who is f e t c h newcastle f riends e mbracing t he c anine h eart n.
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Who is “ F.E.T.C.H. – Newcastle “ ? "  F riends  E mbracing  T he  C anine  H eart " PowerPoint Presentation
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Who is “ F.E.T.C.H. – Newcastle “ ? "  F riends  E mbracing  T he  C anine  H eart "

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Who is “ F.E.T.C.H. – Newcastle “ ? "  F riends  E mbracing  T he  C anine  H eart " - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Who is “ F.E.T.C.H. – Newcastle “ ? "  F riends  E mbracing  T he  C anine  H eart "

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  1. Who is “ F.E.T.C.H. – Newcastle “ ?" Friends Embracing The Canine Heart "

  2. an off-leash dog park provides a solution for dog owners to spend quality time with their petsA dog park is a public park, where people and their dogs can play togetherIt’s more than just "room to roam"Allows dogs to exercise and socialize safelyPromotes responsible dog ownershipProvides an outlet for dog owners to socializeMake for a better community by promoting public health and safety Purpose

  3. Available funds for an off-leash dog park • Cost to install an off-leash dog park – Under $25,000. • Location - City Centered, Accessible, Available Parking, Distance from City’s Core, etc. • Makes the most amount of people happy with higher usage than other City of Newcastle Amenities • Pet waste disposal / sanitation • Benefits of an off-leash dog park • Common sound decibel study results • Lake Boren Park Survey Results • Saturday & Sunday, August 7th & 8th, 2010. • Location Maps (3) • Distance Map • Sampling of signage • Study Session Request Off-Leash dog park Discussion Items

  4. In the July 15th Parks Commission meeting, a Council Member, speaking as a citizen of Newcastle, commented that “the dog park proposal is not in the CIP”. • The reality is that “The dog park proposal is not excluded in the CIP” and Capital Improvement Funds are in the bank and potentially available for an off-leash dog park. • In the July 20, 2010 City Council Meeting, the Newcastle Director of Finance presented the City’s mid year financial status. • “Capital Investment Program (CIP)– Project Detail” - on page 47 & 57 it shows $75,000 budgeted for Lake Boren NE Improvements. • As of the end of June, only $602 (less than 1% of the budget) has been spent or allotted. • The original purpose of the $75,000 was primarily to make repairs to the existing play area. • The City of Newcastle sought and received State funding of $325,000 which is being used to replace the play area and make improvements to the area around the play area • Thus, the $75,000 budget funds (less the $602 spent) are available for other park repairs and/or improvements, such as an off-leash dog park. Lake Boren ParkAvailable Funds for an off-leash dog park

  5. The basic needs of an off leash area in Newcastle includes: • 1.364 acres of area (The park is 20.2 acres) • 960 linear feet of fencing • Two entrances • One equipment entrance for mowing and maintenance • Dog stations at each entrance and one inside the off-leash area • Signage • Benches & Picnic Tables • Plantings Lake Boren ParkProposed Off-Leash Dog Area

  6. Lake Boren ParkOff-Leash Dog Area Estimate of costs

  7. Ballybunion (mini park) 8200 150th Ave. Acres = 0.81 Too Small • Gleneagles (mini park) 8230 154th Ave. SE. Acres = 1.1 Too Small • Heritage Morgan(mini park) Located at 8740 139th Ave. SE. Acres = 0.16 (mini park) Too Small • Highlands Park (neighborhood park) 9100 140th Ave. SE. Acres = 1.58 Too Small • Highlands Forest View Park (mini park) 143rd Ave SE & SE 92nd Pl, Highlands, Acres = .53 Too Small • Historic Coal Miner’s Cemetery (Historical Monument) 129th Ave SE & Newcastle WayToo Small • Madison LaneLocated at 6900 115th Court SE. Acres = 0.27 Too Small • Redman(mini park) 136th Ave & SE 75th (corner). Acres = 1.2 Too Small • Thomas Rouse Road Historical Park136th Ave SE & SE 75th St Too Small • Tralee (mini park) 7825 155th Ave. SE. Acres = 0.53 Too Small • Windtree (mini park) 9129 121st Ave. SE. Acres = 0.34 Too Small • China Creek(neighborhood park) 7951 144th Ave. SE. Acres = 5.5 Sloped/Trees/Primarily a children’s play area/ no parking except for in residential neighborhood • Donegal Park(neighborhood park) 7319 125th  Ave. SE. Acres = 2.1 Open area directly adjacent to Children’s Play area, no parking except for in residential neighborhood • Hazelwood (resource park) 121st Place SE St. & SE 73rd Pl.(Parking for three cars.) Acres = 7.3Sloped/Trees/No Open Area, currently used as a connective park between street and neighborhoods. • May CreekSE 95th Way & Coal Creek Parkway. No parking, No ADA access, Significant slope/grade to level area, at the far reaches of the City, “Drive to” location only, Not walking distance for all Newcastle residents, undeveloped, will be used primarily by Renton residents that live across the street, dump site for coal creek parkway construction. • DOT Site East of Lake Boren along Coal Creek Parkway - Narrow parcel / Steep slope / Would need to clear brush up to the lake / distraction to Coal Creek Parkway drivers/ Potential “attractive nuisance / Entire site is wet and mucky during the winter / 1/3 of area not usable during 8 months of year due to retention pond / Required to walk along Coal Creek Parkway to access / No direct parking / Direct water access to the lake condoned by the City, not requested by F.E.T.C.H.. • See Handout Map for Park Locations Newcastle Parks & Land that do not fit size, open area, parking and current use parameters.

