global warming n.
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Global Warming. PowerPoint Presentation
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Global Warming.

Global Warming.

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Global Warming.

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  1. Global Warming.

  2. ~Introduction~ Everybody has heard of global warming before. Global warming is taking over Earth, many people don’t care about what’s happening to us, but they should, because it’s going to effect them too. For example: • Coastlines are disappearing. • Polar regions are disappearing. • Regional weather patterns are changing.

  3. What causes global warming? • Scientists have found out that human activities is what is causing global warming. Greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide accumulate in the atmosphere and trap heat that normally would exit into outer space. • Pollution is another big thing that is causing global warming. Gases from factories are inserted into the air and cause global warming. • People also liter a lot, which goes into the atmosphere and causes global warming also.

  4. Why is global warming bad? • Lots of people talk about global warming a lot on the internet and news. What is global warming anyways? Global warming is an increase in the average temperature of the Earth’s atmosphere. Global warming is causing all of the bad weather. Pollution is the number one thing that is causing global warming. Nobody really believes that global warming is really happening right now, but it is. People don’t care if global warming takes over and changes the Earth. They should because if global warming does take over, prices could rise like crazy, and everything would be bad.

  5. Is global warming ending? • News reporters say that global warming isn’t ending, it’s getting worse. The ozone layer is disappearing again. Global warming has been getting worse since June. Scientists are trying to find ways of stopping global warming, but nobody is partaking in helping. The government was thinking about closing down some factories that insert some of the chemicals that cause global warming into the atmosphere. Global warming is not ending, but people are trying their hardest to make global warming end.

  6. Coastlines disappearing. Another big thing is that coastlines are disappearing. Scientists say that in about ten billion years, Florida will just be half the size that it is now (on a map). Temperatures are rising, which makes the coastlines wash away. Some magazines have said that Earth will have shrunk a quarter of it’s size by 100 million years, but magazines lie a lot. Parts of Greenland’s ocean waters hold many ice caps. The cause of global warming will make many of them melt, and change the shape coastlines around the world.

  7. Polar Regions Disappearing. Places around Poles were once covered in ice, but now only have of those regions are covered in ice. These regions are important to arctic animals. They are losing their homes and their population are lowering. Polar bears, penguins, seals, whales, and walrus live in these regions. Many of them don’t have many ways to get around, other than swimming. Global warming is what is causing all of these ice caps to melt, the temperature is rising in these areas, and the ice caps are melting.

  8. Regional Weather Patterns. Have you ever noticed that the seasons seem like they are coming earlier? That’s because of global warming. Global warming has been changing the temperatures so often that one day it feels like summer, and the next it feels like winter. I remember that in August it was already starting to get cold. Last year there was three tornados in December in Oklahoma. I thought that tornados come in the spring and summer, not the winter.

  9. What can people do to help stop global warming? • Don’t liter. • Don’t use machines that produce chemicals that are the worst for global warming. • If you see liter lying around in a park or somewhere, you could pick it up.

  10. Conclusion • Now you know what global warming does. It’s not something that you should not worry about. It effects the whole world and everybody. I describe it as the second way of the world ending. Hopefully it will end slowly and it will eventually be ended forever, but that won’t happen unless people start doing the things that I said in my research. Global warming is something to worry about.