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  1. This year we learned about visualizing. When you read this passage say what you see. It was a warm summer day and an animal dived into a lake looking for food. This animal had a gofer like body with a tiled tail. This animal had feet perfect for swimming . Its mouth was long and there were 2 holes at the end of the mouth that blew bubbles. This was a rare animal. It spent most of it’s time underwater. Visualizing Definition: What you see when you read. What Do You See

  2. This is what I see.

  3. Predicting Definition: Guessing what happens next. Read this passage and predict what happens next. One day a little boy went to the beach. He wanted to build a sand castle. Every time he tried to build one the waves knocked it down. Then the little boy had an idea What do you predict the boy will do?

  4. Here’s what happened next. He moved away from the water.

  5. Inferring Explanation: Like predicting but, the author doesn’t tell you anything. You just use common sense Example: Someone likes football and goes to an all boys school. What gender is the teacher. Infer

  6. The person is most likely a boy. Side note: It could be a girl teach.

  7. Example: Someone goes into a restaurant to see his friends. There was an American man, a German, and a Russian. They were all men. The person came in and ate with his friends._____________________ Synthesizing Synthesize. What do you think you could do to. Make it better. Explanation: Making the story your own. You can do that by visualizing differently, giving characters personalities, or making connections. _____________________

  8. Questioning Example: What’s black and white and red all over. Where am I? I like oranges. What is black and white and red all over? What’s your Question A. Explanation: Asking a question. B. C.

  9. And those were the reading strategies • Reading Strategies. • Visualizing • Predicting • Inferring • Questioning • Synthesizing