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Visualizing Vocabulary

Visualizing Vocabulary

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Visualizing Vocabulary

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  1. Visualizing Vocabulary SAT 6

  2. Pandemonium(noun)pan-duh-moh-nee-uhm • 1. wild uproar or unrestrained disorder; tumult or chaos. • 2. a place or scene of riotous uproar or utter chaos. • 3. ( often initial capital letter ) the abode of all the demons. • 4. hell.( (Bill Davis, 12/10/11) Assembly Hall erupted in pandemonium when the last-second 3-point shot swished through the bucket for Indiana’s win over #1-ranked Kentucky. Karen Davis

  3. Incognito (Adj.) [in-kog-nee-toh] • 1. having one's identity concealed, as under an assumed name, especially to avoid notice or formal attentions. • 2. with the real identity concealed: to travel incognito. • 3. the disguise or character assumed by an incognito. • Old Fitzgerald was at it again with all of his wacky antics. This wouldn’t be Very that large of a problem normally Except for thefact that we can’t seem to find him anywhere.One could say that he’s truly gone incognito this time around! Dustin McKnight

  4. Inference (noun) (nfr-ns) • 1. the act or process of inferring • 2. an inferred conclusion, deduction, etc. • 3. (Philosophy / Logic) any process of reasoning from premises to a conclusion • 4. (Philosophy / Logic) Logic the specific mode of reasoning used See also deduction [4] induction [4] The detective, after days of looking for clues, finally came up with an inference of who had stolen the jewelry. Seth Wise

  5. Haughty(Adjective) haw-tee Disdainfully proud; snobbish; scornfully arrogant; supercilious Lofty or noble; exalted ( ( The haughty model strutted down the runway with her nose held high, giving off the impression that she was disdainfully proud of her appearance. Rachel Connors

  6. Imperceptible(adjective) im-per-sep-tuh-buh-l • 1. very slight, gradual, or subtle: the imperceptible slope of the road. • 2. not perceptible; not perceived by or affecting the senses. ( ( The differences between the identical twins are imperceptible. Megan Himebrook

  7. Fitlya, 10/10/11 Impugn (verb) [im-pyoon] to challenge as false (another's statements, motives, etc.); cast doubt upon. 2. Archaic . to assail (a person) by words or arguments; vilify. 3. Obsolete . to attack (a person) physically. “So, because of a few bad apples you're gonnaimpugn an entire continent? “ -Seinfeld Season 5, Episode 4 "The Sniffing Accountant" Savannah Martin

  8. Idealize (Verb) ahy-dee-uh-lahyz • To make ideal; represent in an ideal form or character; exalt to an ideal perfection or excellence. • To represent in an ideal form. • To form an ideal or ideals ( After watching When in Rome, Anna began to idealize about her future boyfriend; he would have to be tall, dark, handsome, and hilarious like Josh Duhamel. ( Alyssa Fain, period 6

  9. Abbie Lessaris Importune(verb)im-pawr-toon My mother knows how to importune me to get help around the house. to press or beset with solicitations; demand with urgency or persistence. to make improper advances toward (a person). to beg for (something) urgently or persistently. ( (

  10. (adjective) hak-need Far too many hackneyed words appear in high school students’ sentences. Alex Canner get got gotten put very really nice good just lots a lot well fine so fun There is There are There was There were There have been There had been There will have been ( made commonplace or trite; stale; banal ( (Mrs. Davis, Deadwood words)

  11. Harassing [verb]From Harass: [huh-ras, har-uhs] • To disturb persistently; torment, as with troubles or cares; bother continually; pester; persecute. • To trouble by repeated attacks, incursions, etc., as in war or hostilities; harry; raid. • • Herman Cain was accused of sexual harassing a number of women in the past, the accusations of which caused an uproar in his political campaign to become the Republican presidential nominee. Sydney Brink

  12. Impertinent (adjective) Elyse Hoy , Period 6[im-pur-tn-uhnt] • Intrusive or presumptuous, as persons or their actions; insolently rude; uncivil • Not pertinent or relevant; irrelevant( After a sudden outburst of inappropriate language, the little boy was scolded for his impertinent behavior and rude comments. (

  13. Brianna Le \im-ˈpech-wəs; -ˈpe-chə-, -chü-əs\ IMPETUOUSadj. His rush was so impetuous, that he overturned manyofhis opponents by dashing against them. 1: Marked by impulsive vehemence or passion 2: marked by force and violence of movement or action (

