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Papercorn George

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Papercorn George. By: Elaina Ceccacci. Young Papercorn George.

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papercorn george

Papercorn George

By: Elaina Ceccacci

young papercorn george
Young Papercorn George
  • A long time ago there was a small boy who always dreamed of being a super hero and destroy the bad guys. But he always wanted to fly and go invisible and every night before bed he dreamed he was a super hero and defeat the beaver man and all his beavers. One day he was just about to get on the school bus he saw someone with a beaver and thought it was the beaver man so he tried to get him and tackled him instead then found out it was just an old lady with a beaver.
papercorn george gets a flying pig
Papercorn George gets a flying pig
  • Then a couple years later when he was 20 years old and 20 feet tall he had grown some wings and now knows how to fly and has another super power he could go invisible and nobody would notice he was even the people’s cows wouldn’t notice but the beaver man still could see Papercorn George from anywhere. After a while Papercorn George got a little lonely and wanted someone to help him with trying to catch the beaver man so he got a flying pig to help him catch beaver man.
papercorn george defeats beaver man
Papercorn George defeats beaver man
  • Then he went out on an adventure to find the beaver man and his flying pig went too.. They were on their way and saw a man with a beaver so this time they made a trap. What it was a big bucket full of mouse traps and then a big net! Then the beaver man started to come closer and then was trapped and Papercorn George caught beaver man so fast he said it was quick as a birdie flying in a can. Then they went back with the beaver man and then told his grandma George and she took him back for a butler and his beavers for dogs and they lived happily ever after.