD, Conrad Biber, PhD, Edward G Bich, Peter B Eichelberger, Hans Bichsel, PhD, Michael D Bick, PhD, Rudolf Bickel, MD, William S Bickel, PhD, Arden Bicker, Karin Bickford, Lewis J Bicking Jr, Ervin F Bickley Jr, William E Bickley, Donald Bickmore, A W Bickner Sr, John H. Biddle, Rh Biddle, Jean M Bidlace, PhD, Lawrence R Bidwell, PhD, Charles Bieber, John Bieber, Kenneth Bielat, PhD, Yan Bielek, Gregg Bierei, Theo Karl Bierlein, PhD, J Bierman, Joseph F Bieron, PhD, Jerry N. Biery, Doug N Biewitt, Jean M Bigaouette, Bigelow, PhD, John E Bigelow, Donald Bigg, PhD, James Biggs, PhD, R Dale Biggs, PhD, Rodney E Bigler, PhD, Arthur Bigley, William Bihrle, Dean Bilden, Keith Bildstein, PhD, John M Bilhorn, PhD, John D Shaylor- Billings, David L Billingsley Jr, Dan A Billman, George E Billman, PhD, Billones, D G Bills, PhD, John L Bills, PhD, Larry Bilodeau, Edward G Bilpuch, PhD, Robt Bilski, Jack Binford, Arthur Bing, PhD, Billy E Bingham, PhD, Nancy L Bigham, Lisa Binkley, Dan Binning, Layton C Binon, R L Binsley, William Bintzer, Michael Binzer, Biolchini, Frank S Riordan, PhD, Matthew C Birch, Michael A Birch, Norman Birch, M J Birck, Charles F Bird, Chris M Bird, Kenneth Bird, PhD, Peter Bird, E. F. Birdsall, PhD, Carmel Birdwell, Jack Birk, Wm Birkemeier, PhD, Kathleen Biros, Seymour Bristein, William Bisbing, Alfred F Bischoff, James L Bischoff, PhD, James M Bisett, Gerald E Bisgard, PhD, Amin Bishara, Bob Bishop, David Bishop, Dennis W Bishop, Floyd Bishop, George D Bishop, Guy W Bishop, PhD, John W Bishop, PhD, Marshall D Bishop, Raymond Bishop, Richard E Bishop, Richard H Bishop, PhD, Richard S Bishop, PhD, Larry Bisimmers, Kenneth Bisson, MD, J L Bitner, James Bitner, Joseph Bitsock, MD, Burt J Bittner, Walter E Bixby, Benny Bixenman, John Bixler, Thomas Bjerke, Charles Black, PhD, Charles E Black, Darvil Black, PhD, Dean Black, PhD, Dennis Black, Don Black, Donald E Black, Horlod Black, James R. Black, John S Black, Larry Black, Sammy M Black, Timothy Black, Tom Black, Wesley F Black, William Black, Albert W Blackburn, Brian D Blackburn, Jon Blackburn, Larry G Blackburn, Lloyd Blackburn, Clinton R Blackmon, James Blackmon, Jerry M Blackmon, Perry Blackstock, M L Blackwell, Eli W. Blaha, PhD, R G Blain, Alex Blaine, Blair, PhD, Charles M Blair, Edward Blair, Helen Blair, Katherine Blair, Leon F. Blair, Luther Blair, Mr Barry Blair, Paul V Blair, PhD, Bruce A Blake, George R Blake, PhD, Rolland L Blake, PhD, J Warren Blaker, PhD, Robert B Blakestad, Francis Blanc, Dave Blanchard, Doug Blanchard, Donald W Blancher, Lorraine T Blanck, C Dudley Blancke, William M Bland Jr, Philip J Blank, PhD, Robert Blanke, PhD, Dav Blankenhagen, John Blankenhorn, James Blankenship, Ron J Blanton, Nik Blaser, John Blasing, John R Blasing, Barbara Blass, PhD, Joel J Blatt, PhD, Robert C Blatz, Henry H Blau, PhD, Clyde Blauer, George A Blay, PhD, Stephen Blaylock, Gilbert K Bleck, Douglas Bledsoe, Larry J Bledsoe, W N Bledsoe, Sheldon J Bleicher, MD, Rodney Bleifuss, PhD, Carl Bleil, PhD, William Bleimeister, Daryl A Blessing, John Blethen, PhD, Robt E Blevins, Zegmund O Bleviss, PhD, Wm Blew, Charles William Blewett, PhD, David Blewett, Edward Blick, PhD, Brian Bliss, Warren M Bliss, C James Blom, PhD, C R Blomberg, William Blomdahl, Duane Bloom, PhD, James A Bloom, George L Bloomsburg, PhD, Joe Bloomsburg, Stan Blossom, William V Bluck, James W Blue, PhD, M D Blue, PhD, Claire Bluestein, PhD, Aaron L Bluhm, PhD, Harold F Bluhm, Eugene Blum, Fred G. Blum, MD, John Blum, M Blumenberg, PhD, Naoma Blumer, G Bluzas, G. W. Elvernum, David L Bnalinski, Thomas A Boardley, Warren P Boardman, Joshua T Boatwright, John G Bobak, David A Bobaugh, Robert S Bobbitt, Jack E Bobek, Thomas C Boberg, PhD, Thomas M Bobik, Sergey Boblcov, Terry Bobo, Charles Bocage, Dave Bocchini, Fred Bock, PhD, Gene Bock, Jane Bock, PhD, Richard F Bock, Wayne D Bock, PhD, Gary Bockus, Bohdan Boczkaj, PhD, Stephen J Bodar, PhD, David E Boddy, PhD, Arthur P Bode, PhD, Loren E Bode, PhD, Kenneth Bodek, MD, George Boder, Donald D Bodewig Jr, S Bodily, PhD, Larry P Bodin, Frank T Bodurtha, PhD, Willard A Bodwell, Marvin Boedeker, Carl R Boehane, Robert J Boehle, Frank R Boehm, Carl R. Boehme, Hollis Boehme, PhD, Eldron Boehmer, John Boehune, Howard Boeing, J Robert Boen, Jack E Boers, PhD, David H Boes, Philip D Bogdonoff, PhD, J Neil Boger, MD, Colleen Boggs, Johnny Boggs, Steven A Boggs, PhD, Leslie K Bogle, Seymour M. Bogdonoff, Kevin M Bohacs, PhD, Barry Bohannon, John Bohannon, Joseph Terril Bohanon, PhD, Carl Bohl, PhD, Richard A Bohling, James Bohn, William M Bohon, Kees Boi, PhD, Norman R Boisse, PhD, Charles E Boklage, PhD, Art F Boland, Jonathan Boland, Mike Boland, Paul W Boldt, Regnald A Boles, M S Boley, PhD, Mark S Boley, Mark S Boley, Nicholas C Bolgiano, PhD, Dean Bolick, John N Bolin, Gerald L Bolingbroke, PhD, Harry J Boll, PhD, Eugene Bollay, Paul V. Bollerman, Bruce Bollermann, Clay B Bollin, Edward H Bollinger, PhD, A Bollmeier, Robert L Bolmer, Gerald J Bologna, Sam Bolognia, Carole Boltz, James Boltz, Kelsey Boltz, Sam Boltz, Dudley Bolyard, E Arthur Bolz, MD, H Joel Boman III, Jerry C Bommer, PhD, Blair Bona, PhD, Brad Bona, Glenn Bonacum, MD, Patrick L Bond, Stephon T Bond, PhD, Victor Bond, PhD, Walter D Bond, PhD, William Bond, James M Bondi, Terry Bonds, J R Bone, Susan Boner, Lee Bongirno, Lawrence P Bonicatto, L P Bonifaci, Anthony Bonner, PhD, Charles M Bonner, John Franklin Bonner, PhD, Marlowe Bonner, G Wayne Bonsell, Patrick V Bonsignore, PhD, Lewis Book, Raymond Book, Stephen A Book, PhD, Arnold B Booker, Jane M Booker, PhD, Noel Booker, Jerry L Boom, PhD, R J Boomex, Daniel R. Boone, Deidre Boone, Jack Boone, PhD, James Boone, PhD, Paul Boonen, PhD, Warren J Boord, Lawrence E. Boos, PhD, Arthur Booth, MD, Arthur S Booth Jr, MD, Bruce L Booth, PhD, David Booth, PhD, Richard Booth, Robt M Booth, E M Boothe, Jay M Bopp, Hamid Borazjani, PhD, Samia Borchers, MD, Bordeaux, PhD, Adam Bordelon, Charles Borden, Robert Borden, MD, L Bordenave, Stuart Boreen, J B Boren, PhD, Katarina Borer, PhD, Robert Borg, Philip Borgerding, Jerry Borges, Dan Borgnaes, PhD, W K Borgsmiller, MD, John W Boring, PhD, John A. Bork, Walter A Bork, Alex B Borkovec, PhD, Annette H Borkowski, Manfred Borks, PhD, Harold J Born, PhD, William Bornhorst, Robert C Bornmann, MD, Raul H Borrastero, David Borrownam, Borsari, Hanid Boruzzi, Theodore Bos, PhD, Randal S Bose, Benjamin A Bosher, Ronald Boshista, William E Bosken, Robert Bosler, Bosnak, Kenneth J Boss, PhD, Paul N Bossart, Peter B Bosserman, Robert Bosshart, PhD, Thomas Bossler, Robert Bossung, Howard Bost, PhD, Keith A Bostian, PhD, Steve Boswell, Steven T Boswell, William Bosworth, Askel A Bothner By, PhD, John N. Botkin, CJF Bottcher, PhD, Margurette E Bottje, PhD, William G Bottjer, Edmond M Bottorff, PhD, Truman A Botts, PhD, Geo I Bouadiieff, Jeffrey A Boucher, Michel Boudart, PhD, John H Boughton, PhD, John Boulet, MD

  36. Petition Signers – Bou to Bro George Boulter, Robert L Boulware, Arnold H Bouma, PhD, Robert H Bourke, PhD, M N Golarz De Bourne, PhD, Sara Bouse, Mohamed Boutjdir, PhD, Harvey B Boutwell, R K Boutwell, PhD, Gerardus D Bouw, PhD, George S Bovis, Gary Bovyer, Rl Bowden, Anthony J Bowdler, PhD, Joseph C Bowe, PhD, David Bowen, H Kent Bowen, PhD, John T Bowen, Peter F Bowen, Richard Bowen, Richard D Bowen, Charles A Bower, PhD, John Roy Bower, PhD, Leonard Bower, PhD, Richard Bowerman, Christopher Bowers, Clarence Bowers, John Bowers, Larry Q Bowers, Robert C Bowers, Roger L Bowers, Susan H Bowers, MD, Sydney Bowers, Sidney A Bowhill, PhD, Robert M Bowie, PhD, Jean A Bowles, PhD, Kaydell C Bowles, Lamar D Bowles, Floyd E Bowling, Robert E Bowling, PhD, William Bowlus, MD, Charles Bowman, Harry Bowman, Harry G. Bowman, James L Bowman, Jan Bowman, John K Bowman, Lewis W Bowman, PhD, Marie Bowman, R Bowman, Robert S Bowman, PhD, Norman Bowne, Colin Bowness, PhD, Samuel Bowser, PhD, B W Box, James E Box, PhD, Roger Box, Chris M. Boxell, MD, Michael Boxer, MD, Kevin Boyack, PhD, Robert E Boyar, Boyatt, Boyyce, Graybeal & Sayre, Inc, David Boyce, John T Boyce, Wilson E Boyce, Frederick Mervin Boyd, PhD, J T Boyd, James Boyd, Jimmy W Boyd, Philip A Boyd, PhD, Richard Boyd, Robert Boyd Iii, Timothy M Boyd, Willis Boyd, Gary Boyer, Lance Boyer, Paul S Boyer, PhD, Robert A Boyer, PhD, Robert E Boyer, PhD, Wm D Boyer, PhD, James A Boyes, Ralph L. Boyes, T M Boyett, Ben Boykin, Dave Boykin, John F Boyle, MD, Patrick Boyle, Richard J Boyle, John Boyles, MD, Bozlee, PhD, Ben Brabb, PhD, Dennis Brabec, Paige Bracci, John D Brack, Sherry L. Brackeen, Barth Bracken, Brett K Bracken, Robert G Brackett, PhD, David Brackney, Dorothy L Bradbury, James Bradbury, J Tj Braddock, Joseph U Braddock, PhD, Shawn Braden, Lawrence G Bradford, PhD, William C Bradford, Andrew N. Bradley, MD, Bruce Bradley, John Bradley, MD, Michael Bradley, Robert F Bradley, PhD, Robert S Bradley, William E Bradley, Charles Bradshaw, MD, George Bradshaw, Jerry A Bradshaw, Matin D Bradshaw, PhD, Samuel Bradshaw, W Newman Bradshaw, PhD, Derek Bradstreet, R Bradt, PhD, Bob Brady, John R Brady, Matthew E Brady, Robert Brady, S D Brady III, Samuel B Brady, Tom Brady, PhD, William Brady, DDS, William Brady, William J Brady, MD, Douglas G Braid, Alan D Brailsford, PhD, Arthur Van De Brake, Fred W Brakebusch, J C Brakensieck, Eric M Bram, David Brambury, Kenneth A Brame, Michael Bramwell, Erwin F Branahl, Emanuel L Brancato, Cynthia R Branch, Thomas Brandlein, Patrick J Brandner, MD, Stewart Brandon, Edward N Brandt, MD, Robert Brandt, Robert Brandt, Thomas Brandt, William Brandt, PhD, William L Brandt, Alan D Branham, M Branman, Raymond Brannan, PhD, Mike Brannen, Ross E Brannian, Carl F Branson, Albert W Brant, PhD, Charles W Brant, Glenn S Brant, Wm W Brant, Susan Brantley, Webb E Braselton, PhD, Bradley A Brasfield, John F Brass, George Bratton, PhD, Charles Bratzrus, Stanton Braude, PhD, Richard H Braumlich, David Braun, Jeffrey M Braun, Jennifer Braun, Kenneth Martin Brauner, PhD, Allan Brause, PhD, Johnny A Brawner, MD, ThoamsBraxtan, MD, Ben Bray, PhD, Bruce G Bray, PhD, William H Bray, MD, James F Brayton, PhD, James P Brazel, William Breach, Carl L Breaux, Ernest Breaux, Russell W Breaux, Theodore Breaux, Lee Brecher, PhD, Robert L Breckenridge, MD, Claude E Breed, Townsend Breeden, James Breeding, Larry Breeding, Reginald Breeding, Bertram V Breemen, William M Breene, PhD, Sydney Breese, Bob Breeze, Martin Bregman, PhD, E J Bregmann, William R Breher, William R Breher, John E BrehmSr, B M Breining, C H Breitenfelder, Richard Breitling, Thomas O Breitling, Ted Breitmayer, A C Breller, James Breman, Bart J Bremmer, David L Brenda, William Breneman, Alan S. Brengle, Arthur Brennan, Harold Brennan, John P Brennan, Michael J Brennan, MD, William J Brennan, Ronald G Brenneman, Abner Brenner, PhD, Henry W BrennimanJr, J Allen Brent, PhD, Paul D Brent, William B Brent, PhD, Frederick Breslin, PhD, John H Bress, M N Bressler, Pe, Inc, Joseph Breston, PhD, William A Brett, Kurt Bretterbauer, Randolph H Bretton, PhD, Harold W Bretz, PhD, Andrew J Breuder, MD, Charles B Breuer, PhD, Jerald Brevick, PhD, James Brewbaker, PhD, Clyde Brewer, Doug Brewer, Gregory J Brewer, PhD, Herbert L Brewer, J R Brewer, Ken N Brewer, Michael Brewer, Walter B Brewer, Doug Brewster, Robert N Brey, Robt N Brey, PhD, Edward Breyere, PhD, Darlene R