  8. An off-leash dog park at Lake Boren would get higher use and accommodate a greater number of Newcastle residents compared to other City of Newcastle amenities. More people would use the off-leash dog park compared to people that currently use the tennis courts, volleyball area and fishing dock. The cost to build an off-leash dog area is less than the expense that the City has already incurred in installing/building other amenities that accommodate fewer people and experience less use. Lake Boren ParkOff-Leash Dog Area usage

  9. Recently a comment was made that it is illegal to dispose of pet waste into a garbage receptacle. King County and Waste Management both recommend that fecal waste be disposed of in a waste receptacle regardless of being in a private or public place. Specifically, they recommend “Dispose of pet or human waste in a public or residential garbage can, wrapped in a closed leak-proof bag or container.” Lake Boren ParkOff-leash dog park sanitation

  10. It attracts dog owners to congregate / socialize in a specific area of the park which is also central to the city’s core. • It also attracts older residents whose children have moved out, who now walk their dogs for exercise and socializing. • It keeps the off-leash dog area in a central location so that we don’t unnecessarily increase or promote added driving in and around our city by making our residents drive to other municipalities off-leash dog areas in Mercer Island, Bellevue, Redmond or Renton. • The location that is proposed for the off-leash area does not interfere with the City of Newcastle’s “Lake Boren Park Master Plan” created by Worthy & Associates on August 12, 2008 and adopted by the City of Newcastle. As such, there should not be a need to amend the Lake Boren Park Master Plan. • This area allows accessibility to those with limited mobility and allows them to exercise their dogs in an enclosed area. Lake Boren ParkProposed Off-Leash Dog Area Benefits of an off-leash dog area

  11. Lake Boren ParkProposed Off-Leash Dog Area Proposed Off-Leash Area Newcastle Days 2007

  12. City of newcastle – owned land Lake Boren

  13. City of newcastle – owned land Lake Boren

  14. Radius of Newcastle from CBD

  15. Lake Boren ParkProposed Off-Leash Dog Area Sampling of off-leash area signage

  16. Lake Boren ParkProposed Off-Leash Dog Area Sampling of Sally Port’s aka Vestibule’s Luther Burbank Park – Mercer Island Cedar River Dog Park - Renton

  17. The purpose of a study session with the Parks Commission is to allow both the Commission and F.E.T.C.H. –Newcastle to better understand the concerns and direction that are involved regarding an off-leash dog park in Newcastle. • Today’s challenge is that we are trying to pack over one-hundred (100) hours of research and observations into a ten (10) minute presentation to the Parks Commission. It simply is not enough time for F.E.T.C.H., which is made up of hundreds of residents of Newcastle, to effectively interact with the Parks Commission. F.E.T.C.H. – Newcastle • We are the end users of off-leash dog parks in the area • We walk our dogs daily in and around our City’s Parks • We understand what works in a dog park • We understand what does not work in a dog park • We have the resources and compassion to make this work. Allow us, F.E.T.C.H. – Newcastle, to come along side you to further study and find the solution for an off-leash dog park in Newcastle. Off-leash dog parkstudy session request