  14. Inexorable (adj) in·ex·o·ra·ble The inexorable green man was not persuaded to stop in the least bit, even when they dropped a building on him. • Definitions: • Impossible to stop or prevent • (of a person) Impossible to persuade by request or entreaty ~Jake Smith

  15. Ineffableadj. i-ˈne-fə-bəl 1. a : incapable of being expressed in words : indescribable <ineffable joy> b : unspeakable <ineffable disgust> 2: not to be uttered The beauty of the sunset was so ineffable, that the people watching it were completely speechless. Lanzada | Galicia - España by Paulo Brandão Hanah Sloan

  16. 1. domineering in a haughty manor; dictatorial; overbearing • 2. urgent; imperative; imperious need. Imperious(adjective) im-peer-ee-uhs (, 2/1/2012) Under Hitler’s imperious rule, Germany was thoroughly brainwashed which led to their participation in initiating the second world war. Zeke Howie

  17. IMPARTIAL (adj.)(im-pahr-shuh-l)1. Not biased; fair; just. ( ( The Purpose of Martin Luther King Jr.’s speech “I have A Dream,” was to influence America to create just as equal and impartial laws for African Americans as it was for whites. Cassie Hendrickson

  18. Incongruous [in-kong-groo-uhs] • Out of keeping or place; inappropriate; unbecoming • Not harmonious in character; inconsonant; lacking harmony of parts • 3. Inconsistent ( A joke that was incongruous with polite conversation ( Davis Approved! Dalton Owens

  19. 1.havinganextremely bad reputation: an infamous city. 2.deservingoforcausing an evil reputation; shamefully malign; detestable: an infamous deed. 3.Law . a. deprivedofcertainrightsas a citizen, as a consequenceofconviction of certainoffenses. b. of or pertaining to offenses involving suchdeprivation. ( [In-fuh-muhs] Infamous (Adjective) Arguably one of the most infamous men in all of history, Maximilien Robespierre was a leader of the French Revolution and was a driving force on the Reign of Terror which lasted 10 months. In that time Robespierre was responsible for more then 18,500-40,000 deaths of peasants who he accused of hoarding. Steven Vischak

  20. Gratuitous [gruh-too-i-tuhs, -tyoo-] ADJ. 1.given, done, bestowed, or obtained without charge or payment; free; voluntary. 2.being without apparent reason, cause, or justification: a gratuitous insult. We tried to explain to Joe that his celebration after winning chutes and ladders was a tad bit gratuitous. "Play Music at Naperville Music - Pre-K Music” and Kacey Collins

  21. Sentence The young boy was being harangued by his parents for coloring on the wall. Definition 1. a scolding or a long or intense verbal attack; diatribe. 2. a long, passionate, and vehement speech, especially one delivered before a public gathering. Harangue (noun, verb)[huh-rang] ( ( By: Aliyah Clinker

  22. TorbinEid 1. The practice of claiming to have moral standards or beliefs to which one's own behavior does not conform; pretense. 2. Hypocrisy is a melodic death metal band from Sweden. It was formed in 1990 in Ludvika, Sweden by Peter Tägtgren. Hypocrisy (hi-ˈpä-krə-sē) ( Although the mayor claimed that is was imperative that people ration their food, the public realized his hypocrisy when they found his secret room full of sumptuous food.

  23. (noun) [in-duh-stree] 1. the aggregate of manufacturing or technically productive enterprises in a particular field, often named after its principal product: the automobile industry; the steel industry. 2. any general business activity; commercial enterprise: the Italian tourist industry. 3. trade or manufacture in general: the rise of industry in Africa. 4. the ownership and management of companies, factories, etc.: friction between labor and industry. 5. systematic work or labor. ( Industry Aaron knew that he wanted to get a job building cars in the automobile industry, because he grew up fixing and taking apart old cars with his father. Samantha Searles

  24. Hubris: (hyoo-bris)noun Excessive pride or self-confidence; arrogance (in Greek tragedy) Excessive pride toward or defiance of the gods, leading to nemesis ( Achilles showed hubris by dragging Hector’s lifeless body in front of the gates of Troy after defeating him in battle. Rachel Drake

  25. The doctrine that pleasure or happiness is the highest good • Devotion to pleasure as a way of life ( • The Declaration of Independence gives citizens the freedom of hedonism, so they can pursue their own happiness. Hedonism(noun) heed-n-iz-uhm Claire Cross