Brezinski, PhD, P L Thibaut Brian, PhD, Alan G Bridge, PhD, Lindell Bridges, Luther W. Bridges, PhD, P M Bridges, Robert M Bridges, Andrew Briedenbach, Claudia Briell, Brian O Brien, Corale L Brierley, PhD, David A Brierley, James A Brierley, PhD, Arthur R Briggs, Edward M Briggs, James E Briggs, PhD, Mike Briggs, Mrs R O Briggs, Robert O Briggs, Steve Briggs, PhD, W Briggs, PhD, Robert B Brigham, Mont J Bright Jr, Karen Brignac, Mike Brignac, Tom Brignac, Bruce Edwin Briley, PhD, Karl Briley, Frank Brimelow, Clifton Briner, Allan Briney, MD, Robert Bringer, PhD, Donald F Brink, PhD, Edwin C Brinker, George W Brinker, Sandra Brinker, Tyler Brinker, Larry K Brinkman, MD, Raymond S Brinkmey, PhD, Michael Brinkmeyer, James Brinks, PhD, Thomas R Brinner, PhD, Richard K Brinton, Charles Des Brisay, R. Brisbin, Anne M Briscoe, PhD, James Briscoe, Mike Briscoe, Francis Brislawn, J O Brittain, PhD, Paul Brittain, Michael Brittan, PhD, Wayne Brittian, Michael W Britton, Robert Britton, Alfred C Broad, PhD, Hyrum S Broadbent, PhD, Robt C Broadbent, Sue Broadston, George Brock, H Kent Brock, Jeffrey Brock, Rainer Brocke, PhD, Douglas A Brockhaus, D Broderick, PhD, IvorBrodie, PhD, JB Brodie, F S Broerman, Woody Brofman, PhD, Robert W Broge, PhD, ChirsBrioli, Jerome Bromkowski, MD, David A Bromley, PhD, Richard K Bronder, Tanya Broniszewski, Vin Brono, Charles E Bronson, John Bronstein, PhD, Mark Bronston, PhD, John Brook, PhD, Hampton R Brooker, Frank Brookings, Bruce Brooks, Dean C Brooks, Fred A Brooks, Gordon Brooks, James Brooks, James E Brooks, PhD, Kent Brooks, Lois Brooks, ND Brooks, Ray Brooks, Robert A. Brooks, PhD, Robert R Brooks, PhD, Richard Broschat, John R Brose, W E Broshears, Fred B Brost, Charles O Brostrom, PhD, James Brothen, Robert J Brotherton, PhD, Walter Brouillette, PhD, Paul C Broun, MD, Francis Broussard, Mary J Broussard, Matthew Broussard, Allen S Brower, George Brower, PhD, J Brower, Rick A Brower, Thomas D Brower, MD, Alan B Brwon, Albert L Brown, PhD, Apryl Brown, Arlen Brown, PhD, Bahngrell W Brown, PhD, Ben Brown, Billings Brown, PhD, Bob D Brown, Brad Brown, Brenda Brown, Bruce L Brown, C A Brown, Charles Brown, PhD, Charles Brown, Charles R Brown I I, Christopher J Brown, MD, David Brown, David P Brown, PhD, Donnie Brown, Doug L Brown, Douglas S Brown, Elise A Brown, PhD, Ellsworth Brown, PhD, Eugene Brown, Fitzhugh L Brown, G All Brown, Gary L Brown, Gerald R Brown, PhD, Glenn Brown, PhD, Hal W Brown, Henry BR Brown, Henry S Brown, PhD, Herbert Brown, PhD, Howard Brown, J B Brown, J Paul Brown, James Brown, James Brown, James Brown, PhD, James Brown Jr, James M Brown, PhD, James S Brown, Jeremy J Brown, Jerry W Brown, PhD, Jim Brown, Jim Brown, John B Brown, John Brown, John D Brown, John F. Brown, John M Brown, PhD, John N Brown, John W Brown, Kenneth T Brown, PhD, Larry Brown, Leonard F Brown, Jr, PhD, Lewis F Brown, PhD

  37. Petition Signers – Bro to Cam Lloyd L Brown, Melvin H Brown, PhD, Murray A Brown, PhD, N Brown, Olen Brown, PhD, P T Brown, Ralph Brown, Raymond E Brown, Richard B Brown, PhD, Richard Brown, Richard E Brown, MD, Richard L Brown, Robert B Brown, Robert Brown, PhD, Robert Brown, PhD, Robert E Brown, Robert E Brown, PhD, Robert G Brown, Robt A Brown, PhD, Robt C Brown, MD, Robt E Brown, Roderick B Brown, MD, Ronald Brown, PhD, Roy W Brown, S Kent Brown, MD, Stephen Brown, MD, Stephen R Brown, Steven Brown, Thomas V Brown, Walter R J Brown, Will Brown, William Brown, William M Brown, PhD, Cornelius P Browne, PhD, James Browne, Phillip Browne, MD, RL Browne, D Brownell, Don Brownfield, Shelby H Brownfield, Robt S Brownhill, James A Browning, Jimmy D. Browning, John S Brtis, Burton D Brubaker, PhD, James E Brubaker, Paul Eugene Brubaker, PhD, Peter Brubaker, Charles R Bruce, PhD, Dail Bruce, David Bruce, MD, George H Bruce, Paul L Bruce, Peter C Bruce, Sandra Bruce, Carl W Bruch, PhD, Kenneth B Bruckart, Robert Brueck, Col Wm Bruenner, Don Brumm, Harrison Brundage, Eugene J Brunelle, PhD, Madelyn Bruning, Lloyd Brunkhort, Charles E. Brunner, Mark S Brunner, Arthur D Bruno, John Bruno, PhD, Thomas Bruno, PhD, Kelly W Bruns, Lester G Bruns, PhD, Robert F Burns, PhD, Gerald R Brunskill, Tim Brunson, John B Brush, Walter Brush, Merlyn A Brusven, PhD, Frederick V Brutcher, Jr, PhD, Samuel R M Burton, Anthony Bruzzese, MD, David A Bryan, PhD, Gary G Bryan, Howard Bryan, John D Bryan, Sibley Bryan, Tom Bryan, Barry W Bryant, PhD, Carrel Bryant, David W Bryant, John H Bryant, John M Bryant, Michael D Bryant, PhD, Robert W Bryant, Thomas Bryant, Thomas Bryant, Charles Bryson, Ken Brzozowski, PhD, Charles B Bucek, Anne H Buchanan, Russell A Buchanan, Shawn P Buchanan, Steven Buchanan, Richard L Bucheit, Donald Buchholz, John H Buchholz, PhD, Smil S Buchman, R Buchy, Carl Buck, PhD, Ellen F Buck, Joel W Buck, Harold M. Buckey, John Buckinger, Tom Buckleitner, Ellis Bucklen, David A Buckley, Edward H Buckley, PhD, Jim E Buckley, Ronald E Buckley, Stuart Buckmaster, Donald Buckner, Gary L Buckwalter, PhD, Edsel T Bucovaz, PhD, J Fred Bucy, PhD, Roy S. Brucy, MD, Carl J Buczek, PhD, Perry Buda, Kevin Buddie, Teresa Buden, Wallace D Budge, PhD, Edwin Buehler, PhD, Elizabeth Buell, Mary M Buerger, Walter Buerger, MD, Brent J Buescher, PhD, Larry Buess, Greg Buffington, J F Buffington, Norris L Buffington Jr, Philip G Buffinton, Charles R Buffler, PhD, Rodger K Bufford, PhD, Sterling L Owe Bugg, Victor Buhrke, PhD, Francis Buiting, C James Bulla, Daniel Bullard, PhD, Ervin T Bullard, PhD, Paul Buller, Lloyd Bullerman, PhD, William Bullis, PhD, David Bullock, Lawrence E Bullock, Rich Bullock, Roy L. Bulls, Walter T Bulson, Bill Bumgarner, Paul L Bunce, MD, David Wm Bunch, PhD, Harry D Bunch, PhD, John Bunch, Wm H Bunch Jr, Robt W Bundick, Michael Bundra, Hallie Flowers Bundy, PhD, Stephen Bundy, Merle Bunker, PhD, H Franklin Bunn, MD, John Bunnell, Mark Bunnell, George J Buntley, PhD, Martin Bunton, Edward Buonopane, MD, Kenneth Burbank, PhD, James H Burbo, Paul Burbutis, Elisabeth Burch, Holly Burch, James C Burch, T L Burch, James J Burchall, PhD, Donald F Burchfield, PhD, Jacob Burckhard, Daivd Burdeaux, Harvey Burden, PhD, Robert Burdick, Hugh J Burford, PhD, Henry Burger, PhD, Philip C Burger, PhD, Robert Burger, Brian Burges, John C Burgeson, Calvin Burgess, John Burgess, Michael Burgess, Roy A Burgess, William Burgess, Roger C. Burggraf, Justin Burggraff, Ronald Burgher, PhD, Leonard F Burkart, PhD, Amy L Burke, Amy S. Burke, Burke, David T Burke, E A Burke, Edward W Burke, PhD, Gary Burke, J E Burke, PhD, Marty Burke, Richard L Burke, PhD, Walter Burke, John P Burkett, David S Burkhalter, Harold E Burkhart, PhD, Richard Burkhart, James F Burkholder, Brad Burks, Ralph Burks, Ned Burleson, PhD, David R Burley, PhD, R F Burlingame, Jay B Burner, Bryan Burnett, Craig Burnett, J R Burnett, PhD, John N Burnett, PhD, Peter G Burnett, Donald C Burnham, Robert Burnham, Robert W Burnop, Frank B Burns, PhD, John Burns, MD, Leslie L Burns, PhD, Michel S Burns, Robert Burns, Robt D Burns, PhD, Stanley Burns, Victor W Burns, PhD, Mike Burnson, William P Burpeau Jr, John F Burr, Michael Burrell, Steve Burrell, Greg Burrough, Joe Burroughs, W F Burroughs, Kevin Burrows, Richard S Burrows, PhD, William Burrows, PhD, Eddie Burt, PhD, Philip B Burt, PhD, B Burton, PhD, Gary Burton, Nancy Burton, Everett Burts, Calvin C Burwell, James Robert Burwell, PhD, John Burwell, Richard S Burwen, Alan Burwinkel, MD, Donald L Buscarello, Daniel A Busch, PhD, Edward G Busch, Neal Busch, PhD, Tom Busch, Rick Buschini, Gary D Buser, Robert Bush, Roger Bush, T Bush, Thomas Bush, Edwin F Bushman, Robert Bushnell, PhD, Robert Busing, Elsworth R Buskirk, PhD, Daniel H Buss, Duane J Buss, PhD, Robert Buss, MD, Stanley E Buss, Gregory Bussell, Ceil Bussiere, W V Bussmann, PhD, Susan Buta, Bill Butler, David Butler, Dennis L Butler, Don Butler, Fred Butler, George B. Butler, PhD, James Butler, James L Butler, PhD, Karl D Butler, PhD, Margaret K Butler, O Doyle Butler, Philip Alan Butler, PhD, Rhendal C Butler, Ronald Butler, Scott E Butler, PhD, T Butler, Thomas Butler, Wm R Butler, Paul Butman, Robert Buto, Stan Butt, Gordon B Butterfield, Thomas A Butterworth, PhD, Sidney E Buttrill, PhD, Carolyn Buttross, MD, Jake D Butts, Michael A Butts, Rodney G. Butts, Ralph O Butz, MD, E B Buxton, E B Buxton, Warren F Buxton, PhD, Cathy T Buzzo, Clinton Bybee, P D Bybee, Jr, P Edward Byerly, PhD, Nelson Byman, Donald G Bryant, PhD, Richard D Byrd, PhD, Robert C Byrd, W D Byrd, Bernard Byrne, PhD, Ken Byrne, William M. Byrne, PhD, John Byrnes, MD, Roy Byrom, Algyte R Cabak, Mike Cabirac, Edwin Cable, Ann Cabot, Patricia R Cabral, Fred B Caddell, Joan L Caddell, MD, Fernando Cadena, PhD, C Cadenhead, PhD, Wm P Cadogan, PhD, Anthony P Cadrioli, Warren D Cadwell, Howard H Cady, PhD, Michael S Cafferty, Edward George Caflisch, PhD, Ben J Cagle, William S Cagle, Dennis Cahill, Dennis Cahill, Roger Cahill, DVM, William M Cahill, David S Cahn, PhD, Xiaolong Cai, PhD, Charles E Cain, PhD, Geo B. Cain, Harry J Cain III, Lynn Cain, Stephen R Cain, PhD, T J Cain, Curtis Caine, MD, David W Caird, J B Caird, Larry Caisoin, Daniel L Calahan, PhD, Leonard J Calbo, PhD, A G Caldwell, PhD, Elwood Caldwell, PhD, James B Caldwell, PhD, James Caldwell, Steven Caldwell, PhD, Richard E Cale, Daniel Caless, Robert E Calhoo, PhD, Brian S. Calhoun, Joel Calhoun, John Calhoun, Patty Calhoun, S. Pittman Calhoun, William Calhoun, Lawrence A Caliguiri, MD, Charles Calkins, MD, Mike Callahan, Jon Callen, Gene Callens, PhD, Dixon Callihan, PhD, Lynn B Calton, Chris Calvert, PhD, David D Calvert, Lee Cambre, Marvin E Camburn, PhD, William Camerer, Bruce Cameron, Charles Cameron, Christopher P Cameron, PhD, J W Cameron, John R Cameron, PhD, Mike Cameron, Wm L Cameron, Raymond Cammack, PhD, Terry J Cammon, Frederick W Camp, PhD, Jerry L Camp, John Campagna, Nicholas A Campagna, Jr, David A Campaigne, PhD, Ernest Campaigne, PhD, Robert Campana, Leonard Campanaro, John D Campanella, Bob Campbell, Douglas J Campbell, George Campbell, PhD, H D Campbell, Jeff Campbell, John Campbell, John M Campbell, PhD, John S Campbell, Larry Campbell, Lynn D Campbell, Milton Hugh Campbell, R L Campbell, MD, Robert Campbell, Robert Campbell, Robert E Campbell, Robert F Campbell, Shirley Campbell

