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Go2Knowledge Case Studies & Demo PowerPoint Presentation
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Go2Knowledge Case Studies & Demo

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Go2Knowledge Case Studies & Demo - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Dr. Rhonda Tracy. WVU Parkersburg. Go2Knowledge Case Studies & Demo. Dr. Denise Swett. Foothill College. 75+ On-Demand Professional Development Trainings 6 categories Certificates of Completion Monthly Reporting Web Portal & LMS Integration Branded Marketing Materials

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Presentation Transcript
go2knowledge case studies demo

Dr. Rhonda Tracy

WVU Parkersburg

Go2Knowledge Case Studies & Demo

Dr. Denise Swett

Foothill College

what is go2knowledge

75+ On-Demand Professional Development Trainings6 categories

  • Certificates of Completion
  • Monthly Reporting
  • Web Portal & LMS Integration
  • Branded Marketing Materials
  • Supplemental Materials

What is Go2Knowledge?


Our Need

WVU Parkersburg

We needed to have ready access to professional development that was available 24/7 and of high quality.

We needed a tool that could be used by both faculty and staff.

We needed an affordable option that could be sustainable from regular operational funds.

We needed a way to easily document and monitor the professional development activities.


Our Research

  • After examining a variety of products we decided to try Go2Knowledge and determine if it met our needs through a pilot phase.
  • We notified faculty and staff of the availability of the tool and strongly encouraged their use.
  • Notification to faculty and staff included email messages, TV monitor displays, and group meetings.
  • Efforts were made to include adjunct faculty in the professional development activities.


  • Our faculty and staff who have used the tool indicate the following:
    • The content is very relevant and easy to follow.
    • The modules are just the right length and are easily managed.
    • The certificates printed upon completion are useful for documentation and evidence needed for annual reports and promotion.


15% of full time faculty have used at least one of the professional development modules.

8% of full time staff have used at least one of the professional development modules.

We will begin using the Open Resources modules for all online faculty in the summer 2013.



Dr. Rhonda Tracy


foothill college

Foothill College

Denise Swett

Vice President,

Student Services


Foothill College

  • Issues:
  • Budget cuts-reduced PD funding
  • Difficulty scheduling in-person workshops
  • Need for custom trainings
  • Diversity of requests
  • Trackable/Documentable
  • Accreditation


Leverage technology

24/7 online professional development webinars

Add custom trainings



Foothill College

  • Current & Future Uses for Go2Knowledge
  • Individual employee participation
  • Group workshops using webinars
  • Custom trainings specific to the college
  • Support Professional Growth Awards (PGA)
  • Useful for faculty, staff and managers
  • Current topics
faculty quotes

Thanks for getting us the option of the online webinars for professional development. I listened to one about classroom management on Go2Knowledge that was really helpful. I teach at 3 different colleges and Foothill is the only one that has anything like this for their instructors.

-Adjunct Faculty Member

I heard about Go2Knolwedge at the new faculty orientation meeting in October. Since then I have watched 13 webinars, all of which have been really well done and valuable. I also appreciate that it documents my participation so I can get professional growth credit.

-First Year Tenure Track Faculty

Faculty Quotes

contact info

Go2Knowledge InformationKristen@ieinfo.org303.955.0415


Contact Info

Free Preview: http://www.go2knowledge.org/