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Sustainable Communities Public Policy Forum A Wisconsin Ideas Forum UW-Fox Valley Menasha WI March 25, 2010 PowerPoint Presentation
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Sustainable Communities Public Policy Forum A Wisconsin Ideas Forum UW-Fox Valley Menasha WI March 25, 2010

Sustainable Communities Public Policy Forum A Wisconsin Ideas Forum UW-Fox Valley Menasha WI March 25, 2010

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Sustainable Communities Public Policy Forum A Wisconsin Ideas Forum UW-Fox Valley Menasha WI March 25, 2010

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  1. Sustainable Communities Public Policy ForumA Wisconsin Ideas ForumUW-Fox ValleyMenasha WIMarch 25, 2010 “Promoting Sustainability in Chequamegon Bay” Mayor Larry J MacDonald Bayfield, WI

  2. Common Sense • Cooperation is the key to promoting sustainability. • It takes time for ideas to take effect • Patience is a virtue when working with government. • If your community wants to succeed, it will.

  3. It’s Not as Tough as You Think

  4. Chequamegon Bay Combined EffortsBay Area Rural (not Rapid) Transit

  5. Welcome toAlliance for Sustainabilityin Chequamegon Bay!! • We're a nonprofit for sustainability in Chequamegon Bay that started in 1994. • Current initiatives : Baseline energy assessments in gov’t facilities as part of a OEI Energy Independent Pilot Community grant. • Leadership for Green Team Network of Early Adopters of Sustainability, we put green practices "on the ground" in business, government, and community organizations- the first such network in the United States. • Development of a Wind Energy Consortium for the region. • Collaboration on regional grants for sustainability. • Building grassroots support with dollars, in-kind, and friends. • Leveraging local support for new grants for "future-in-mind" initiatives. • Fostering the sustainability movement in other communities through the advice we offer about lessons learned in leading the way. • Alliance For Sustainability P.O. Box 141 - Ashland, WI - 54806 - United States - Phone: (715) 682-1189

  6. Pie & Politics Annual event at Lake Superior Big Top Chautauqua. June 24, 2010; “Bringing It Home”; strengthening local communities and economies through re-localization. Past Keynote Speakers; John Ikerd, Torbjorn Lahti, Rocky Anderson, Phil Berry, Richard Heinberg

  7. Fire Soulsand the Natural StepYou need them in order to succeed!!Bill Bussey, Mary Rehwald, Brandon Boys, Steve Sandstrom , Kelly Westlund

  8. Chequamegon Bay Combined EffortsJanuary 29, 2007 Bremer Grant Announcement

  9. April 2008 Sustainable Business Conference

  10. The email that got us involved with the EIC. Congratulations to all! You are the first EI Pilot Communities for the 25x25 Plan Grant.  Attached are a draft press release, a letter from Governor Doyle and a brief with a few facts about the program to share.  Please do not share with media until Thursday, January 15th.  At this time, a press release will be sent out and our e-newsletter with the announcement.  Please feel free to share with other EI leaders in your community.  Thanks. Brian Driscoll Office of Energy Independence 17 West Main Street Madison, WI 53704 608-261-8146

  11. Chequamegon Bay RegionEnergy Independence Team What was measured? Why? Energy usage in all partner facilities, outdoor lighting and water systems Identified exceptionally inefficient premises. Reviewing info was also an opportunity to update premise information and streamline records and tracking methods. Fuel usage in fleet vehicles & equipment Established percentage of our total energy usage was going toward transportation and road maintenance. Identified opportunities for incorporating alternative transportation fuels and more efficient vehicles as part of our 25x25 Plan. Demonstrated to partners the need to track their fuel consumption.

  12. Chequamegon Bay Region Energy Independence Team • Discoveries/Surprises • The City of Ashland was being charged for nearly double their actual number of unmetered street lights. They were refunded over $23,000 for two years worth of overpayments, with audits under way for an additional four years - potentially tripling their refund. • Some facilities have multiple premise IDs, and in some cases, utility information was inadvertently omitted from past energy audits. • Measures put in place to track fuel consumption in some police vehicles were not being enforced. Officers were directed to log their mileage and gas volume on their vehicle computers when fueling, but many were simply entering zeros. • Much of the energy consumption attributed to facilities was due to employees using individual space heaters and small appliances. Employees with space heaters near thermostats were accidentally affecting the heating system, which lowered the heat output and led other employees to bring additional space heaters, exacerbating the problem.