  38. Petition Signers – Cam to Che Sidney Campbell, Steve K Campbell, Todd Campbell, Tom Campbell, Warren E Campbell, PhD, Antonio M Campero, PhD, Robt D Campo, PhD, Alan Campoli, PhD, Enrico Camporesi, MD, Fernando Campos, MD, Paul B. Canale, MD, Daniel T Canavan, Joseph Candella, A Van Caneghem, MD, Zoe Canellakis, PhD, Paul Canevaro, Carl M Canfield, James N Canfield, M Canham, William T Cannady, Dickson Cannon, G Scott Cannon, Howard Cannon, PhD, Hugh N Cannon, J E Cannon, Peter Cannon, PhD, Philip Cannon, PhD, Peter J Canterino, PhD, Daniel J Cantliffe, PhD, Joe A. Cantlon, Craig Cantoni, Manfred Cantow, PhD, Brian L Cantrell, Walter Canzonier, Hengshu Cao, PhD, David Cape, Randy S Cape, Juan J Capello, MD, Fredric S Capitosti, Michael E Caplis, PhD, James F Capobianco, Louis J Capozzoli, PhD, Frank Cappelli, Robert Carbonara, PhD, Kathy Carbrey, Harold E Carda, AE Carden, PhD, Arnold E Carden, PhD, Bryan J Carder Jr, MD, Thomas D Carder, William Thomas Cardwell, Darrel E Cardy, Mario Carelli, PhD, Curtis D Carey, John J Carey, Russell Carey, George Carini, PhD, George Carini II, PhD, Lenore Carleton, Harold E Carley, PhD, E N Carlier, Philip H. Carlisle, Scott Carlisle, Don S Carloss, Eric Carlsen, PhD, F L Carlsen, Gary Carlsen, A William Carlson, Arne Carlson, Carl E Carlson, Carlson, Charles Carlson, Dave Carlson, David R. Carlson, Donald Carlson, PhD, Douglas Carlson, Edward C Carlson, PhD, Frederick P Carlson, PhD, Fredric Carlson, PhD, Garry Carlson, George Carlson, PhD, J David Carlson, PhD, Lawrence O Carlson, Peter R Carlson, Roy F Carlson, Steve M Carlson, Thomas C Carlson, William A Carlson, Alan Carlton, Glenn Carman, David W Carnell, B Ronald Carnes, Peyton Carnes, William P Carney, PhD, E Louis Caron, PhD, Arthur Carpenito, Arthur Carpenito, Benjamin H Carpenter, PhD, Bruce N Carpenter, Charles Carpenter, PhD, David Carpenter, Elaine Carpenter, Jack W Carpenter, PhD, Lyle L Carpenter, Robert Carpenter, Robert K Carpenter, Scott Carpenter, Thomas Carpenter, Will D Carpenter, PhD, Barry Carr, PhD, Brenda L Carr, C Jelleff Carr, PhD, Edward M Carr, Jerome B Carr, PhD, Leo Carr, Lester E Carr Iii, PhD, Richard S Carr, Victor Carr, Laura H Carreira, PhD, Roland Carreker, PhD, Charles Carrell, Michael J Carrera, R S Carrice, Edward Carriere, PhD, Bonnie Carrington, Marion M Carrion, PhD, Gilbert C Carroll, MD, Greg R Carroll, J Randall Carroll, James A Carroll, PhD, James Carroll, John Carroll, PhD, John Carroll, Jon M Carroll, Laj Carroll, Phillip Carroll, Thomas Carroll, W Carroll, Keith T Carron, PhD, Stephen Carrozza, Brent Carruth, Charles Carson, PhD, Chuck Carson, Gwendolyn Carson, PhD, J. A. Carson, James Carson III, Richard M Carson, Shawn Carson, Mary E Carsten, PhD, Bowdre Carswell, MD, David Carta, PhD, David G Carta, Lynn K Carta, PhD, David Carter, David L Carter, PhD, Fred Carter, MD, Greg Carter, J. O. Carter, John P Carter, Joseph O. Carter, Kenneth Carter, MD, Louise Carter, Mason C Carter, PhD, Oran R Carter, Steven L. Carter, Thomas R Carter, William Carter, Marshall F Cartledge, Michael R Cartwright, Betty Carty, Joseph Caruana, Louis B Caruana, PhD, Louis M Caruana, Alan Caruba, J C Caruthers, Mark Carvalho, Clara D Carver, Hugh W Carver, James Clark Carver, PhD, John G Carver, PhD, Robert Carver, PhD, John De Carville, Aubrey M Cary Jr, Audra B Cary, Robert C Casagranda, Tony Casagranda, Lewis Casbon, Charles Case, Douglas Case, Eddie Case, Mike Case, Robert B Case, MD, William J Caseber Jr, Richard M Casello, Phillip M Caserotti, Jeffrey Casey, M. V. Casey, Robert M Casey, Chris Cash, W T Cashdollar, Davis Caskey, George R Caskey, PhD, Armano Casola, PhD, Sidney Casrle, Richard S Cass, Don S Cassell, Steve Cassell, Edward Cassidy, John Cassidy Jr, Patrick E Cassidy, PhD, J K Cassil, Stan J Casswell, Neal Castagoli, PhD, Valen Castellano, Gary Castellaw, Alan W Castellion, PhD, Anthony J Castiglia, MD, Craig T Castille, Ralph Castille, Joseph Castillo, John G Castle, PhD, J Steven Castleberry, Kenneth Castleton, Thomas P Castronovo, Peter Castruccio, Peter Castruccio, PhD, William Caswell, Dominic Anthony Cataldo, PhD, Paul Cate, Paul D Cate, Frank P Catena, Jack Cates, Robert L Catherman, MD, Billy R Catherwood, Lawrence M Cathles, PhD, Renata E Cathou, PhD, John W Catledge, Thomas E Catlett, Jim Caton, Tim Caton, David Cattell, PhD, David Cattron, Paul Caubin, Robert Lee Caudill, MD, Warren D Caudle, W L Caudry, Thomas K Caughey, PhD, John A Caughlan, Jerry Caulder, PhD, Chaels Causey, James Causey, Thomas Cavaiani, PhD, Robert Cavalleri, PhD, Michael Cavanaugh, PG Cavazos, Bruce W Cavender, E Caveney, Bill K Caylor, Steven L Cazad, Paul Cazier, Toni Cecil, Carl N Cederstrand, PhD, Peter La Celle, PhD, Chris Cellucci, PhD, Zoltan J Cendes, PhD, Thomas W. Cendrowski, Rosemary L Centner, Nancy L Centofante, MD, Philip Ceriani, MD, Samuel Cerni, PhD, Lawrnece J Cervellino, Steven Chabotte, John F. Chadbourne, PhD, Ronald A Chadderton, PhD, Arthur V Chadwick, PhD, John Chadwick, Pamela Chaffee, Rowand Chaffee, PhD, Charles T Chaffin, PhD, Paritosh M Chakrabarti, PhD, William L Chalmer, Adrian R Chamberlain, PhD, Barry Chamberlain, Bruce Chamberlain, Carlton Chamberlain, Charles Chamberlain, PhD, David L Chamberlain, PhD, Dilworth W Chamberlain, PhD, Samuel Z Chamberlain, Angelo Chamberlin, Paul Chamberlin, Roger S Chamberlin, RS Chamberlin, Charles M Chambers, PhD, David Chambers, Doyle Chambers, PhD, Glen D Chambers, John E Chambers, John S Chambers, MD, Ken Chambers, Philip Chambers, Roger Chambers, Carroll W Chambiss, PhD, William P Chamlee, Edwin B Champagne, PhD, John Champion, Jr, Kenneth Champion, PhD, Robert Champlin, Chun K Chan, PhD, Sham- Yuen Chan, PhD, Shu F Chan, PhD, Sunney L Chan, PhD, Z. Chan, Britton Chance, Ronald R Chance, PhD, Charles H Chandler, Clarence Chandler, Frances Chandler, Jeff Chandler, John Chandler, Leonard B Chandler, PhD, Steven Chandler, DDS, William R Chandler, Berken Chang, PhD, Chung Jam Chang, PhD, Freddy W Chang, PhD, Robin Chang, PhD, Yung Feng Chang, PhD, Nicholas D Change, Stanley A Changon, Stanley Changnon, Jr, Donald J Channin, Raymond E Chapel, Alain De La Chapelle, MD, Daniel W Chapman, James W Chapman, John Judson Chapman, PhD, P F Chapman, Robert T Chapman, John Chappell, Rick Chappell, Douglas E Chappelle, Harlan Chappelle, Stanley Charap, PhD, Luis Charbonier, MD, Al Charland, James Charles, Lloyd M. Charles, MD, M. J. Charles, MD, Robert C Charles, Bruce R Charlton, John M Charnes, PhD, Edward Charney, William Charowhas, Robert A Charpie, Frank Charron, Vanieca L Charvat, Andrew J Chase, Charles H Chase, Jim C Chase, Kenneth Chase, PhD, Marci M Chase, Morley Chase, Paul Chase, Robt H Chase, JM Chasler, DDS, Jacob Chass, David Chastain, Thomas J Chastant, Edward Chastka, MD, Ashok K Chatterjee, Norman Chatterton, PhD, Robert Chauvin, PhD, Glenn Chaves, Brad N Chazotte, PhD, Lynn Chcoran, Curtis A Cheatham, E Cheatham, Robert E Chech, PhD, Paul S Check, Dennis Wm Cheek, PhD, Zafarullah K Cheema, PhD, Robert L Cheever, John Chehaske, Chen, PhD, Chi Hau Chen, PhD, Kun Hua Chen, PhD, Stuart S Chen, PhD, Chi- Yang Cheng, PhD, Craig F Cheng, K L Cheng, PhD, Kuang Liu Cheng, PhD, Thomas C Cheng, PhD, Wade Cheng, PhD, Lou Chenot, William L Chenoweth, Kenneth P Chepenick, PhD, Genady Cherepanov, PhD, Dean Chergotis, S Chernish, MD, Roy Cherris, Jimmie L Cherry, PhD, Peter Chesney, Robert F Chesnik, Arthur Chester, PhD, John W Chester, Alfred P Chestnut, PhD, Paul A Chevernick, MD, Dhan Chevli, PhD, William Chewning

  39. Petition Signers – Che to Col Benjamin F Cheydleur, Long Chi Lee, PhD, Nancy A. Chiafulio, Yuen S Chiang, PhD, V Chiappardi, R Chiarenzelli, Ken Chiavone, Gerald Chicoine, T D Avid Chikalla, PhD, David Chilcote, PhD, Ronald B Child, Milton Childers, PhD, Thomas Childers, David Childs, James Childs, MD, Michael J. Chiles, George Chilingar, PhD, Kenneth Chilton, PhD, Frank Chimenti, PhD, David T Chin, PhD, Hong Chin, PhD, Lincoln Chin, PhD, Melvin Ching, PhD, Chris Chisholm, J D Chism, John Chism, Craig Chismarick, Shyamala Chitaley, PhD, John G Chittick, Randy Chitwood, David Chleck, Soung Moo Cho, PhD, Darrel L Choate, Dale Chodos, MD, DS Choi, PhD, Ye C Choi, PhD, William M Chop Jr, MD, Manoj Chopra, PhD, Kenneth Choquette, MD, Frank W Chorpenning, PhD, Robert J Chorvat, PhD, Sham Chotai, Edward Choulnard, PhD, Tai-Low Chow, PhD, Wen L Chow, PhD, Peter S Chrapliwy, PhD, Channing B Chrisman, Geo A Christenberry, PhD, Alan Christensen, Bent A Christensen, PhD, Bruce P Christensen, PhD, Charles R Christensen, PhD, Don Christensen, Duane Christensen, Duane Christensen, Howard Christensen, John Christensen, Kent Christensen, Odin Christensen, PhD, Peter Christensen, Richard Christensen, Robin Christensen, Robt L Christensen, PhD, Ron V Christensen, David Christiansen, James B Christiansen, PhD, Richard Christiansen, PhD, Robert M Christiansen, PhD, Kent B Christianson, Warner Howard Christie, PhD, Kenneth Christman, MD, Sally Christman, J W Chirstoff, Jay P Christofferson, PhD, Jonathan Christopher, Dennis Christopherson, Alfred L Christy, PhD, Donald O Christy, PhD, Francis Christy, J Steve Christy, Kenneth G Christy, Jack C Chroy, Chrysler, PhD, Ryan A Chrysler, Boa The Chu, PhD, Constantino Chua, C. R. Chung, MD, Eugene L Church, PhD, John P Church, PhD, Robert Church, Robert T. Church, Stanford Church, Steven R Church, PhD, Habte G Churnet, PhD, Petr Chylek, PhD, Donald J Ciappenelli, PhD, Alfred E Ciarlone, PhD, J. Joseph Ciavarra, Jr, Ja Cifonelli, PhD, Marc Cimolino, PhD, Deborah M Ciombor, PhD, Howard Cion, Jon A Ciotti, Joseph Cipolla, Michael Circosta, Kenneth W Ciriacks, PhD, A Cisar, Joseph R Cissell, James Civis, Edwin Claassen, PhD, Gary D Clack, M. Caldwell, PhD, Stephen Claeys, Robert M Claflin, PhD, Gregory S Claine, Clarence Clapp, David Clapp, James L Clapp, PhD, Richard Clapp, Leroy Clardy, Tim Clarey, PhD, Albert F Clark, Bill P Clark, PhD, Charles Clark, PhD, Chris Clark, Clark, David T Clark, PhD, Donald Clark, Donald L Clark, PhD, Ginger Clark, Grady Clark, PhD, Howard G Clark, PhD, Hugh Clark, PhD, Ian Clark, J Donald Clark, James Clark, PhD, James G Clark, PhD, James W Clark, James Wm Clark, Jim Clark, John A Clark, PhD, John B Clark, John B Clark, PhD, John Clark, MD, John Clark, MD, John Clark, MD, John Clark, Jon G Clark, Kenneth Clark, Kent Clark, Kimball Clark, PhD, Lawrence E Clark, MD, Lincoln Clark Jr, M Clark, Paul B Clark, Randall D Clark, Randil L Clark, MD, PhD, Richard A Clark, Richard T Clark, Richard W Clark, Robert Clark, Robert Clark, Robert Clark, Robey Clark, Thomas Clark, William Clark, William Clark, MD, Danny J Clarke, Duane G Clarke, PhD, Earlin N Clarke, James Clarke, PhD, James R Clarke, John Clarke, John Clarke, John F Gates Clarke, PhD, Joseph W Clarke, Larry Clarke, Otis M Clarke Jr, Richard H Clarke, PhD, Richard P Clarke, PhD, John T Clarno, Calvin Miller Class, PhD, James Classen, James Classen, Karen Clausen, John F Clauser, PhD, Don Clauson, Chris Clay, Harris Clay, Jerry H Clay, John A. Clay, CK Claycomb, PhD, Gordon M Claycomb, David Clayton, PhD, Fred Clayton, PhD, John W Clayton, PhD, Ronald Clayton, Stan G Clayton, William Clayton, Bill Cleary, John Cleary, James L Cleason, Fran Van Cleave, PhD, John C Clegg, PhD, La Var Clegg, Wallace Cleland, PhD, Wm L Cleland, Leroy H Clem, PhD, William M Clement, PhD, Bob Clements, Neil C Clements, MD, Stephen F Clements, Gerhardt Clementson, PhD, John A Clendening, PhD, Jack Cleveland, Jeffrey Clevenger, William A Clevenger, Charles B Cliett, Howard J Clifford, Charles Cilfone, W Clift, James O Climo, F W Clinard, PhD, Fred W Clinard, David Cline, Dennis Cline, James D Cline, JT Cline, Warren K Cline, PhD, HB Clingempeel, Mansfield Clinnick, Alan Clodfelter, Thomas L Cloer Jr, M Gerard Cloherty, MD, Christian J Blom, PhD, Todd Cloninger, David M Close, PhD, Jim Cloud, Miline Clough, Ray William Clough, PhD, Michael R Clover, PhD, Douglas Clow, Lloyd S Cluff, David N Clum, Mike Clumper, Peter Clute, Daniel G Coake, J David Coakley, Mary Coakley, PhD, Clarence L Coates, PhD, Thomas Coates, Keith H Coats, PhD, David M Cobb, Howard Cobb, Ty Cobb, W Frank Cobb Jr, William Cobb, James H Cobbs, William J Coben, James F Coble, PhD, Dennis Coburn, James Coburn, PhD, Donald Cochran, Leighton S Cochran, PhD, Paul Cochran, W A Cochran, Jr, Carl Cochrane, J R Cockerham, Jerry Cockerham, Wm H Cockerham, Susan Cockerhan, Benjamim T Cockrill Jr, Elmer Lendell Cockrum, PhD, Richard