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ice. ice. 2. ice. ice. What are ERC and ERC Synergy Grants. Synergy Grants “The strength of the Synergy Grant lies in enabling up to four top scientists to jointly tackle a challenging problem where none of them could succeed alone”

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what are erc and erc synergy grants
What are ERC and ERC Synergy Grants
  • Synergy Grants “The strength of the Synergy Grant lies in enabling up to four top scientists to jointly tackle a challenging problem where none of them could succeed alone”
  • 449 proposals, 20 selected for interviews -> 13 were funded (i.e. 3% success rate)
  • Ice2Ice is the only ERC Synergy project in the Nordic countries. Denmark-Norway collaboration
  • Ice2Ice – 12.5 mill EUR for 5 year project. Start August 1, 2014
  • Why synergy?
    • Very complex problem with large potential impacts
    • Need complementary competence from different teams
    • Can exchange between institutions
    • No other mechanism available for a project like this
    • Need such an instrument for difficult questions on important topics
ice2ice summary
ice2ice summary
  • The Arctic cryosphere is in rapid transformation.
  • Risk of concomitant abrupt change in Arctic sea ice and Greenland ice sheet is not tackled by any existing research program
  • We know such events have happened in the past.
  • We don´t not know why sea ice abruptly disappeared despite cold surroundings.
  • Abrupt changes will lead to immediate global effects on climate and on sea level.
  • The complexities of the problem must be tackled through a broad and in-depth interdisciplinary approach extracting synergies from different fields of expertise.
  • This effort requires world class expertise, laboratories and modelling tools.
  • No institution can do this alone– but we can do this together, given ERC-Synergy resources.
  • The Ice2Ice teams are uniquely positioned to undertake such an effort.
bo m lles e vinther nbi copenhagen
Bo MøllesøeVinther(NBI, Copenhagen)

ice2ice Principal Investigators

Eystein Jansen (Bjerknes Centre, Bergen)

Ice cores

Marine sediments

Kerim HestnesNisancioglu(Bjerknes Centre, Bergen)

Jens HesselbjergChristensen

(Danish Met. Inst., Copenhagen)

Ocean dynamics

Atmospheric dynamics


IPCC (2013):

…there is low confidence and little consensus on the likelihood of such events over the 21st century.

changes are already happening
Changes are already happening

Sep 1979

Sep 2012

past changes in the arctic were abrupt
Past changes in the Arctic were abrupt


15oC warming within a decade on Greenland, but with global implications



ice core


impact of arctic sea ice extent on greenland temperatures
Impact of Arctic sea ice extent on Greenland temperatures

More sea ice

Less sea ice

Temperature Response

Dokken, Nisancioglu, et al. (Paleoceanography, 2013)

what can we learn from past abrupt changes in sea ice
What can we learn from past abrupt changes in sea ice?

Cold conditions

Warm conditions








complementary and cross institutional teams2
Complementary and cross-institutional teams

Abrupt changes in Arctic ice?

research goals
Research goals

Describe nature, timing and extent of abrupt events across climate archives

Determine the impact of Arctic sea ice

on climate and the Greenland ice sheet

Abrupt changes in Arctic ice?

Resolve mechanisms behind sudden demise of Arctic sea ice cover

Identify risk that rapid diminution of Arctic sea ice could give future abrupt changes

i ce2ice legacy
ice2ice legacy

new dynamical understanding of Arctic earth system

synchronized archive and mapping of past abrupt climate events

new generation of interdisciplinary earth scientists

clarification of future risk of abrupt changes in Arctic climate




  • 5 years, start august 2014
  • 12.5 mill €