  13. Chequamegon Bay Region Energy Independence Team • Pathways to 25 x 25 • All partners are approaching energy efficiency measures as first priorities. • After total energy consumption has been addressed and reduced, communities will begin implementing renewable energy alternatives.

  14. Chequamegon Bay Region Energy Independence Team • Potential Renewable Feedstock • Wind – Pursuing/ongoing/completed assessment studies at Madeline Island, Bayfield County (2 locations), Northern Great Lakes Visitor Center, Red Cliff Reservation & Bad River Reservation • Solar – Solar thermal in place at Bayfield County Jail, other sites for solar thermal and solar PV to be investigated. • Biogas (landfill, agriculturally-based)– Possibilities, but nothing yet. Former UW Ag Research Station is a potential site. • Biomass (wood, prairie grasses, other) – Xcel Energy is already operating on a mix of biomass & coal. They’ve partnered with a local organization (AERC) to develop sustainable local options. Several area schools/businesses already rely on biomass for heat/energy. • Biodiesel – Local energy provider investigating retail sale of biodiesel at Ashland gas station. Regional purchasing/storage approach could potentially make biodiesel an option for surrounding municipalities with definite interest in pursuing biodiesel as an alternative for fleets.

  15. Ashland County • •Insulation, PV, upgraded windows, lighting , solar hot water, HVAC lighting, solar light tubes, • biodiesel, teleconferencing/carpooling options. • Town of Bayfield • PV, insulation and upgraded heating system in Town Garage; maybe a new efficient building. • BART just received ARRA funding for:Bus garage will incorporate (LEED?) building standards and a electric hybrid bus. • Town of La PointeEnergy efficiency upgrades;LED lighting upgrades; Biomass-based heat; Wind towers?Red Cliff Band of Chippewa;Weatherization of Red Cliff Administration BuildingWisconsin Indianhead Technical College • New wind turbine donated..

  16. Chequamegon Bay Region Energy Independence Team • Action Steps – Immediate & Long – Term • Immediate: • Communities have changed the way they track energy consumption and have set up accounts with Energy Star Portfolio Manager. • Team members received training from Focus on Energy on building science, phantom loads, and other energy issues. These sessions resulted in some groups using voltmeters to document phantom load and implement changes in operating practices. • Long-term: • Communities will implement efficiency measures independently, while investigating options like wind energy, biomass, and biodiesel as regional partners.

  17. Chequamegon Bay Region Energy Independence Team Mayor Larry MacDonald & Clerk Billie Hoopman - City of Bayfield Scott Kluver, City Administrator - City of Washburn Steve Sharp, Facilities Manager - City of Ashland Larry Bean, Alternative Energy Committee Chair - Town of La Pointe Tracey Ledder, Environmental Programs Manager & Grants Administrator/Planner Don Corbine - Red Cliff Tribe Tom Wojciechowski, UW-Extension CNRED Educator - Ashland County Tim Kane, UW-Extension CRD Educator - Bayfield County Mark Abeles-Allison, County Administrator - Bayfield County Bill Ferraro, Town Board Supervisor - Town of Bayfield Brian Clements, Commission Chair - Bay Area Rural Transit (BART) Bobbi Rongstad, Energy Advisor - Focus on Energy Kelly Westlund, Executive Director - Alliance for Sustainability

  18. These Statistics Tell the Truth

  19. Washburn • July 13, 2005 • Washburn City Council and Mayor Irene Blakely (2004-2008) pass the first eco-municipality resolution in the United States Sustainable Activities in Washburn • Replaced lighting and repaired the air exchange system in the City Hall, has made repairs to the HVAC system at the Washburn marina and is replacing their City Garage. • Municipal Budgets Demand Sustainable Action     The City of Washburn is working on a new collaboration with the Washburn School District to provide recreation services.      For existing contracts, practices should be reviewed to see if the service provided is needed or if it could be done in a more efficient sustainable fashion. • ·        Municipalities Can Help Others Be More Sustainable Passed Neighborhood Electric Vehicle Ordinance.