Cockrum, DVM, James Codding, Joseph W Coddou, Paul Coder, Daniel Codespoti, PhD, Charles W Coe Ii, William D Coe, Edward D Coen, Fritz Coester, PhD, Charles Cofer, Harland E Cofer, PhD, William Coffeen, PhD, Wm R Coffelt, C Robert Coffey, Michael Coffey, Nick Coffey, J M Coffield, Michael Coffman, PhD, Philip Coffman, Anthony Cofrancesco, PhD, Wade E Cogan, PhD, Allen Cogbill, PhD, Chris Coggins, PhD, David B Coghlan, Arthur Cogle, Theodore Cogut, William T Cohan, Allan H Cohen, PhD, Arnold Cohen, PhD, Bernard A Cohen, PhD, Flossie Cohen, MD, Harvey H Cohen, Howard J Cohen, PhD, Lawrence Cohen, Merrill Cohen, MD, Norman Cohen, Richard M Cohen, PhD, Ronald E Cohen, PhD, Sam Cohen, Susanne K Cohen, William C Cohen, PhD, Charles Erwin Cohn, PhD, Ernst M Cohn, Robert Cohn, MD, Sanford Cohn, Harry Cohnger, C E Coke, PhD, Patricia Cokeley, Clayton Coker, Glen P Coker, Ralph Coker, D E Cokley, Lt Col Andre Gerner, Francis Colace, MD, Stefan Colban, Gene Louis Colborn, PhD, Mar Colburn, W B Colburn, Edward E Colby, M W Colchin, Lawrence E Coldren, Avean W Cole, PhD, B Theodore Cole, PhD, Christopher J Cole, Clarence R Cole, PhD, David R Cole, Douglas E. Cole, Eugene Cole, PhD, Frank W Cole, George R Cole, PhD, Henry B Cole, James W Cole, John Cole, Kenneth R Cole, Lee A Cole, PhD, Mariette Cole, PhD, Randall K Cole, PhD, Samuel P Cole, Stephen Cole, PhD, Forrest Donald Colegrove, PhD, Anthony J Colella, Philip J Colella, Roberto Colella, PhD, Bobby Coleman, Donald Coleman, Michael Coleman, Paul Coleman, PhD, R. G. Coleman, PhD, Richard A Coleman, Robert Coleman, PhD, Robert G Coleman, Robert G Coleman, PhD, Steven Coleman, William E. Coleman, Woodrow Coleman, Frank Coles, R D Coles, Andrew Coley, Jr, MD, Robt Coley, Donald Colgan, J R Colgan, MD, Summer Colgan, Lawrence Colin, DDS, Hans Coll, PhD, Jeffrey M Collar, A Collard, Joel Colley, MD, Don Collier, Donald W Collier, James Collier, PhD, Thomas F Collier, MD, PhD, Wm B Collier, PhD, Alan Collins, PhD, Andy R Collins, Aubrey Collins, Charles A. Collins, Clifford B Collins, David B Collins, Dennis Collins, PhD, Edward Collins, PhD, Frederick C Collins, PhD, Gary Collins, PhD, Geo H Collins, MD, George Collins, H Douglas Collins, MD, Horace R Collins, Jane E Collins, Jimmie Collins, PhD, Kenneth B Collins, Robert L Collins, Stephen L Collins, Ted Collins, William Henry Collins, William P Collins, Wm F Collins, PhD, P J Collipp, MD, Bruce Collippns, Bertram W Collyer, Carlos A Colmenares, PhD, Arthur F Colombo, PhD, Don J Colton

  40. Petition Signers – Col to Cro Gregg B Colton, Andre Coltrin, Clair R Colvin, PhD, Todd Colvin, Robert Neil Colwell, PhD, William T Colwell, PhD, E Keith Colyer, Leon Combs, PhD, John Comeaux, Jack Comeford, PhD, E James Comer, Thomas Comi, PhD, Comisford, Robert Comizzoli, PhD, Robert Commander, John Commerford, PhD, Wayne M Compton, H Comsio, Michael W Conaboy, Floyd S Conant, Leonard Conapinski, Thor Concepts, James Concilla, John Conconnan, Norman I Condit, George T Condo, PhD, Gregory J Condon, MD, H Anson Cone, MD, John S. Cone, Johns Cone, F Dee Conerly Jr, Robert G Confer, Rosemary Conger, John P Conigilo, Martin E Coniglio, John Conlan, D Conley, PhD, Gary Conley, Gary Conley, Joseph H Conley, R Conley, Carter B Conlin, Ralph D. Conlon, Paul K Conn, PhD, Rex B Conn, MD, Robert Conn, H E Connell, James Connell, James R Connell, John J Connelly, PhD, John J Connelly, Michael S Connelly, T Donnelly, PhD, Barry G Conner, Charles Conner, Dennis D Conner, Teresa A Conner, Wm J Connick, Jr, James D Connolly, John I Connolly Jr, PhD, P E Connolly, John M Connor, Wayne M O Connor, Eugene A Conrad, PhD, George Conrad, Paul W Conrad, Ralph L Conrad, Robert Conrad, Roddy Conrad, PhD, Walter E Conrad, PhD, Jeff Conroy, Paul Consroe, PhD, David L Constans, Gheorghe M Constantinescu, PhD, Donald R Conte, James Conway, PhD, John P Conway, Mary Conway, Thomas W Conway, PhD, William Conway, Mark Cook, PhD, Addison G Cook, PhD, C Cook, Charels Cook, Donald J Cook, PhD, Douglas H Cook, Frandk Cook, PhD, George W Cook, Glenn C Cook, MD, Henry E Cook Jr, James H Cook, Janice Cook, Karl Cook, LP Cook, Maurice G Cook, PhD, Melvin A Cook, PhD, Michael Cook, Mr Vernon O. Cook, Robert C Cook, Robert Cook, Robt B Cook, PhD, Shirl E Cook, Steven Cook, Thomas B Cook Jr, PhD, Wendell Cook, Anson R Cooke, PhD, James Barry Cooke, James M. Cooksey, Bingham Cool, PhD, Richard Cool, David Coolbaugh, PhD, Denton Arthur Cooley, MD, William E Cooley, PhD, Daniel P Coolidge, Marguerite W Coomes, PhD, Anne M Cooney, Edward Cooney, Harvey L Coonts, Rosa Lee Coonts, Daniel Cooper, Flip Cooper, George P Cooper, Gordon Cooper, PhD, Harry C Cooper, James R Cooper, PhD, Jane Cooper, Jeff Cooper, John C Cooper, Martin Cooper, Max E Cooper, Peter Cooper, Raymond Cooper, PhD, Robert C Cooper, PhD, Robert S Cooper, PhD, Thomas Cooper, PhD, David F Cope, PhD, A D Copeland, Kenneth R Copeland, Louis Copeland, MD, Harry B Copelin, Frederick A Copes, PhD, John D Copley, John Copolos, William Copperman, William Coppoc, Wm S Corak, PhD, M Yavuz Corapcioglu, PhD, Robert B Corbett, PhD, Kevin Corbin, Murray D Corbin, MD, Carl Corbit, John Corboy, MD, John M. Corboy, MD, Eugene F Corcoran, PhD, John Corcoran, MD, Stephen Corcoran, Charles Cordalis, Francis M Cordell, PhD, Ronald E Cordell, MD, Cllinton N Corder, MD, Carl Cordes, Arthur Cordisco, Christopher Cordle, PhD, John F Cordone, Vincent F Cordova, Eugene Core, Patrick Core, John S. Cornett, Robert L Corey, PhD, Henry E Corke, PhD, Walter H Corkern, PhD, James M Corkill, Kenneth C Corkum, PhD, John L Corl, Corley, Frank A Cormier, William E Cormier, Russell Corn, Robert L Cornelius, Creighton N Cornell, David Cornell, John Cornell, S D Cornell, PhD, Stephen W Cornell, PhD, Arlen C Cornett, Holley Cornette, John S Cornett, Neil Cornia, Bahne C Cornilsen, PhD, L Corns, David G Cornwell, PhD, Nancy Cornwell, Roy S Cornwell, PhD, Nicholas J Corolis, Don Corona, Deborah A Corridon, Thomas Corrigan, PhD, Charles E Corry, PhD, Wayne T Corso, Matthew Corulli, Kenneth M. Cory, Michael Coryn, Arthur J Cosgrove, George Cosmides, PhD, Wm H Cost III, Eugene Costa, James P Costa, Peter F Costa, Ronald A. Costanzo, Mark J Costello, Nationwide Envro Svcs, Rebecca B Costello, PhD, John Costlow, PhD, Allen Costoff, PhD, Kevin Cotchen, Mark D Cote, Wilfred A Cote, PhD, Harry E Cotrill Jr, Harold Cott, PhD, Grant Cottam, Richard O Cottie, Frank E. Cotton, Jr, PhD, Marion Cotton, PhD, Spencer M Cotton, William R Cotton, PhD, Vincent F Cottone, Phil Cottrell, David G Cotts, Richard L Coty, Larry Coudriet, Clifton Couey, Ronald A Coulson, PhD, Richard Councill, Marcus L Countiss, Gary Countryman, Galen L Coupe, Arnold Court, PhD, Arnold Court, PhD, Arthur Courtney, Charles R Courtney, Francis E. Courtney, Jr, William H Courtney III, PhD, Raymond C Cousins, PhD, Sylvere Coussement, PhD, Ross Couwenhoven, PhD, Fred Covelli, Eugene Covert, PhD, Joy Covey, Robt E Covey, Robert Covington, Carl Cowan, Daniel F Cowan, MD, George Cowan, MD, Tracy Cowan, Wm A Cowan, PhD, Jeffrey L Coward, John B Cowden, Ronald R Cowden, PhD, Russ Cowden, Vincent F Cowling, PhD, John D Cowlishaw, PhD, Brian Cox, Carrol B Cox, Clifford H Cox, PhD, Cyrus W Cox, Dan M Cox, David Cox, Don C. Cox, Don Cox, Donald J Cox, PhD, Edwin Cox, Frederick Cox, Hiram M Cox, Jack D Cox, James A Cox, Jerry Cox, Joe B Cox, Lawson G Cox, MD, Louis Cox, PhD, Michael F Cox, Mike Cox, Morgan Cox, Neil D Cox, PhD, Robert P. Cox, Sidney G Cox, Francis Coy, MD, Aaron S Coyan, Alan Coykendall, Robert D Coyle, Kenneth R Coyne, Jerry Crabb, C H Cracauer, Dan Crackel, Sheldon Craddock, Cecil I Craft, Donald K Craft, Rex R Craft, Kent Craghead, Cragin, PhD, Richard A Crago, Edward J Cragoe, Jr, MD, Kenneth B Craib, Alan M Craig, Bruce Craig, PhD, Dexter Craig, Felicia Craig, Irving M Craig, James Craig, PhD, John A. Craig, John Merrill Craig, John P. Craig, MD, Ronald Craig, R E Craigie Jr, Gordon E Craigo, Donald Lee Crain, PhD, Glenn D Crain, Jerry L. Crain, David D. Cram, PhD, Donald J Cram, PhD, Howard Cramer, PhD, John A Cramer, PhD, Rex C Cramer, Richard Cramer, Edmund T Cranch, PhD, John R Crandall, PhD, Walter Crandall, PhD, Dale E Crane, Frederick L Crane, PhD, Lowell Crane, Chris L Craney, PhD, Richard A Craven, James F Cravens, Thomas Cravens, Thomas V Cravens, Clara D Craver, PhD, Doyle Craver, Mark W Craver, Dean Crawford, Don Crawford, Duane A Crawford, James Crawford, Jonathan Crawford, Steven P Crawford, Thomas Crawford, PhD, Robt S Craxton, PhD, David Craymes, Ron Creamer, S J Creane, Ben Creason, Buford Creech, Wendell Creech, Kevin Creedon, Michel Creek, Prentice Creel, T Ch Creese, R.S. Cremisio, PhD, Valerie Voss Crenshaw, Robert Cresci, PhD, Anne E Cress, PhD, C Raymond Cress, PhD, Frank Cress, Kenneth S Cressman, Ronald Cresswell, PhD, John Edwin Crew, PhD, Bradford R Crews, Gregory A Crews, Phillip O Crews, PhD, Diana Creyes, Jim Cribbs, Richard E Cribbs, Robert W Cribbs, Donald F Crie, Peter Crimi, PhD, Richard Crippen, Harry N Cripps, PhD, Peter A. Crisi, Joseph P Crisler, PhD, Kurt Criss, Thomas B Criss, PhD, Robert Crist, J L Crittenden, Thomas Bernard Croat, PhD, Charlie Crocker, Luanne S Crockett, George T Croft, PhD, Jerry Croft, Michael Croft, Wayne S Croft, William Croft, Blake Cromartie, Daniel Crone, Donald C Cronemeyer, PhD, Steven W Cronin, Robert K Crookston, PhD, Edward Crosby, Edward Crosby, G Kingman Crosby, Shawn J. Crosby, Ajmes G Crose, PhD, Thomas J Crosier, David Crosley, Elden Cross, Kevin P Cross, Robt F Cross, DVM, William Cross, A Scott Crossfield, Tom Crossman, Kenneth A Crossner, PhD, D B Crouch, John Croul, David L Crouse, Stephen Crouse, Robert M Crout, Morgan L Crow, Gene Autrey Crowder, PhD, Helen Crowder, Curtis Crowe, David Crowe, Delmar N Crowe Jr, Donald E Crowell, Edwin P Crowell, Chris Crowley, John Crowley, Michael S Crowley, PhD, Mrs Jamie Crowley, John A Crown Jr, C Richard Crowther, PhD

