a brief summary on digitisation in the shipping n.
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A Brief Summary On Digitisation In The Shipping Industry PowerPoint Presentation
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A Brief Summary On Digitisation In The Shipping Industry

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A Brief Summary On Digitisation In The Shipping Industry - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Digitisation is slowly taking over the maritime industry. Head over to the blog to know more about it.

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A Brief Summary On Digitisation In The Shipping Industry

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a brief summary on digitisation in the shipping

A Brief Summary On Digitisation In The Shipping Industry

Digitisation is no longer limited to the sharing and implementation of data and are

increasingly expanding its scope to embrace other industries into its periphery. The concept

that in many ways led to globalisation is looking to have an integrated future that is now

aiming to incorporate and spread out to effectively create a greater ecosystem. From newly

formed partnerships, the sharing of knowledge and practices that will be led by artificial

intelligence, the new era will be privy to a lot more.

The tremors of digitalisation are also felt in the maritime industry. With path breaking

projects that are constantly transforming the face of the shipping industry and the

opportunities that are constantly arising, the benefits that investors who are accepting the

digital world can avail are already sky high.

“Digitization and cloud computing are enablers for an industry that needs to remain relevant,

cost-effective and drive value to all of its customers. We are an industry in change. But one

thing is clear, digitalization is no longer the future, it is the present," said Marco Ryan,

Wärtsilä’s Chief Digital Officer and Executive Vice President.

The various organisations that are a part of the maritime industry, are now looking forward to

include bigger data and cloud computing methods. With a complete understanding that are

developed, organisations are now actively seeking ways to include ways to make their

presence felt in the inevitable future.

passenger ferries for sale that are listed

Passenger ferries for sale that are listed in the Norwegian circuit have also incorporated

digitisation in their folds and are matching strides with the rest of the world to compete in this

era of data and artificial intelligence. “Part of our Smart Marine strategy is to encourage that

dialogue, open up to new partnerships and make sure that the hygiene factors around data

interchange, cyber security, and infrastructure are available to support the business needs and

the business values they create. This isn't about being seduced by technology, it's about

focusing on the economic value that will help the industry transform,” says Ryan.

With the introduction of digitisation, newer opportunities have arisen leading to newer

innovations. From the introduction of start-ups that can create pathways into an industry that

proved difficult in the past to huge amounts of investments in assets like ships, the shipping

industry has indeed come a long way.

“The value propositions will change in the future because of smart technology, and a good

example will be manufacturing and 3D printing. As the cost comes down in metal printing,

you could conceive of having 3D printers on board vessels. If a vessel can print its own parts

as it travels around the world the implication on local manufacturing, supply chain and

logistics in the industry is enormous,” adds Ryan.

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up for sale in Norway and invest with care. Providing an access to a completely updated

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