  20. WashburnMaking Mozzarella at Rachelli’s

  21. Washburn Green & Healthy Schools

  22. Ashland • Recycling in all city buildings • Citywide paper reduction • Bio diesel seed production on lands around of Airport. Rent of $3 acre vs. $40 acre • Environmental certifications for sand/salt applicators • Commingled Recycling in City Parks • Electronic waste recycling • Bio retention cell for 300 tons of sediment funded through Great Lakes Commission • Bike rack installations at Library and City Hall • Power saving modes on all computers • 1 new Flex Fuel vehicle • LED Christmas lights

  23. Ashlandyard bags

  24. Bayfield“Where the Water Meets the Soul”

  25. Bayfield’s Eco-Municipality Commitment

  26. City of Bayfield • Greened up cleaning; 100% recycled copy paper; Christmas lights now LED and CFL; • Partner with DNR for Travel Green member grants including: Gray water & cooking oil recycling for 06 & 07 Apple Fest; Leave No Trace rack cards; Low flow shower heads & green cleaning for Rec Center; info kiosk with Eco objectives. • Rain garden; improve Ice Road Approach. • BRB Recycling processed 120 tons in 2007, saving 11,000 gallons of gas. • CFL lights at Library. New hi-efficiency boilers at National Park HQ.

  27. Apple Festival

  28. Can You Trust These People to Test Your IQ? Apple Festival Outreach

  29. Bayfield’s Success through Cooperation • Cooperation between local communities. Hard to do, but worth it. • “Greenest Community in WI” May 11, 2009. Most “Travel Green” businesses in WI. • B.R.B. Recycling & Solid Waste Transfer 1991-2010 • Alliance for Sustainability 1994-2010; Energy Efficient Community Grant Recipient; 25X25 Community. • Green Team Commitment • Comprehensive Plan 1999-2001; Waterfront Plan 2003 • Travel Green Grant Program WI DNR 2006-07 • Cooperative Presentations to Regional, National & Int’l Audiences; Toronto June 2008 GLSLCI along side Montreal and Toronto. • Chamber of Commerce “Buy Local” Program

  30. Lake Superior mermaids are no longer an endangered species.

  31. City & Town of BayfieldBayfield Regional ConservancyFarmland Preservation

  32. Do It Right the First Time!“Above and Beyond”

  33. Community Involvement

  34. Bayfield Eco-Municipality Projects Clean It – Green It 2008 • USA Made Recycled Cotton Shopping Bag for all residents filled with Green Cleaning Supplies, a CFL,locally produced booklet on Green Cleaning, info on recycling and a free bus ticket. • $250 Mini Grant Program to provide low flow toilets, shower heads and water faucets for Residents. • Major Success!

  35. Bayfield Eco-Municipality Projects Clean It-Green It 2009 • Focus on Business; Retail, Food & Lodging, Churches, School And The National Park Service.   • Energy Reduction (New Lighting, Energy Star Appliances, HVAC) • Water Use Reduction (Efficient Dishwashers, Low Flush Toilets, Proper Grease Traps) • Friendly Packaging and Cleaning Supplies • Info To Visitors About Helping To Reduce Energy • Purchase Of Locally Grown Products • Grant Maximum: $1000

  36. NEV for City of Bayfield Utility Dept • 80 cents of electricity for 55 miles of driving compared to $22.50 for our current gasoline powered vehicle. Cost reduction of 95.5%!!

  37. National Geographic Website; The Ecopolitan “Little Town Greens May 27, 2008

  38. Recognized by UWSP Global Environmental Management Education Center (GEM) as 1of 38 examples of sustainable communities around the world. BAYFIELD WISCONSIN Resident population: 627 one of the “greenest” cities in Wisconsin. The city was one of the first communities in the country to use The Natural Step Framework.

  39. Side Effect of Climate Change

  40. Next Steps • When your community is ready (hopefully soon); make things happen!! • Work together and move forward. • Do baselines and track your progress.

  41. Common Sense • “It is important to be an Eco-municipality, but more important to act like one” • Larry J MacDonald October 31, 2007Making a Great Lake Superior Conference, Duluth, MN