  41. Petition Signers – Cro to Dem Robert H Crowther, Frank C Croxton, PhD, Richard Cruce, William J Cruice, Michael Cruickshank, PhD, Duane Crum, PhD, Edward H Crum, PhD, Glenn H Crumb, PhD, Cris Cruz, Richard L Cryberg, PhD, Billy Crynes, Tihamer Csaky, MD, Tihamer Z Csaky, MD, Gabriel T Csanady, PhD, Alan L Csontos, J K Cuar, W D Cubbedge, William Cubbedge, Cubre, Etta Cuccinello, Jerry F Cuderman, PhD, Donald Cudmore, Donald F Cue, Ronald Cuenod, Alfred G Cuffe, John R Culbert, Verne Culbertson, Chris Cull, Char C Cullari, John S Cullen, Stephen L Cullen, MD, William C Cullen, PhD, Donald M Culler, Floyd Culler, A S Cullick, PhD, Walter E Cullmann, H. R. Culver, Lester C Culver, PhD, Ray Culver, Peter Cumerford, Bradford Cummings, David Cummings, PhD, Kenneth D Cummins, Richard W Cummins, PhD, Tom Cundiff, Lawrence E Cunnick, Allen Cunningham, David C Cunningham, Howard Cunningham, PhD, John E Cunningham, PhD, Joseph A Cunningham, MD, Kyle Cunningham, Walter Cunningham, PhD, Thomas Curin, PhD, Peter Curka, MD, Donald E Van Curler, Joseph Mc Curnin, Thomas J Curphey, PhD, Walter E Currah, Curran, Francis M Curran, John T Curran, Ira B Current, James L Current, Tom P Currie, Wm S Currie, William W Currier, PhD, Janet C Curry, John Curry, Thomas Curry, PhD, Timmy F Curry, William Curry, PhD, Frazier Curt, MD, Maria A Curtin, PhD, Thomas Curtin, Fred W Curtis, Jr, Hannah Curtis, Merlyn Curtis, Stuart Curtis, Chopin Cusachs, PhD, Charles Cusack III, Charles E Cusack Jr, Joseph Cusack, Bendit Cushman-Roisin, PhD, Michael S Cuskelly, Herman C Custard, PhD, Gretchen Custer, Steven R Custer, John M Cuthbert, Lron G Cuthbert, PhD, Leonard Cutler, PhD, Richard Cutler, PhD, Richard Cutler, PhD, James R Cutre, Ernest Cutter Jr, Alan Cutting, J F Cuttino, PhD, Jerry Cuttler, PhD, James Cutts, W T Cutts, George B Cvijanovich, PhD, Burt L St Cyr, Nelson Cyr, Walter J Czagas, Charles Czbrumberg, Rita Czek, Thomas P Czepiel, PhD, Jacob Czerwienlec, James Oziomek, PhD, Shannon Czysz, John Dabbs, PhD, George C Dacey, PhD, Jaak Jk Daemen, PhD, Calvin Daetwyler, PhD, William Daffron, R Dafoe, Charles H Daggs, Clark J. Daggs, Paul D. Dague, H Douglas Dahl, PhD, Harry M Dahl, PhD, Dirk Dahlgren, PhD, Duane M Dahlgren, Robert S Dahlin, PhD, Donald Dahlstrom, PhD, Russell Dahlstrom, Paul Daiber, Peter C Daigle, Russell E Dailey, W V Dailey, James T Dakin, PhD, Alfred Dakrig, Snezana Kili- Dalafave, PhD, Anthony A Dale, Glenn I Dale, Thomas A Dale, James Daley, Joseph Dalley, PhD, John C Dallman, PhD, Jesse L Dally, PhD, John J Dalnoky, John Daloia, George F Dalrymple, Charles Dalton, PhD, Harry Dalton, PhD, James U Daly, Kevin M Daly, Michael Daly, Michael Daly, James J Damato, Heinz H Damberger, PhD, Richard Aasen Damerow, PhD, Dwight H Damon, PhD, George Damon, PhD, Edward Dana, Jerome Samuel Danburg, PhD, James Dancho, MD, Richard M Dangelo, Barry D Dangerfield, Charles A Daniel, Charles D Daniel, PhD, Scott Daniel, Stephen R Daniel, Thomas W Daniel, Wayne E. Daniel, William Daniel, Anders P Daniels, PhD, Charlie Daniels, James Daniels, Jess Donald Daniels, PhD, Ned R Daniels, Warren B Daniels, Wayne Daniels, Richard J Danke, PhD, Wm M Danley, William R. Dannels, William Dannemeyer, Stephen Danner, William Dannhausen, Jerry Danni, Raisfeld I Danse, MD, S Dantiki, PhD, Victor Danushevsky, PhD, Paul Danyluk, Donald Danz, Morris J Danzig, PhD, Fred Darady, Gerald M Darby Jr, Joseph Darby, Jr, PhD, Frank Darden, Forrester B Darling, Rodney C Darrah, Michael J Darre, PhD, Josephe E Darsey, MD, PhD, Mozelle Darsey, L R Dartez, Dean Daryani, Kaz Darzinskis, Hriday Das, PhD, Theodore Dashman, PhD, Edward Daskam, Anton M Dattilo, Clarence T Daub, PhD, Pierre Dauby, PhD, Roland G Daudelin, Gregory W Daues, Roger A Daugherty, Shawn Daugherty, William E Dauksch, T C Dauphine, PhD, Joseph R Daurora, Bruce R Dausman, Dennis Dautreuil, Rodnoosh R Davari, Marion Davenport, Thomas L Davenport, PhD, Jeff David, Moses M David, PhD, Clayton L Davidson, Don Davidson, Donald Davidson, PhD, James Davidson, James M Davidson, PhD, Julian Davidson, PhD, Thomas Davidson, W H Davidson, MD, Chad Davies, PhD, Dean Davies, Dean Davies, DH Davies, MD, Edward J Davies, PhD, Emlyn B Davies, PhD, Frank W Davies, Harold Davies, Harold W Davies, PhD, Julian A Davies, PhD, William Davies, Alfred Davis, Anariba Davis, Brian D Davis, Bruce W Davis, PhD, D K Davis, Dana E Davis, David L Davis, Dennis Davis, Derek Davis, Dick Davis, PhD, Donald E Davis, PhD, Douglas Davis, Duane Davis, PhD, Ed Davis, Frances M. Davis, PhD, Francis Davis, PhD, Fred Davis, George Davis, H. Turia Davis, Harriett Davis, Harry Davis, PhD, Herbert G. Davis, James A Davis, PhD, James Davis, James Davis, James P Davis, Jesse L. Davis, Jimmy D Davis, John Davis, MD, John R Davis, Joseph Davis, PhD, Kent R. Davis, Larry A Davis, PhD, Larry C Davis, Lewis L Davis, Linda B Davis, M Davis, PhD, Mark Davis, Mark Davis, Michael Davis, Paul Davis, Ralph Davis, Raymond Davis, PhD, Robert Davis, Robert W Davis, S Davis, Thomas Davis, PhD, W Kenneth Davis, Wallace Davis, PhD, Walter Davis, PhD, Wane Davis, Warren B Davis, William Davis, William H Davis, Wm C Davis, DVM, Wm R Davis, PhD, John A Davis Jr, PhD, Michael Davison, Arthur D Dawson, PhD, Dale E Dawson, David Dawson, Harry H Dawson, HR Dawson, PhD, Mike Dawson, Tom Dawson, William Dawson, Frank Dax, Charles Day, D M Day, David Day, Dennis Day, Donald F Day, PhD, Harry G Day, PhD, Ivana Day, PhD, Michael Day, PhD, Noorbibi K Day, MD, Paul Day, R A Day, PhD, Robt D Day, Thomas M Day, William Day, PhD, Duke Dayton, Myron Dayton, PhD, Stephen Dazzo, Frank De Felice, Charles De Ganahl, James De Ganahl, Donald W De Jong, PhD, Carlo J De Luca, PhD, Bruce De Ment, Thomas De Pippo, Eugene De Rose, PhD, Anthony C. De Vuono, PhD, David Deacon, PhD, John Deacon, Forest C Deal Jr, PhD, David L Dean, PhD, Frederick H Dean, John Dean, Lyndon Dean, Nathan W Dean, PhD, Robert Dean, Robert E Dean, Sheldon W Dean, PhD, W Kit Dean, PhD, Warren E Dean, PhD, William D Dean, Donald Deardorff, PhD, James Deatherage, Bobby C Deaton, PhD, B D Debaryshe, David W Deberry, PhD, Edward Dale Deboer, Charles Deboisblanc, Francis Debons, PhD, Robt E Debrecht, Ronald J Debruin, Peter Debrunner, PhD, Robert J Debs, PhD, Nancy E Dechant, Arthuir J Decker, PhD, Bruce Decker, Fred W Decker, PhD, Fred W Decker, PhD, Walter Decker, William M Decker, Wayne Deckert, PhD, Paul Decusati, PhD, Dederich, W Edward Deeds, PhD, Emil Deeg, PhD, David G Deeken, Philip E. Deering, John M. Dees, John D Defelice, Gary Defoti, PhD, Paul J Defries, Joseph Defusco, Rosalie F Degiovanni-Donnelly, PhD, Gerald Degler, Stephen Degray, MD, Rebecca Dehlinger, John Dehn, PhD, Greg D Dehne, Eugene Wm Dehner, PhD, Robert Dehoff, PhD, Robert F Deibel, Jr, Susan Deines, Michael P Deisenroth, PhD, Everett Dejager, John Dejager, Ken Dejager, Glenn Dejong, John H Dekker, Thomas R Delahunt, Chirs Delaney, Erwin Delano, PhD, J M Delano, J W Delano, PhD, Henry Delarosa, Marion B Delarye, Phillip Delassus, PhD, Kirk F Delaune, L Delaura, William M Delaware, Joe D Delay, PhD, Robert M Delcamp, PhD, Jaap B Delevie, MD, Douglas A. Delhay, Mark Delinger, E F Delitala, Robert J Dellenback, PhD, Paul S Deller, Gary Dellerson, MD, Louis P Delliquadri, Dale Delong, Jon Delong, Herbert Delrich, MD, Frank Deluca, Anthony J Delucca, John Deluccia, PhD, Lynns I Demarco, MD, J Demarest, PhD, Tom Demars

  42. Petition Signers – Dem to Dri David C Demartini, PhD, Traci Demecs, Gerald Demers, John Deming, Harold D Demirjian, Winston R Demonsabert, PhD, Albert M Demont, Thomas Demull, Kenneth J Denault, PhD, Louis J Denes, PhD, David Denhardt, PhD, Louis Dentini, Adam Denison, MD, Frank W Denison, PhD, Scott C Denison Jr, Joseph Denk, David R Denley, PhD, Steve Denner, PhD, Warren W Denner, PhD, Robert Dennett, Richard Denney, William J Denney, Robt A Dennin Jr, Aaron Dennis, Alan M Dennis, Richard S Dennis, Roy Dennis, William E Dennis, PhD, Joseph L Dennison Jr, Ronald W Dennison, Cleve Denny, Larry Denny, Lawrence A Denny, Don Deno, PhD, Norman C Deno, PhD, Al H Denson, James Denton, Ralph D Denton, Richard A Denton, T G Denton, Thomas Denton, Kenneth R Deove, MD, Wm Davis Derbyshire, PhD, Edmond J Derderian, PhD, David Derenzo, Kenneth Derick, Dimitris Dermatas, PhD, Lawrence E Dernbach, T Derossett, PhD, Frank Derrick, Larry Derscheid, James Deruiter, MD, Salvatore J Desalva, PhD, Peter A Desantis, Jeffrey Desautels, Charles Desbordes, Don Desborough, Henry Deshazo, Harold Desilets, Wm Deskin, PhD, George R Desko, Ryan Desko, Armand Desmarais, Edward Desrochers, Herbert C Dessaver, PhD, Raymond E Dessy, PhD, R P Destefano, PhD, Steven A Destefano, MD, Raymond Destephen, John H Detar, PhD, Thomas R Detar, MD, Herman Dethman, William D Detlefsen, PhD, Don Detrick, WR Dettmer, R Deufel, PhD, Maurice Deul, Marshall E Deutsch, PhD, John Devaney, Ravi S Devara, MD, James E Devay, PhD, Karl W Devenport, MD, G E Alan Dever, PhD, G E Dever, PhD, G Taft Devere, William Devereux, Edward J Devillez, PhD, John W Devine, PhD, Gerald E Devitt, John Devitt, Terry Devitt, Gregore Devlin, Robert M Devlin, PhD, Thomas F. Devlin, PhD, Bob Devonshire, Robert V Devore, PhD, Frederick W Devries, Robert Devries, PhD, Martha Deweese, Louis Dewenter, Donald R Dewey, PhD, James Dewey, Roy Dewey, Roland Dewit, PhD, Ward Dewitt, MD, Jim Dews, Mel Dewsnup, Jerry J Dewulf, Alan Dexter, PhD, Charles Dexter, MD, F D Dexter, Franklin D. Dexter, James A Deye, PhD, Seshasayi Dharmavaram, PhD, Robt Di Falco, PhD, Cecil M Dinunno, Paul J Dial, Arthur M Diamond, PhD, Arthur S Diamond, Marian C Diamond, PhD, Pedro Diaz, David Dibbley, James D Dibdin, MD, John K Dibitz, Rudolph John Dichtl, Macdonald Dick, MD, Phillip Dick, Richard J Dick, David Dicken, Stewart Dicken, Charles Edward Dickerman, PhD, Charlesworth L Dickerson, PhD, Jerry B Dickey, John I Dickinson, MD, Lee G Dickinson, W D Dickinson, Jr, Wade Dickinson, Warren D Dickinson, Winifred Dickinson, PhD, Wm B Dickinson, PhD, Stanley Dickison, Dave Dicksor, John Dickmann, Don R Dickson, Howard Dickson, Bryan J Dicus, Albert Diddle, MD, Ellizabeth Didier, PhD, Henry A Diederichs, MD, Paul A Dieffenthaller, Harison Diehl Jr, Kenneth Diesburg, PhD, Jerry A Dieter, PhD, John Dieterman, Allan H Dietrich, Dennis Dietrich, MD, Diane Dietrich, Alm Dietz, Peter Dietze, Edward J Diggs, Armand Digiacomo, PhD, Joseph B Digiorgio, PhD, Ken Dillard, Robert G Dillard, Robert B Dillaway, PhD, Jeffrey A Dille, John R Dille, MD, Roger Dille, Daniel Dillon, Douglas Dillon, MD, Malcolm Dillon, Ray Dillon, Raymond Dillon, PhD, Pryia C Dimantha, Raymond Dimartini, PhD, Robt L Dimmick, Robert Hudson Dinegar, PhD, John Ding, Joe Dingman, Steven Dingman, Tom Dingo, John Dini, Kenneth J Dinnhaupt, Howard L Dinsmore, PhD, Ronald J Dinus, PhD, William Dinusson, PhD, Michael Dion, Ascanio G Dipippo, Richard M Dippolito, Eugene Dirk, PhD, R. W. Dirks, Ray Dirling, Louis Dischler, James Disiena, Ronald E Distefano, Steve Ditko, David Ditmars, Albert Dittmer, Timothy Dittmer, C J Diver, Omer Dix, Charles J Dixon, H Marshall Dixon, PhD, James D Dixon, PhD, John K Dixon, Kent Dixon, Kent Dixon, Marvin P Dixon, PhD, Richard W Dixon, PhD, Robert C Dixon, Ross J Dixon, Steve Dixon, Thomas O. Dixon, William L Dixon, MD, David B Doan, David B Doan, Elliott Doane, PhD, Paul Dobak, Donald Dobbin, Harry D Dobbs, PhD, Herbert H Dobbs, PhD, Carroll Dobratz, PhD, Donald C Dobson, PhD, Gerard Dobson, PhD, Martin L Dobson, Robert W Dobson, Daniel Dodd, Glen R Dodd, Ronald Dodd, Nama Doddi, PhD, Earl S Doderer, PhD, George C Doderer, Charles F. Dodge, PhD, Marvin Dodge, PhD, Richard A Dodge, PhD, W Brent Dodrill, Ronald P Dodson Jr, Wand Dodson, PhD, D C Doe, Richard Doe, Stephen Doe, Thomas C Doe, Gerald E Doeden, PhD, Jim Doehla, Eugene Doering, William A. Doerner, PhD, Charles Doersam, Matthew A Doffer, J W Dohr, Edwin Dojka, Edward M Dokoozian, PhD, James Dolan, John E Dolan, Michael F Dolan, Geoffrey E Dolbear, PhD, Wm Read Dolbier, PhD, Richard Dolecek, John Dolehide, MD, Ronald U Dolfi, W. W. Dollison, Bruce J Dolnick, PhD, Peter A Dolph, Richard M Dom, PhD, John M Domagala, PhD, John M Domagala, PhD, Joseph Domblesky, PhD, Abel Dominguez, PhD, Erich Dominik, Edwin J Dommisse, Calvin M Donaghey, Robert Donahue, PhD, Thomas Donahue, William Donald, PhD, Allen Donaldson, B Donaldson, PhD, Chick Donaldson, Gary B Donart, PhD, Henry Donato, PhD, John R Doner, PhD, E D Doney, Wenju Dong, PhD, James E. Donham, Edward E O Donnell, PhD, David Donnelly, George Donnelly, Wayne Donnelly, Cornelius M O Donovan Jr, James Donovan, Susanne Donovan, Terry W. Donze, David Dooley, Mark C Dooley, Thomas P Dooley, PhD, Wynell Dooley, Robt F Doolittle, PhD, Barbara Doonan, PhD, Harold E Doorenbos, PhD, Alejandro Dopico, PhD, Billie Dopstauf, Leigh E Doptis, Timothy J. Dore, C Doremus, Jeff Dorenkanp, Patrick