swk 64 5 field practicum iii n.
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SWK 64 5 : Field Practicum III PowerPoint Presentation
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SWK 64 5 : Field Practicum III

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SWK 64 5 : Field Practicum III - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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SWK 64 5 : Field Practicum III. Presenter: Jennifer D. Street, LCSW Class Meeting Week Five. Agenda. Welcome Situation of the Week In small group In large group Stages of Internship-Last One  Case- Conceptualization Integration of theory into field work Announcements & Wrap -up.

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swk 64 5 field practicum iii

SWK 645: Field Practicum III

Presenter: Jennifer D. Street, LCSW

Class Meeting Week Five

  • Welcome
  • Situation of the Week
    • In small group
    • In large group
  • Stages of Internship-Last One 
  • Case-Conceptualization
  • Integration of theory into field work
  • Announcements & Wrap-up
situation of the week
Situation of the Week
  • Small group guidelines:
  • Briefly summarize your situation of the week for your partner
  • Ask for feedback
  • Reverse the process
situation of the week1
Situation of the Week
  • Large Group Guidelines:
  • Choose an appropriate practice situation
  • Summarize it in 2-3 minutes (with attention to confidentiality)
  • Develop one question or comment you would like the class to respond to in discussion
the stages of internship
The Stages of Internship

Sweitzer and King’s theoretical approach to

internship movement over semesters

the five stages are
The Five Stages are….
  • Anticipation
  • Disillusionment
  • Confrontation
  • Competence
  • Culmination

These occur over the three semesters of field placement

Task accomplishment: the attitudes, skills, & knowledge that you hope to acquire at each stage

culmination stage
Culmination Stage
  • Occurs in the final semester, ending date of the internship
  • This stage presents both a pride in your achievements & some sadness at ending the experience
culmination stage cont d
Culmination Stage Cont’d…
  • Graduation usually correlates with ending the internship so students are focused on…
    • continuing education
    • employment and/or economic survival
    • reorganizing approach to relationships existing during internship (friends, family,
    • spouse, intern co-workers) when all had to accommodate to your role as intern
culmination stage cont d1
Culmination Stage, Cont’d
  • ‘Goodbyes’-they are tough!
  • Termination is challenge and even difficult for some of us.
  • To avoid the termination, some of us may try

‘see you later’, ‘see you around’

This approach is confusing in our personal life and unethical with clients

culmination stage cont d2
Culmination Stage, Cont’d
  • Addressing concerns at this stage means
    • focusing on your feelings
    • have an appropriate place and way to express them
    • find satisfying ways to say ‘goodbye’workingwith tools for closure
culmination stage cont d3
Culmination Stage, Cont’d
  • If a student chooses not to invest time and energy in the concerns of this stage,

the internship ends, just the same

  • Risk: the student often is left with an empty, unfinished and unfulfilled feeling
culmination stage cont d4
Culmination Stage, Cont’d
  • In a few instances, some students will actually sabotage their internship by allowing their discomfort about ending to color their perceptions of the entire experience & affect other’s perceptions of the student’s work.
  • Imagine the ‘bad break-up’in an intimate relationship, never taking the opportunity to reflect together on the +’s or growth for each
integration of theory in the field
Integration of Theory in the Field

You will be provided 1 of 4 case studies.

In your small group, read the case study

Identify the appropriate approach out of the 4 options given.

There will only be one case appropriate to each theory.

Briefly describe a treatment plan based on the selected theory

Be prepared to share your discussion with the class

integration of theory
Integration of Theory
  • Ego Psychology
  • Solution Focused
  • Behavioral Theory
  • Cognitive Theory
for next week
For Next Week
  • Modules 1-5
  • O’hare Chapters 2 & 3
  • I will be absent next week. Courtney Weist will teach class at regular time with regular Elluminate link