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Sunderland City Council : Support and Aspiration PowerPoint Presentation
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Sunderland City Council : Support and Aspiration

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Sunderland City Council : Support and Aspiration - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Sunderland City Council : Support and Aspiration. Children and Families Bill. Implementing the Reforms for Special Educational Needs and Disability. Sunderland City Council : Support and Aspiration. DfE - The Vision. Early identification and support Trained and equipped workforce

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Sunderland City Council : Support and Aspiration

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    1. SunderlandCityCouncil: Support and Aspiration Children and Families Bill Implementing the Reforms for Special Educational Needs and Disability

    2. SunderlandCityCouncil: Support and Aspiration DfE - The Vision • Early identification and support • Trained and equipped workforce • Easily accessible information • Clear focus on outcomes • Assessment and EHC Plan from birth to 25 • Increased control for parents and young people

    3. SunderlandCityCouncil: Support and Aspiration Timeframe for the Bill • Lords committee – October • Regulations and Code of practice published 4th October – Consultation process until 10th December • Report stage – November 2013 • Royal assent – February 2014 • Law – September 2014

    4. SunderlandCityCouncil: Support and Aspiration Legislation - Key Highlights • 0-25 Education, Health & Care Plan • Personal Budgets • Local Offer • New rights & protections for 16-25 year olds • Preparation for Adulthood • Joint Commissioning duty • Health duty • Duties on Academies

    5. SunderlandCityCouncil: Support and Aspiration Legislation: Remaining Debates • Young Offenders with SEN in custody • Disabled children and young people • Single point of redress • Duty on social care

    6. SunderlandCityCouncil: Support and Aspiration Key Issues Arising From Pathfinder Activity • Engaging families and young people critical • Good practice in engaging institutional settings • Local offer: engaging, accessible, transparent & comprehensive • Requires a culture shift in thinking & approach • Person-centred planning is important

    7. SunderlandCityCouncil: Support and Aspiration Co-ordinated Assessment and Single EHC Plan • Children, young people and their families at the centre of the process • A “tell us once” approach to sharing information • Use of person centred and key working approaches • Plans focused on outcomes (short and long term) with detailed and specific provision requirements • More streamlined but time invested in joint agreement on key outcomes

    8. SunderlandCityCouncil: Support and Aspiration THE CO-ORDINATED ASSESSMENT PROCESS – AN EXAMPLE

    9. SunderlandCityCouncil: Support and Aspiration THE SINGLE EHC PLAN – AN EXAMPLE • Part One: Personal details • Part Two: • - a personalised profile of the child • - the child’s current needs • Part Three: • - the support the child needs to succeed and achieve • - the child’s support plan • - education placement • - who’s involved • Part Four: Agreeing the plan

    10. SunderlandCityCouncil: Support and Aspiration Local Offer • Principles • Collaborative:local authorities must involve parents, children and young people in developing and reviewing the local offer. • Accessible: should be easy to understand, factual and jargon-free. Should be well signposted and publicised. • Comprehensive: describe support available across education, health and social care from 0 to 25 and how to access it including eligibility criteria.Describe where to go for information, advice and support, and how to make complaints or appeal against decisions. • Transparent:must be clear about how decisions are made and who is accountable and responsible

    11. SunderlandCityCouncil: Support and Aspiration What Must be Included • Education, health and social care provision for SEN ; • How parents and young people request assessment for EHC plan; • Arrangements for identifying and assessing SEN; • Other educational provision such as sports or arts provision; • Post-16 education and training provision; • Apprenticeships, Traineeships, and Supported Internships; • Arrangements for travel; • Support to help movement between phases of education • Sources of information, advice and support relating to SEN • Childcare, including provision for disabled children and with SEN; • Leisure activities; • Support available to young people in higher education • Arrangements for resolving disagreements, mediation, parents’ and young people’s rights to appeal to Tribunal and routes of complaint and redress for health and social care.

    12. SunderlandCityCouncil: Support and Aspiration Publishing the local offer • Local authorities must: • make their local offer widely accessible and on a website • publish their arrangements for enabling those without access to the web to get the information • enable access for different groups, including disabled people and those with different types of SEN

    13. SunderlandCityCouncil: Support and Aspiration Preparing and Reviewing the Local Offer • Local authorities: • must involve children and young people with SEN and their parents in developing and reviewing (co-production) • must involve schools, colleges, health services and others - all must cooperate with each other in development and review. • should have engagement with providers of relevant early years education. • must keep under review the special educational and social care provision available in their area and outside.  • must seek and publish comments about the local offer, including those received from or on behalf of children and young people with SEN and their parents

    14. Co-ordinated support - Joint Commissioning There should be joint commissioning by Local Authorities and Clinical commissioning groups. Therefore the local authority will need to: • put in place joint commissioning arrangements • Including for securing provision in Education, health and care plans • arrangements for resolving disputes between parties Planning of individual support • assessment process, with children and young people and families at the centre which integrates education, health and care services • option of a personal budget for families and young people SunderlandCityCouncil: Support and Aspiration

    15. Personal budgets • Development of an indicative budget for all Education, health and care plans • Exploration of funding streams where choice and control can be offered • Use of notional budgets and direct payments. SunderlandCityCouncil: Support and Aspiration