Dorgan, Guy H Dority, PhD, Jerome P Dorlac, Bernhadt Dorman, PhD, Kenneth J Dormer, PhD, Irene Dorner, Donald E Dorney, Dennis Dorotiak, Ronald J Dorovi, Larry Dorris, Frank G Dorsi, W F Dost Jr, D Dotson, Robert Dotson, MD, Keith L Doty, PhD, Robert W Doty, PhD, William O Doty, PhD, Joe Dotzlaf, R J Doubek, Roark Doubt, Lawrence G Doucet, Patrick J Dougherty, Rae Dougherty, John Doughty, PhD, Ralph D Doughty, Hugh Douglas, Jocelyn Douglas, PhD, Kathleen Douglas, Michael G Douglas, PhD, Robin Douglas, Rose T Douglas, Westmoreland J Douglas, PhD, Robert W Douglass, PhD, Spencer Douglass, W Campbell Douglass III, MD, Gilbert Douglas Jr, MD, John Doull, PhD, Arthur Ostantinos Doumas, PhD, Gary L Douthitt, Haninia Dover, S Dow, Stephen Dow, MD, Sandra Dowdell, Edward J Dowdy, PhD, Nancy M Dowdy, PhD, William Louis Dowdy, James D Dowell, John E Dowis, V. Gerald Dowless, Edward C Dowling Jr, PhD, Thomas J Dowling, Kenny Downer, Theron Downes, PhD, Fred Downey, PhD, Harold J Downey, James A Downey III, Jerry D Downey, Patrick Downey, Gary Downing, Jack Downing, Jeffrey Downing, MD, Roland Downing, PhD, Terrell Downing, S L Downs, Tom Downs, PhD, William F Downs, PhD, Doxtader, PhD, B J Doyle, Frederick J Doyle, PhD, Larry J Doyle, PhD, Stephen Doyle, Douglas Dozier, MD, Robert Dragnich, Frank Dragoun, David J Drahos, PhD, Andrew Drake, Arthur E Drake, PhD, Bruce D Drake, PhD, Hugh H Drake, James F Drake, PhD, Michael C Drake, PhD, Rex Drake, William L Drake Jr, MD, Gary L Draper, Jean Draper, Edward A Dratz, PhD, Frederick Drauschke, Vincent H Dreeszen, Bill Drennan, Mary Drennan, Stanley Drennan, MD, George L Drenner Jr, Arthur Drescher, William M Dresher, PhD, James Drew, PhD, Larry A Drew, PhD, Harry J Driedger, MD, Albert John Driesch, Frank E Driggers, PhD, Fletcher Driscoll, PhD, Gary L Driscoll, PhD, Margaret Driscoll, Raymond L Driscoll, Richard Drisko, PhD, Thomas E Driver

  43. Petition Signers – Dro to Ene Daniel D Drobnis, Earl G. Droessler, Mark Drolet, J P Droppleman, Richard A Drossler, John A. Drozd, Don A. Sibley, PhD, A J Druce Jr, James E. Drummond, PhD, Harry V Drushel, PhD, G L Dryden, PhD, Gil Dryden, PhD, Richard S Dryden, Murray Dryer, PhD, C F Duane, James L Dubard, PhD, Del R M Dubbs, PhD, E H Dubois, Louis Dubois, S C Dubios, Richard E Dubroff, PhD, William Dubroff, PhD, Scott Duncanson, Kenneth L Duck, Ronald H Duckstein, Jr, Leonard Duda, PhD, Patricia M. Duda, Ken Dudeck, Richard A Dudek, PhD, Thomas J Dudek, PhD, Howard Dudley, Kenneth Dudley, Thomas Dudley, Underwood Dudley, PhD, Joan Dudman, Roy Dudman, Roy Dudman, Dudt, PhD, Donald J Dudziak, PhD, Margaret Dudziak, Gregory A. Dueffert, Al Dueitt, Robert J Duenckel, R E Duernells, S. E. Duerr, Robert J Duery, Michael S Duesbery, PhD, C J Duet, Loring R. Duff, David Duffy, John C Duffey, V Duffy, PhD, William T Duffy, PhD, Kenneth Dufrane, Joseph Dufresne, Doyle Dugan, Edward Dugan, PhD, Leroy Dugan, PhD, Sean Dugan, Sherman Dugan, Raymond J Dugandzic, Terry Dughman, Jonathan Duhamel, Terry M Duhon, Donald T Duke, Harold R. Duke, PhD, Taylor Duke, William Duke, MD, William W Duke, MD, D Durkee, PhD, Gary R Dukes, PhD, Peter P Dukes, PhD, Marilyn Duke -Woodside, MD, John Dulchinos, Herbert M Dumas, Ronnie Dumire, Thomas Dumler, MD, Samuel M Dunaway Jr, Dougals Dunbar, Malcolm E Dunbar, Philip Gordon Dunbar, PhD, C M Duncan III, Charles L Duncan, PhD, Dean D Duncan, PhD, James D Duncan, Paul M. Duncan, R F Duncan, PhD, Peter L Duncanson, E B Dunckel, L Jean Dunegan, MD, Lawrence Dunegan, MD, James M Dunford, Henry Dunham, MD, Warren Dunkel, James Dunkelberg, Cleo Dunlap, Henry F Dunlap, PhD, R C Dunlap, Jr, James Dunlop, Howard Dunn, James Dunn, PhD, Joseph Dunn, MD, Larry Dunn, Michael Dunn, Neil Dunn, MD, Richard Dunn, Robert G Dunn Jr, George Dunnavan, Nora E Dunnell, John Ray Dunning, PhD, Kenneth L Dunning, PhD, Donol Dunstall, Harry E Duprey, Robert Dupriest, MD, Sidney Dupuy, MD, Michael L Duran, Wm N Durand, Arthur Durans, Frederick C Durant III, Dermot J Durcan, MD, Jack D Duren, Scott N Durgin, James A Durham, Marcus Durham, PhD, Mary Durick, James Durig, PhD, John Durig, Gordon B Durnbaugh, G Durocher, James A Durr, Sajjad Durrani, PhD, Jed Durrenberger, John Durrett, PhD, John B Duryea, W S Duryea, Edwin R Dusek, PhD, Martin Dusel, Forester J. Dusell, Richard Dusenbery, PhD, Sophie Dutch, Allen L Dutt, Chizuko M Dutta, PhD, Gary Dutto, D Dutton, Granville Dutton, A. J. Duvall, James Duvall, James Duvall, MD, PhD, Paul B Duvall, MD, Victor Duvall, MD, Jean Duvivier, Mark Duwe, Ernest J Duwell, PhD, James P Dux, PhD, Roger L Van Duyne, PhD, W P Duyvesteyn, PhD, George J Dvorak, PhD, Isaac Dvoretzky, PhD, Dushan Dvornik, PhD, Jeffrey L Dwiggins, Julian J Dwornik, PhD, Francis G Dwyer, PhD, John Dwyer, MD, John J Dwyer Jr, Michael Dwyer, Paul Dwyer, Alan C Dyar, Zbigniew Dybczak, PhD, Clifford D Dybing, PhD, David L Dye, PhD, Steven Dyer, Walter R Dyer, PhD, Cornelius Van Dyke, Owen Dykema, Lawrence Dykers, Roscoe A Dykman, PhD, Clifford Dykstra, PhD, J Robert Dynes, PhD, T Dzik, PhD, Philip J Dziuk, PhD, John Dzurino, Robert J Eagan, PhD, J. T. Eagen, Dr Joe R Eagleman, PhD, Joe R Eagleman, PhD, Bertram E. Eakin, PhD, Eric Earl, James Earle, O Keener Earle, Thomas Earles, Fred N Earll, PhD, R C Earlougher, R C Earlougher Jr, PhD, Donald R East, W S Easterling, PhD, John Eastlick, D B Easty, PhD, George W Eaton Jr, James H Eaton, John A Eaton, John R Eaton, Philip E Eaton, PhD, Thomas Eaton, PhD, Gordon Eballardyce, Robert Ebbers, MD, Kenneth Ebel, PhD, Dennis M Eben, John R Ebensberger, MD, John Eberhard, William T Eberhard, William E Eberhardt, Gary Eberly, Jae Ebert, Floyd Eberts, PhD, DP Ebright, Lawrence T Eby, PhD, Bernard Ecanow, PhD, Anita Eccles, Anita Eccles, Andrew Van Echo, Joseph T Echols, Dana A Echter, Alieta Eck, MD, Richard Eck, C Eckels, Michael T Eckert, B J Eckholdt, Charles Eckman, Jeffrey D Eckstein, Lee W. Eddington, Bobby R Eddleman, PhD, Carrie Eddy, Dale P Eddy, Fred Edelman, Howard Edelson, Jack Eden, PhD, Richard C Eden, PhD, W Kent Eden, Jim Edgar, Charles K Edge, PhD, Janes M. Edgecombe, Robt Edgerton, PhD, Steven Edgerton, John Edgington, Don Edington, Allen Edison, PhD, George R Edlin, PhD, Paul Edmiston, PhD, George F Edmonds Jr, Stephen W Edmondson, MD, Nathan Edmonson, PhD, Ronald K Edquist, President, John A Edward, Lay Edward, Jr, Charles Edwards, Charlie Edwards, David F Edwards, PhD, Eugene H Edwards, PhD, J. Gordon Edwards, PhD, Joseph F Edwards, Robert L Edwards, William R Edwards, Jozef W Eerkens, PhD, Howard Egan, PhD, Maurice Egan, PhD, Thomas Egan, Weldon T Egan, MD, Paul Egbers, Robert Egbers, Wm F Egelhoff, PhD, Jason Egelston, Eric Eggelston, James P Egger, Janet Eggers, Leon Eggers, Bernard Eggert, David Eggert, Donald A Eggert, PhD, Robert J Eggert Sr, Eggleston, PhD, Peter Egli, Richard Egly, PhD, John Ehlen, Kenneth W Ehlers, PhD, Steven Ehlinger, C D Ehrardt Jr, William Ehringer, PhD, Dion R Ehrlich, MD, H P Ehrlich, PhD, I R Ehrlich, PhD, Paul E Ehrlich, PhD, Sandra Ehrlich, Walter Eich, Robert Eichelberger, PhD, William H Eichelberger, Paul Eichenberger, Val L Eichenlaub, PhD, Gerald Eichhoefer, PhD, Jacob Eichhorn, PhD, Peter M Eick, M Kathryn Eickhoff, Donald I Eidemiller, PhD, Gerald I Eidenberg, Robert Eidsvoog, Barry Eikmann, Dean Eiland, Kendrick R Eliar, PhD, Keith Eilers, Gary L Eilrich, PhD, Jack Einkopf, Dean W Einspahr, PhD, Kurt F Eise, Paul Eisele, PhD, H Richard Eisenbeis, Joseph J Eisenhuth, PhD, George Eisenman, MD, Tom Eisenmenger, David Eitman, Nancy Ekart, Darrel L Eklund, PhD, Wayne Eklund, Jokomo A Ekpaha-Mensah, MD, James Ekstrand, J. David Ekstrum, Guindy Mahmoud Ismail El, PhD, Jack Elam, PhD, Dennis Eland, Richard E Elden, Robert Elder, Klaus E Eldridge, PhD, Robt M Eldridge, Jack R Elenbaas, James Eley, PhD, Tricia Elgavish, Gabriel Elgavish, PhD, Rotem Elgavish, Sam Elhoe, George Eliades, Thomas Eliaren Jr, Abdalla M. Elias, Hans Elias, PhD, Luis R Elias, PhD, John Elkin, Michael J Elkind, James Elkins, Lloyd E Elkins, Rush E Elkins, PhD, Jesse G Ellard, Chris Ellefson, Henry J Ellenbast Jr, William J Ellenberger, Arthur Eller, PhD, Howard Lyman Ellinwood, PhD, M Edmund Ellion, PhD, Douglas G Elliot, PhD, John Elliot, John Elliot, Alice E. Elliott, PhD, Alice Elliott, PhD, Bruce Elliott, PhD, Gary Elliott, Howard C Elliott, PhD, John Elliott, John Elliott, Lloyd S Elliott, Mark H Elliott, Robert D Elliott, Rodger L Elliott, Ronald Elliott, Ted Elliott, W S Elliott, William H Elliott Jr, Andrew E Ellis, Arthur Ellis, David A Ellis, PhD, David Ellis, Donald A Ellis, Edison Ellis, Everett L Ellis, PhD, Frampton F Ellis, Jr, James L. Ellis, Keith S Ellis, Paul J Ellis, PhD, Richard J Ellis, PhD, Robert Ellis, MD, Robert W Ellis, PhD, Scott Ellis, Walter D. Ellis, PhD, Walter H Ellis, Simon Ellomary, MD, James O. Ellis, Hugh W Ellsaesser, PhD, K Donald Ellsworth, Edward Elmer, MD, Joe Elmer, Andy Elms, Sandy Elms, Howard G Elrlich, PhD, David Elrod, PhD, Shaker El-Sherbini, PhD, Lamont Eltinge, PhD, William K Elwood, DDS, George F Emch, Donald W Emerich, PhD, George Emerle, Edgar Emery, Edward Emery, PhD, Frank Emery, PhD, Louis Emery, PhD, Philip A Emery, Philip H Emery Jr, PhD, Matt Emison, William B Emke, Calvin W Emmerson, John L Emmerson, PhD, Frederick Emmons, Richard Emmons, Amsrl-Is-Ew, Youichi Endo, PhD, E W Endzel, Frank Ene

  44. Petition Signers – Ene to Fis Norman H Enestein, PhD, A M Engebretson, PhD, Richard J Engel, Albert Engelhardt, PhD, Alvin Engelke, Charles E Engelke, PhD, Raymond Engelke, PhD, L R Engelking, PhD, Franz Engelmann, PhD, John E Engelsted, PhD, John Egenolf, PhD, Gary England, Donald D Engle, Larry Engle, Mike S Engle, W Engle, Charles F Engles, Kenneth English, Kim English, Robert W English, Arthur E Englund, David Engwall, PhD, Gerard Enigk, T Enloe, John Joseph Ennever, DDS, Richard Enoch, Nancy Enright, Dale Ensminger, Leonard E Ensminger, PhD, Roger C Entringer, PhD, Bruce K Entwisle, Lawson Entwistle, Bruce Enyeart, John W Enz, PhD, Debra A Ephraim, Jack F Epley, R L Epling, Gilbert K Eppich, Jay Eppink, Jeffrey F Eppink, Richard A Eppler, PhD, Thomas Eppler, PhD, J Michael Epps, MD, Seymour Epstein, PhD, Robert Allan Erb, PhD, John K Erbacher, PhD, Eric A Erber, William Erby, PhD, George E Erdman, John Erdmann, Robert D Erhardt Jr, Albert Erhert III, Rick L. Ericksen, Alexander Erickson, Alvin Erickson, Amy Erickson, Andy C Erickson, Curt Erickson, Harold P Erickson, PhD, John G Erickson, PhD, Joshua A Erickson, Karl L Erickson, PhD, Richard Erickson, PhD, Ted Erickson, Roger Erickstad, Roger Eriekson, Klaas Eriks, PhD, Jack Eriksen, Jan Erikson, PhD, Jay A Erikson, PhD, Mary J Erikson, Lars Eriksson, Christine Erkkila, Paul Erlandson, PhD, Eric P Erlanson, Paul Ermlich, Franklin Enrest, Charles M Ernst, F H Ernst Jr, MD, Franklin Ernst, George W Ernst, PhD, Harry Ernst, Richard Erpelding, MD, Christopher F Erskine, James L Erskine, PhD, Robert Erskine, Don R Erwin, James V Erwin, R W Erwin, Ed Escallon, John T. Eschbaugh, Theodore W Esders, PhD, Paul H Eshenaur, Brenda Eskelson, Rodney L Eson, Ralph H Espach, William Espander, PhD, Edward B Espenshade, Ramon Espino, PhD, Terry Ess, Robert H Essenhigh, PhD, Ed Essick, Alvin Essig, MD, FR Estabrook, James Estep, PhD, Daniel Esterline, PhD, Edward R Estes, John H Estes, PhD, Frances C Esteve, Juliette Estevez, Dean Ethridge, PhD, S Etter, Steve Eudy, Neil