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SMP – Section Management Process

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SMP – Section Management Process. Tutorial : 10/18/2008 ASQ Baltimore Section 502 Nancy Hall, Section SMP Chair. What is SMP?.

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smp section management process

SMP – Section Management Process

Tutorial: 10/18/2008

ASQ Baltimore Section 502

Nancy Hall, Section SMP Chair

what is smp
What is SMP?

The Section Management Process (SMP) has been developed to assist Sections in their planning and implementation of services and programs that will meet the needs of their current and future members. It is simply a management process that emphasizes the importance of:

  • Assessing member needs and expectations.
  • Developing an annual business plan and operating budget.
  • Measuring the Section’s performance.

ASQ Section 502 Tutorial - 10/18/2007

why smp
Why SMP?

Combines ASQ’s goals – increased member satisfaction, loyalty, and retention - with Section’s own goals

  • SMP encourages Sections to continually measure, address, and improve customer satisfaction by incremental improvement.
  • SMP also recognizes Sections for performance (based on results) through two awards:
    • Section Excellence Award
    • Total Quality Award

ASQ Section 502 Tutorial - 10/18/2007

smp performance requirements
SMP Performance Requirements

Requirements for receiving recognition:

  • meeting the Section minimum requirements,
  • developing and implementing a Section annual business plan, operating budget,
  • meeting all the SMP deadlines, and showing improvement on specific measures.

ASQ Section 502 Tutorial - 10/18/2007

level 1 section basics required by all sections to maintain a status of good standing
Level 1: Section BasicsRequired by all Sections to maintain a status of ‘good standing’

Meet the Section Minimum requirements

  • Provide to HQ a list of the Section elected officers by May 1 and appointed committee chairs by June 30.
  • Prepare a business plan and budget, make the plan and budget available as needed, review the plan and budget, and update the budget and plan each quarter.
  • Provide an annual report, conduct an annual review of the Section’s financial records, and provide year-end statements to ASQ Headquarters by August 15.
  • Have a Section Leadership Committee meeting at least once each quarter and make minutes of the meetings available to the membership.
  • Communicate to the membership at least once each quarter. This includes newsletters, mailings, web site postings, and e-mail notices.
  • Maintain Section membership to 30 members or more.

ASQ Section 502 Tutorial - 10/18/2007

level 2 section planning
Level 2: Section Planning

The Section planning requirements are:

  • Submission of current year business plan and budget to Section Leadership Committee, Regional Director, and by October 1.
  • Quarterly communication to members.
  • Quarterly meetings with Section Leadership Committee.
  • Four professional development events a year (speakers, clinic, tutorial, tours, etc).

ASQ Section 502 Tutorial - 10/18/2007

level 3 section performance
Level 3: Section Performance

If Sections have met the first two levels of SMP – eligible to earn the Section Excellence Award and/or the Total Quality Award. Sections may earn one or the other, or both.

  • Total Quality measures a Section’s ability to create a business plan and budget and reach the goals they set, while
  • Section Excellence measures how satisfied a Section’s members are, how loyal a member is to their Section, and the annual retention rate of a Section.

ASQ Section 502 Tutorial - 10/18/2007

total quality award
Total Quality Award

Total Quality achieved when a Section reaches 75% of the goals set forth in their Section’s Annual Business Plan from the previous year.

Required documentation (submitted to Section Leadership Team, Regional Director, and by September 1):

  • Section’s previous year Annual Business Plan showing results for each activity.
  • Cover letter verifying that 75% of goals were met.

ASQ Section 502 Tutorial - 10/18/2007

section excellence award
Section Excellence Award

Section Excellence is achieved when a Section

    • meets SMP Level 1 and 2
    • achieves one, two or three of the Society’s objectives in member retention, loyalty and satisfaction
  • If all three objectives are achieved Gold Excellence is received,
  • If two objectives are met, then Silver Excellence is awarded
  • Accomplishing one objective meets the Bronze level of Excellence.

ASQ Section 502 Tutorial - 10/18/2007

section excellence how are retention value and satisfaction measured
Section Excellence – How are retention, value and satisfaction measured?

Satisfaction and Value measured by a Society-wide survey called the Customer Measurement Survey (CMS). Survey conducted annually in early winter. Results available by spring of each year.

  • Sections need to meet or exceed ASQ’s Section-Only overall average for satisfaction.
  • Sections need to meet or exceed ASQ’s Section-Only overall average for loyalty.
  • Sections need to meet or exceed ASQ’s Section-Only membership growth rate as reported when that data becomes available (June, 2007 Growth Report found on SharePoint)

ASQ Section 502 Tutorial - 10/18/2007

what about our section
What about our Section?

2006-2007 Fiscal Year – awards lag by ~1 year:

  • Completed Levels 1 & 2 for 2006-2007 section year.
    • Submitted Section Business Plan & annual budget by 10/1/06
    • Submitted audited annual financial report by 8/15/07
  • Submitted results of 2006-2007 Section Business Plan by 9/1/2007
  • Sections earning Total Quality and/or Section Gold Excellence will be honored at ASQ’s Annual World Conference in May

ASQ Section 502 Tutorial - 10/18/2007

2007 2008 business plan
2007-2008 Business Plan

ASQ Section 502 Tutorial - 10/18/2007

total quality 2006 2007 cover letter
Total Quality 2006-2007 Cover Letter

ASQ Section 502 Tutorial - 10/18/2007

2006 2007 fiscal year
2006-2007 Fiscal Year

Positioning ourselves for Total Quality and/or Section Excellence:

  • 2007-2008 Business Plan
  • 2007-2008 Budget

ASQ Section 502 Tutorial - 10/18/2007

asq baltimore section 502
ASQ Baltimore Section 502

Our Vision

  • To be the Baltimore Metropolitan Area recognized resource on issues related to Quality.

Our Mission

  • To create value for our members and business professionals at large by providing opportunities for professional development, serving as a resource for managing quality in the Maryland community.

ASQ Section 502 Tutorial - 10/18/2007

  • Thank you for your attention!
  • List of Section Leaders and contact information available at July 9 posting)

ASQ Section 502 Tutorial - 10/18/2007