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Hello ! Did I arrive in Europe? PowerPoint Presentation
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Hello ! Did I arrive in Europe?

Hello ! Did I arrive in Europe?

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Hello ! Did I arrive in Europe?

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  1. Hello! Did I arrivein Europe?

  2. Are youthechildren?

  3. Do yougo to thekindergarten?

  4. I’m very rude, I didn’t saymyname to you.

  5. I’m from planet Jupiter. Do youknowwhat is Jupiter?

  6. Jupiter is one big planet. Do youwant to seewhat it looks like?

  7. On my planet, Jupiter, much is different than here on Earth.

  8. I don’t understand lot of things here on Earth. That’s why I come here. I know that you kindergarten children know a lot of things. Do you want to help me?

  9. On Jupiter we don’t have a names , like you. We just have numbers. My number is 2457. I would like to have name like you, name with letters. Can you giveme the name with letters?

  10. Thankyou! I likethatname! Thankyou!

  11. Pleasetell me yournames!

  12. Ooo, what a beautifullnames. I reallyneedyourhelp.

  13. You talk a lotaboutfriendship. We on planet Jupiter don’t knowwhat is friendship? What is friendship!

  14. Aha…….I don’t have a friend. I just have neighbor. Do you won to see my neighbor?

  15. Whatfriends do? What is his or her job?

  16. Do friends help one another? How?

  17. Do friends share their toys and other things?

  18. Is it possible for friend to have a fight? How?

  19. What is the fight for? In what way cansuch a fight be ended?

  20. „Best friend” – what doesthismean?

  21. Can a girlandaboybe best friends?

  22. Thankyou, youexplainthisverywell to me. I have to thinkabout it now.

  23. Now I’m going to think about the friendship.

  24. Can I come to talk to you again?

  25. One more time, thank you! Bye!

  26. There are some things running through my head, But on Jupiter I can’t answer them. At the early dawn I went on a trip, 'cause I'm looking for an answer or a tip. I heard one word, and that is 'friendship' I think that’s a special spaceship. Or some kind of food? I wonder does it taste good. To keep a friend you don’t need a guard, but to find a good friend is hard. Should I look for friendship in the market place? I want it, so help me solve the case!