Eurick, Robert H Eustis, PhD, Wm Henry Eustis, PhD, Albert Edwin Evans, PhD, Charles A Evans, PhD, Charles Evans, Charles R Evans, Claudia T Evans, PhD, David H Evans, PhD, Douglas A Rees- Evans, George Evans, Howard E Evans, PhD, James A Evans, James Evans, MD, Kenneth R Evans, Leonard Evans, PhD, Marjorie W Evans, PhD, Philip Evans, R Evans, Ralph A Evans, PhD, Rick Evans, Roger Evans, MD, Scott Evans, Stewart Evans, Thomas Walter Evans, PhD, W E Evans, Wm Evans, Earle Evavold, Harmon Edwin Eveland, PhD, Phyllis Eveleth, PhD, F Monte Evens, PhD, A Gordon Everett, PhD, James L Everett, Robert Everett, PhD, Robert Everett, Robert H Everett, Woodrow W Everett, III, Martin E Everhard, MD, PhD, Donald L Everhart, PhD, Craig Evers, PhD, Ed Eves, Don Evinger, James J Ewers, Ted Eyde, Richard Eyler, Ed Eyring, Eugene Eyster, PhD, Herman A. Fabert, Thomas J Fabish, PhD, Edward A Fabrici, Martin L Fackler, MD, Atir Fadhli, PhD, Joseph P Fagan Jr, David R Fagerburg, PhD, Dennis E Fagerstone, K Marshall Fagin, Gary A Fahl, Mr F R Fahland, Stephen R Fahnestock, PhD, Carl Fahrenkrugh, Richard B Lai Fatt, PhD, Thomas Fails, Thomas G Fails, James R Fair, Jr, PhD, John C Fair, PhD, Michael Fairbourne, Paul C Fairchild, Diane Faist, Dennis A Falgout, PhD, Arthur Falkler, John B Fallon, Peter Fallon, DDS, Leonard S Falsone, Donald Fancher, PhD, Robert E Fankhauser, Ken Fann, Don Fanslow, PhD, Robert S Fant, Steve Fanto, MD, Farber, Earl Faria, Helen Faria, Miguel A Faria Jr, MD, Miguel A Farica, MD, Joseph Farinelli, Anthony L Farinola, Marc Fariss, PhD, Robert H Fariss, PhD, Charles Farley, John M Farley, Bruce Farlwald, Allan G Farman, PhD, B L Farmer, MD, Gary Farmer, DVM, Kenneth K Farmer, Mike Farmer, Robert Farmer, Ron Farmer, W Michael Farmer, PhD, Ollie Farnam, William J Farnen, Frank Farnham, Mark Farnham, MD, Willard Farnham, Wells Fransworth, PhD, Michael Farona, PhD, Charles H Farr, MD, Pauline Farr, Sd Farrar, Charles Farrell, PhD, David Farrell, PhD, Eugene P Farrell, Gregory A Farrell, Robert P Farrell, William Farrell, MD, Thomas Farrior, Billie Farris, Geo Farwell, PhD, David Fashimpaur, Gerald Fassell, Charles Fassnacht, Arlo W Fast, PhD, Michael A Faten, Dennis C Fater, PhD, Charles R Faulders, PhD, Theodore Faulders, David Faulkinberry, Homer D Fausch, PhD, Claude Marie Faust, PhD, Donald Faust, MD, Ernest H Faust, Jerry W Faust, S R Faust Jr, Anthony J Favale, Felix Favorite, PhD, John R Favorite, Art Favre, Sherwood Fawcett, PhD, Patrick M Fay, Robert Fay, Robt Fay, PhD, James Fayard, Gene R Feaster, PhD, C Featherston, Donald P Featherstone, Katherine B. Featherstone, Henry A Feddern, PhD, Enrico T Federighi, PhD, Mary J Fedor, James Fedrich, PhD, John C Feeley, PhD, A N Feellemifer, Pierce Feenstra, Gary Z Fehrmann, J D Feichtner, PhD, J Roberto Feige, Abraham S Feigenbaum, PhD, Michael Feil, Tom Feil, Harvey L Fein, PhD, Matthew Fein, George Feinbaum, MD, J S Feinstein, Louis Feinstein, PhD, Robert Feisel, David M Feit, Martin Felicita, Hank Feldstein, PhD, Bill Feldt, Leonard S Feldt, PhD, Lincoln Felkins, Joe T Fell, Archie D Fellenzer, Jr, D Feller, PhD, Mark Fellner, William J Felmlee, William O Felsmon, Ronald L Felsted, PhD, Michael J Feltes, Lorie M Felton, Steve Fenderson, Robert Fenech, Patrick Fenelon, John Fenger, MD, Richmond Fenn, Robert W Fenn, PhD, Edward L Fennell, V Hayes Fenstermacher, Ronald W. Fenstermaker, Donald Fenton, PhD, John Fenton, PhD, Robt B Fenwick, PhD, WJ Fergerson, Andrew Fergus, Courtney S Ferguson, PhD, D Bryan Ferguson, Dave D Ferguson, David Ferguson, PhD, Donald Ferguson, FW Ferguson Jr, Howard Ferguson, John Ferguson, Keith Ferguson, Robert Ferguson, Robert Ferguson, Richard L Ferm, PhD, Arthur T Fernald, PhD, John H Fernandes, PhD, Rene Fernandez, Verno Fernandez, PhD, Steve Ferraro, Charles M Ferrell, William James Ferrell, PhD, Jorge Ferrer, Craig Ferris, William P Fertall, Wm A Fessler, PhD, Dale A Fester, Jerry Fetter, Edward M Fettes, PhD, Kenneth Feucht, MD, Robt M Feuss, H Richard Fevold, PhD, John A. Feyk, Virgil Ficarra, MD, Herbert J Fick, Marian Fickbohm, Bruce Ficken, Joseph Fidler, PhD, Richard Fidsihun, Bradley J Field, Byron D Field, Cyprus W Field, PhD, Harry L Field, PhD, Jack Field, PhD, James R Field, MD, Ray Field, PhD, Thomas Field, PhD, H T Fielding, Franklin E Fields, Joshua A Fierer, MD, John Fierke, Paul L. Figel, Tim Figgie, Wm Guiterrez Figueroa, MD, Prof Roy H Filby, PhD, Alexandra T Filer, Theodore H Filer, PhD, Tom Filesi, Terence M Filiplak, Warren FilleyFilley, MD, O. Wayne Fillingame, William Filmer, Carmen Fimiani, Charles Richard Finch, PhD, David Finch, R D Finch, PhD, Norton E Fincher, D Findorff, Robert Findorff, Martin Finerty Jr, Alvin W Finestone, MD, D.M. Fink, James Fink, PhD, Joanne K Fink, PhD, John B Fink, PhD, Richard P Fink, Reinald G Finke, PhD, Barney Finkel, MD, Paul Finkelstein, PhD, Robert E Finken, Charles Finkl, PhD, Peter S Finlay, PhD, Charles Finley, PhD, Frances M Finn, PhD, John M Finn, PhD, Margaret Finn, Martha Finney, Frederick T Finnigan, Lou Fintor, James Fiordalisi, PhD, Ross F Firestone, PhD, David A Firmage, Harlan I Firminger, MD, Melvin Wm First, PhD, Arnold G Fisch, Bryant C Fischback, David Fischel, PhD, Dwayne Fischer, PhD, Grace Mae Fischer, MD, Grahme Fischer, Leon Fischer, PhD, Patrick C Fischer, PhD, William G Fischer, Thomas L Fischetti, John Fischley, Steve Fiscor, Bruce Fiscus, David Fish, Elson Fish, Ferol F Fish, PhD, GL Fish, Gordon H Fish, Roger W Fish, Wayne W Fish, PhD, J W Fishback I I, Gerald R Fishe, Ken Fishel, Donald Fisher

  45. Petition Signers – Fis to Gab Ed Fisher, Geo H Fisher, PhD, John B Fisher, PhD, John Fisher, PhD, John I Fisher, Philip C Fisher, PhD, Reed E Fisher, Richard Fisher, MD, Robt D Fisher, MD, Russell L Fisher, MD, William Gary Fisher, William R Fisher, MD, Arthur Fishkin, William H Fishman, PhD, John D Fisk, MD, Glenn Fisseler, David Fitch, Richard A Fitch, Wade Fite, PhD, Travis G Fitts Jr, Gregory N Fitzgerald, J Ed Fitzgerald, PhD, James J Fitzgerald, John J Fitzgerald, Kevin G Fitzgerald, Mark R Fitzgerald, MD, Marlow Fitzgerald, Peter A Fitzgerald, Donna Fitzpatrick, Francis Fitzpatrick, Hugh M Fitzpatrick, James L Fitzpatrick, William J Fitzpatrick, PhD, James W Fitzsimmons, MD, Richard Fixott, DDS, Klaus Flach, PhD, Leonard Flachman, Werner E Flacke, MD, John F Flagg, PhD, Robert F Flagg, PhD, Gary Flandro, PhD, Michael Flanigan, Adrian Ede Flatt, PhD, C D Flatt, Eugene Flaumenhaft, PhD, Stephen W Flax, PhD, RM Fleig, Charles W Fleischmann, PhD, Alison Fleming, PhD, Bruce Ingram Fleming, PhD, Clarence Fleming, Fred F Fleming, Jr, Harry Fleming, Julius Fleming, Alvin Flesher, Dean G Fletcher, Gordon D Fletcher, James Fletcher, MD, James R Fletcher, John E Fletcher, PhD, R E Fletcher, Thomas H Fletcher, PhD, James Fleur, Robert Flicker, William Flis, James L Flocik, Harold W Flood, Peter Flood, Jose Flores, PhD, Richard J Flores, Leon W Florschuetz, PhD, Robert W Flournoy, PhD, Daniel F Flowers, PhD, David Flowers, G Flowers, PhD, Jay E. Floyd, Paul Floyd, Lowell R Flud, John Flynn, Roger Flynn, PhD, Anthony H Foderaro, PhD, Edward Gotthard Foehr, PhD, Gary R Foerster, Michael Fogarty, Irving M Fogel, Timothy Fohl, PhD, Robert R Foil, PhD, James E Foley, James Foley, Jay Foley, Jeffrey Foley, Thomas P. Foley, Will Foley, William M Foley, John E Folk, PhD, Jay E Folkert, PhD, John Folliott, Foltz, MD, Paul V Fonnesbeck, PhD, Darryl Fontaine, MD, James Fontaine, Marc E Fontaine, PhD, Martin M Fontenot, Herman Fonteyne, John T Foorley, PhD, Robert Foos, MD, DVM, K Randy Foote, Robert Foote, Wilford Foote, PhD, Allan L Forbes, MD, Janie Forbes, Michael S Forbes, PhD, Phillip B.Forbes, Daniel Forbush, Dale Force, George E Ford, PhD, George H. Ford, J Ford, PhD, Kenneth Ford, Partick Ford, R Ford, PhD, Roger G Ford, PhD, Thoams Ford, PhD, Wallace W Ford, William Ford, PhD, James L Fordham, Edmund H Fording, Jr, President, Samuel W Fordyce, Steve Fordyce, John W. Foreman, Wm F Foreman, Edward Forest, PhD, Robert T. Forest, J M Forgotson Jr, James M Forgotson, PhD, John Forman, Eugene J Fornefeld, PhD, Bob Fornell, Albert J Forney, Bill Forney, Bobby Forrester, R C Forrester III, PhD, Marion E Forsman, PhD, Denis Forster, PhD, Michael Forster, PhD, John Forsyth, PhD, Raymond A Forsyth, Donald J Foss, Dennis Fost, PhD, C R Foster, Charles Foster, Cy E Foster, D R E M Foster, PhD, Donald M Foster, PhD, Gerald Foster, PhD, Helen Laura Foster, PhD, Irving S Foster, PhD, J S Foster, James Foster, John A Foster, Mac Foster, PhD, Norman C Foster, PhD, R Foster, MD, Randall Foster, Robt John Foster, PhD, Scott Foster, Stanley L Foster, Walter E Foster, PhD, Marilyn Fotheringham, William A Fotheringham, Daniel Foty, PhD, George Fournier, Chris Fountain, PhD, Doyle F Fouquet, Nancy Fournoy, PhD, James D Foust, PhD, Thomas Fowke, Elliott Fowkes, PhD, Dan Fowler, Eric B Fowler, PhD, Frank C Fowler, PhD, Gary D Fowler Jr, James Fowler, Jutta Fowler, Louis H Fowler, Mark Fowler, Mike Fowler, Grant R Fowles, PhD, Dwaine Fowlkes, Bennett R Fox, Corri Fox, David Wm Fox, PhD, Earl Fox, Forrest L Fox, G Sidney Fox, Gerald Fox, Irving H Fox, MD, J Fox, James M Fox, Joseph Fox, Michael R. Fox, PhD, Mike Fox, Neil S Fox, PhD, Philip Fox, Russell E Fox, PhD, James J Foy, PhD, Wade Foy, PhD, Stephen J Fraenkel, PhD, Walter J Frajola, PhD, David Fraley, PhD, Donald Frames, Roger Frampton, PhD, Matthew France, Lee Francis, R D Francis, PhD, Michael S Francisco, Ron Francken, Elsa Franco, Guy J Del Franco, Bruce A Frandsen, John Frangos, Allan J Frank, Anne Frank, Charles E Frank, PhD, Charles Frank, Clifford Frank, Lowell Frank, R S Frank, Victor R Frank, Steve Frankamp, Gordon Franke, PhD, Julian Frankenberg, PhD, William Frankl, MD, Bill Franklin, James M Franklin, Paul Franklin, S. Burce Franklin, PhD, Neal E Franks, PhD, Martin S Frant, PhD, Andrew G Frantz, Bruce Frantz, Douglas Frantz, W Frantz, Gunter Franz, PhD, Warren L Franz, PhD, Daniel W Frascella, PhD, Lewis G Frasch, Donald Fraser, MD, Margaret S Fraser, PhD, Harry D Frasher, Lisa Frasson, Frank E Frawley Jr, Nile N Frawley, PhD, R Thomas Frazee, Marchall E Frazer, PhD, Don W Frazier, George E. Frazier, James Frazier, Jim Frazier, Randy Frazier, Richard Frazier, Roger Frazier, Stephen E Frazier, PhD, William R Frazier, Andrew Frebong, Kenneth R Frech Jr, Dpa, PhD, Richard Frechette, E L Freddolino, Raymond Frederici, Daniel Frederick, Donald A Frederick, Ghislaine Frederick, PhD, John Frederick, Lloyd R Frederick, PhD, Robert Frederick, Theodore A Fredericks, Bernard A Free, Max Freeland, PhD, Ernest R Freeman, James F Freeman, PhD, Joe Freeman, Reola L Freeman, Wallace L Freeman, PhD, Walter J Freeman, MD, William E. Freeman, Richard Freen, Burlin E. Freeze, Walter F Freiberger, PhD, Emil J Freireich, MD, Stephen M Fremgen, Benjamin Fremming, DVM, Jeffrey French, Kenneth French, PhD, Kenneth French, PhD, LL French, Lloyd A French, Samuel E French, PhD, Scott French, William S French, PhD, Melvin Frenzel, Michael Frese, PhD, Roman Fresnedo, PhD, Melchior Freund, Stephen R Frew, Charles Frey, Donald N Frey, PhD, Frey, Wilfred Freyberger, PhD, Robert Friar, PhD, Arthur L Fricke, PhD, Edwin F Fricke, PhD, Marion T Friday, Vance H Fried, Dick Freiden, Gilbert Friedenreich,Pe, Jim V Friederick, Joe Fiedlander, Gerald M Friedman, PhD, Herbert Friedman, PhD, Joel Friedman, Paul Friedman, MD, Raymond Friedman, PhD, Samuel Friedman, Serena Friedman, MD, H Friedmann, Herbert C Friedmann, PhD, Inge Friedrich, MD, S Scott Frielander, Edward Friend, Dwayne T Friesen, PhD, Friess, Charles R Frink, PhD, Fripiat, PhD, H Howard Frisinger, PhD, Harry K Fritchman, PhD, John Frith, J M Fritschy, Gerald E Fritts, Marshall Fritz, Alfred K Fritzche, PhD, Tom Fritzke, Herbert Farley Frolander, PhD, Norm Froman, Joseph Fromme, David Fromson, PhD, U George Frondorf, Glenn W Froning, PhD, H R Froning, PhD, Wm Frontman, PhD, Arthur A Frost, PhD, John Frost, PhD, Richard L Frost, PhD, Eugene Frowe, S W Fruehling, David H Fruhling, Si Frumkin, Charles Fry, PhD, Earl Fry, Eric Fry, Keith Fry, Keith Fry, PhD, Ronald S Fry, William K Fry, Charles Frye, George Fryzelka, Maryann Fuchs, Michael L Fudge, Alfred E Fuehs, Robert Fugrer, Jim Fuhr, F A Fuhrman, PhD, J E Fuikerson Jr, Masanobu R Fujioka, Norihiko Fukuta, PhD, Roland C Fulde, PhD, William Terry Fuldner, Robert S Fulghum, PhD, Robert Fulks, Charles Fuller, Forst D Fuller, PhD, Patricia Fuller, Roger Fuller, Ron Fuller, Thomas Fuller, Willard P Fuller Jr, Charles Fulmer, PhD, Michael S Fulp, Joe Fulton, Robert B. Fulton, PhD, Robert Fulton, PhD, Dennis L Funck, PhD, Robert Fundali, PhD, Jordan Funk, Lawrence Funkhouser, B L Funt, PhD, Harold Fuquay, Francis S Furbish, PhD, Joseph T Furey, Robert Furman, MD, Thomas C Furnas Jr, PhD, R W Furner, Richard Furr, MD, Richard T Furrer, James B Furrh Jr, Benjamin K Furry, Furst, Gabriel Fusco, PhD, Dionel Fuselier, Nelson Fuson, PhD, Ronald M Fussell, Floyd Fusselman, Dennis J Fuster, John Fuzek, PhD, George Fyplick, PS Gaal, PhD, Steven A Gaal, PhD, George Gabanski, Sabit Gabay, PhD, F Gabbard, PhD, Morris Gabel, Richard A Gabel, PhD, Ron Gabel, Ronald Gabel

  46. Petition Signers – Gab to GlaJohn Gabelman, PhD, Robt E Gabler, PhD, L H Gabro, Deon E Gaddy, Frank Gaddy, Jim Gadwood, Tommy Grady, Gaffney, Lanelle G Gafford, PhD, Gaffrey, MD, Frederick W Gage, James Gage, Steven R Gage, Richard Gaggioli, PhD, Joe Gagliardi, Thomas R Gagnier, A Gahr, PhD, Wayne Gahwiller, Tinsley P Gaines, Bruce Gaither, Douglas Gaither, John Gaither, George Gal, PhD, Gustavo E Galante, MD, Eugene Galanter, PhD, Robt G Galazin, Quentin Galbraith, John Galbreath, John L Galbreath, Charles Gale, Harold W Gale, PhD, Joseph Galeb, PhD, Louis Galie, John P Galien, Patrick S Galkuska, Stanley A Gall, MD, John H Galla, MD, Frank P Gallagher III, Jack Gallagher, PhD, James Gallagher, PhD, Joan S Gallagher, PhD, John Gallagher, PhD, Joseph W. Gallagher, PhD, Donald L Gallaher, A Ronald Gallant, PhD, Paul GalliJr, Peter Galli, Charles Gallina, PhD, Charles Gallina, PhD, Roger W Gallington, PhD, Francis M Gallo, Charles R Galloway, Daniel L Galloway, Ethan C Galloway, PhD, Darrell Gallup, PhD, William A. Gallus, Jr, PhD, YakobGalperin, PhD, Gary Galyardt, David Gambal, PhD, James J Gambino, Michael L Gamblin, Tom Gambon, Gerald Gambs, Bernard Wm Gamson, PhD, Perry S Ganas, PhD, Harendra S Gandhi, PhD, Charles Gandy, Charles Gandy, Harvey M Gandy, Daniel Ganey, A K Ganguly, PhD, Mary C Gannon, PhD, Stephen J Ganocy, Carl Ganseivity, Joseph E Gantz, Scott Garbarino, Allen J Garber, Floyd Wayne Garber, PhD, Richard H Garber, PhD, S Paul Garber, Tom Garbin, George F Garcelon, C M Garcia, CelsoRaymon Garcia, MD, David Garcia, Hector Garcia, PhD, Paul W GardJr, Jay Gardiner, Edward E Gardner, PhD, Harry E Gardner Jr, Homer Gardner, Jack Gardner, Kent Gardner, Tony Gardner, Wayne Scott Gardner, PhD, Ernest Gardow, PhD, D Garett, Walter F Garey, PhD, Albert S Garfalo, Wm L Garbrecht, PhD, Jerry Gargulak, PhD, Joseph F Garibotti, PhD, Thomas Gariety, Clyde H Garman, Donald D Garman, Robt H Garmezy, Ronald G Garmon, PhD, Charles R Garner, H Richard Garner, Hessle F Garner, PhD, Jay M Garner, Norman Garner, PhD, R. Dale Garner, Robt J Garner, Jeanette Garr, PhD, Alfred J Garrett, PhD, Johathan Garrett, Marc Garrett, R I Garrett, Thomas M Garrett, PhD, Don Garrison, Robert G Garrison, PhD, Ronald Garrison, Larry J Garside, John E Garst, PhD, David Garstin, John C Garth, PhD, Daniel L Graver, Frederick Garver, P R Garver, MD, Justine S Garvey, PhD, Todd Garvin, MD, William F Garvin, Douglas L Garwood, PhD, Jerrie W Gasch, Gary J Gascho, PhD, Nicholas O Gaspar, Geroge Gasper, PhD, Jerry Gass, Jay B Gassel, Raymond F Gasser, PhD, Ron Gasser, Edward Wm Gassie, PhD, R H Gassner, Judith A Gast, Robert S Gaston, A D Gate, Charles Gates, Christopher Gates, George L Gates, Gerald O Gates, PhD, Lawrence Gates, MD, Richard Gates, Emery G Gathers, PhD, G R Gathers, PhD, Thomas Gatliffe, Anthony R Gatti, PhD, John Gatti, Eugene R Gaughran, PhD, Donald W Gauntlett, Phillips L Gausewitz, MD, Michael Gauthier, PhD, Gautier, PhD, Steven D Gavazza, PhD, Henry T Gawrylowicz, David Gay, Randael Gay, Richard L Gay, PhD, S Parker Gay, Al Gaylord, Dave Gaylord, Jim Gayman, Joseph Gaynor, PhD, Rick D Gdanski, PhD, Roy L Gealer, PhD, Jodi Gearon, William Geary, MD, William Geary, Donald Gebbie, Art Gebeau, W WGebhart, Steve Geci, Robert L Geddes, M R Gedge, Doug Gedoski, Edwin A Gee, PhD, William E Gee, Richard Geesey, PhD, David Geeza, D A Gedcke, PhD, Colin V Gegg, PhD, Alexander S Geha, MD, W Blair Geho, MD, D C Gehri, PhD, James J Gehrig, Robert F Gehrig, PhD, Perry J Gehring, PhD, Gordon Geiger, PhD, James E Geiger, Paul J Geiger, PhD, Philip Geis, PhD, Doyle Geiselman, PhD, Larry W Geisler, William Geisler, Elton W Geist, Geoffrey Geisz, Karl R Geitner, John Gelder, Celine Gelinas, PhD, Charles Gelman, Charles Gelman, Michael Gelotte, Charles Gelwall, Mike Gemmell, Gennaro, PhD, L D Gent Jr, Ronald L Genter, Tony Gentile, Charles Gentry, Jerauld Gentry, Joseph C Gentry, Mary Gentry, Nicholas C Georgantzas, PhD, Boyd A George, PhD, Charles J George, Dale M. George, Daryl D George, PhD, Elizabeth George, Paul H George, Randy George, Raymond George, PhD, Robert B George, T G George, W H Krome George, W. H. Dreme George, Alexander Georgiev, PhD, David M Georgoff, PhD, Barbara Gephart, Gerard Allen Geppert, Gary Gerardi, PhD, Michael Gerber, MD, Eugene J Gerberg, PhD, F Jay Gerchow, A Martin Gerdes, PhD, Greg Gerdes, Jay Gerdin, Thomas G Gerding, PhD, Robert Gerger, Richard D Gerges, Earl Robert Gerhard, PhD, J Calvin Gerhard, George W Gerhardt, PhD, Philip Gerhart, PhD, Henry D Gerhold, PhD, TC Gerhold, C Gerig, Michael Gerkin, George S. Gerlach, Ulrich H Gerlach, PhD, Frank Germann, Richard P Germann, PhD, Peter J Gerone, PhD, John Gerow, Anne A Gershon, MD, Mark Gerstein, PhD, Eric Gerstenberger, Eric B Gertner, Jonathan Gertz, R. Gervais, MD, Robt P Gervais, MD, Joseph E Gervay, PhD, Thomas E Gesick, Mark G Gessel, Edward C Gessert, Ruth G Gessert, Forrest E Getzen, PhD, Robert L Geyer, PhD, Frederick Gezella, Alex Gezzy, CamilloGhiron, PhD, Richard G Ghiselin, Richard Ghiselin, Mohamed MansourGhoneim, MD, Luther W Ghormley, MD, Frederick Giacobbe, PhD, L H Giacoletto, PhD, David Gianettino, Umberto Gianola, PhD, Gordon Gibb, Gary Gibbons, Larry V Gibbons, PhD, Louis Charles Gibbons, PhD, William Gibbons, MD, Clarence J Gibbs, PhD, Elizabeth L Gibbs, Randy Gibbs, Bruce Gibby, PhD, Reed Gibby, PhD, Kernon Gibes, Thomas G Gibian, PhD, Bobby W Gibson, Daniel Gibson, PhD, David F Gibson, PhD, Donald G Gibson, George Gibson, PhD, Lee Gibson, PhD, Ronald Gibson, Warren Gibson, PhD, Giclas, PhD, Peter F Giddings, Ken Giebe, Leo Giegzelmann, Howard Giemroe, Frederic A Giere, PhD, Byron Giehart, Brian D Giermek, James Gieselmann, MD, Kenneth Giesige, James G Geistfeld, PhD, Walter C Giffin, PhD, Donald Gifford, Hugh W Gifford, Jonathan Gifford, PhD, Adolf Giger, PhD, Michael V Gigli, Goerge Gil, Dewayne E Gilbert, PhD, Francis E Gilbert, Garrell Gilbert, Gerry Gilbert, Joel Gilbert, Lyman F Gilbert, Sr, P A Gilbert, Paul T Gilbert, Peter Gilbert, William Gilbert, PhD, William Gilchrist, W Allen Gilchrist, PhD, Roger R Giler, John Giles, Melvin E Giles, Robert T Giles, Charles B Gill, PhD, Donald Gill, Mellor A Gill, Tony Gill, William Gill, PhD, Tim Gillam, Alan Gillan, Leland E. Gillan, Rick Gillan, Susan Gillen DVM, DVM, Wm R Gillen, Bob Gillespie, Claude M Gillespie, PhD, Gary Gillespie, MD, Jack Gillespie, Jeff Gillespie, Robert Gillespie, PhD, Thomas D Gillespie, PhD, William Gillespie, William H Gillespie, Lawrence B Gillett, PhD, Benjamin A Gillette, Nicholas W Gillham, PhD, Travis H Gillham, Tom Gilliam, Bruce B Gillies, George A Gillies, PhD, George T Gillies, PhD, H C Gillies, T Ja Gilligan, PhD, Robert Gilliland, Thomas E Gillingham, PhD, James Gillis, Donald W Gillmore, PhD, Jacques Gilloteaux, PhD, M. J. Gillpen, James R Gilman, Ernest R Gilmont, PhD, Charles Gilmore, John Gilmore, PhD, John H Gilmore, Mike Gilmore, William Gilmore Jr, Paul Gilmour, PhD, Tim Gilson, George Gimber, Richard J Gimpelson, MD, Thon T Gin, PhD, Mark Gindling, H Scott Gingrich, Kenneth J Ginnard, Jeffrey D Ginnvan, Jerome Z Ginsburg, Helen Ginzburg, Dick Gion, Joseph Giordano, MD, Thomas H Giordano, PhD, Ernie Giovannitti, Georgina Gipson, William Girdwood, Russell C Girouad, Chris Girouard, John Gishpert, James Given, Norbert Gizinski, MD, Stephen Glacy, MD, Johanna Glacy-Araos, Eugene Gladfelter, PhD, Julie Glanan, Jeffrey A Glancey, Peter Glanz, PhD, Peter K Glanz, PhD, Walter Glasgow

  47. Petition Signers – Gla to Gro Doug Glaspey, Jerome E Glass, Marvin Glass, Werner Glass, PhD, David A Glasser, Frederic Glatter, MD, George I Glauberman, PhD, Tom Glaze, Charles Glazer, Dan Glazier, Thomas A Gleeson, PhD, Thomas A Gleeson, PhD, Bertis Lamon Glenn, PhD, Clifford Glenn, David Glenn, Donald Glenn, Mark W. Glenn, Bryan Glett, Howard Glick, Robert L Glick, PhD, John Glissmeyer, John W Glomb, PhD, Dale P Glover, Daniel Glover, PhD, Lucinda H Glover, Robert Glover, Ronald M Gluck, Earl Glynn, John Glynn, Richard H Gnaedinger, PhD, Matthew Gnezda, PhD, Wilmer E Goad, C J Gober, William Godaif, Will E. Godbey, Ferd Godbold III, Charles B Godfrey, Charles Godreau, MD, Terry L Godsey, William H Godshall, Robert Owen Godwin, Valery Godyak, Ludwig E Godycki, PhD, Conway Goehman, Frederick A Goellner, Grayce Goertz, PhD, David J Goerz, Goette, PhD, Thomas Goettge, Kenneth L Goetz, MD, PhD, Harold E Goetzman, Mark Goff, Alexander Goforth, James S Goft, David Goggin, PhD, William Goins, Leslie I Gold, PhD, Alfred Goldberg, PhD, Eugene Goldberg, PhD, Malcolm Goldberg, PhD, Malcom Golderberg, PhD, Mark Golden, Michael H Golden, Jeffrey S Golder, Ronald B Goldfarb, PhD, Alan Goldfien, Steven Goldfien, MD, Bradley Goldhan, Randy Golding, PhD, William T Golding, Bruce Goldman, Edward R Goldmann, Lionel S Goldring, PhD, John P Goldsborough, PhD, Victor W Goldschmidt, PhD, Michelle Goldschneider, Norman E Goldstein, PhD, Theodore P Goldstein, PhD, Patrick Goldsworthy, PhD, Walter J Goldsworthy, Richard Goldthwait, PhD, R K Golemon, Earl Golightly, MD, Jonathan M Golli, Mark J Golol, Viadimir Golovcminsky, PhD, William R Gommel, PhD, John R Gonano, PhD, Michel Gondouin, PhD, William Gong, PhD, Ely Gonick, PhD, D Gonle, MD, Alexander E Gonzalez, Roderick Gonzalez, Ruth Gonzalez, PhD, Thoams Gooch, Tim Good, William Good, Duane Goode, John B Goodenou, PhD, David Goodenough, PhD, Lewis S Goodfriend, Loy Goodheart, Arthur Goodier, Terry L Gooding, Kent J Goodloe, Lawrence Goodman, PhD, Leroy Goodman, Pierce Goodman, PhD, Robert Goodman, Ronald K Goodman, Roy Goodman, Ted A. 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