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The 2009 Cloud Consensus Report

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The 2009 Cloud Consensus Report - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The 2009 Cloud Consensus Report. Bringing the Cloud Down to Earth. July 28, 2009. Sponsored by the Merlin Federal Cloud Initiative. Introduction.

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Presentation Transcript

The 2009 Cloud Consensus Report

Bringing the Cloud Down to Earth

July 28, 2009

Sponsored by the Merlin Federal Cloud Initiative



  • President Barack Obama, Federal CIO Vivek Kundra, and others vocally support a Federal transition to cloud computing. Questions, however, remain – what exactly is cloud computing, and what are the real benefits for Federal agencies?
  • In June 2009, MeriTalk surveyed 605 Federal and industry IT executives to identify the following:
  • Snapshots of both government and industry cloud progress
  • Issues stalling the Federal cloud transition
  • Recommendations to enable agency cloud readiness

“Is the cloud just the latest hype?” – IT Manager, Department of Defense




Cloud Definitions

There are more than 20 definitions of cloud computing in circulation*

In your own words, how would you define “the cloud?”

“The domain of Web-based applications.”

- CIO/CTO, Federal Civilian

“A vaguely defined set of computing resources that can be utilized to complete tasks.”

- IT Manager, DoD

“The concept of providing services, infrastructure (network connectivity, database management, etc.), and software applications in a virtual environment.”

- Deputy CIO/CTO, DoD

“A pool of resources (processing and storage) that is sold as a service to various clients so that they do not have to own and maintain their own data center.”

- IT Director, DoD

“The architecture supporting services offered.”

- IT Manager, Federal Civilian

“Internet client side is not the cloud, but when Internet traffic is submitted to the client side, the cloud is present.”

- IT Director, Federal Civilian

“Remote services and infrastructure available over the Internet that appear as local resources.”

- IT Manager, Federal Civilian

“Just another name for the Internet.”

- IT Manager, DoD

Take Away:Low Visibility


*CIO, “Early Adaptors Ride Out Cloud Hype,” May 27, 2009


Cloud Status

  • Federal IT executives report confusion over exactly what is and what is not cloud computing
  • While few Federal IT managers say their agencies are using cloud computing, many more report using applications that rely on the cloud


Report using database cloud applications

Just 13%



Report using document management cloud applications

report they are currently using cloud computing


Report running a virtualized server environment in-house; aka –private clouds

Take Away:Cloud Confusion



Cloud Impact

Despite uncertainty, Federal IT managers see the cloud as more than the latest tech trend

Confident Outlook: Aggressive Timeline:


Average number of years that Federal IT managers believe it will take for their agency to realize the benefits of cloud computing



Of Federal IT managers believe the cloud is “here to stay”

Believe that in five years, the majority of large enterprises will rely on cloud computing for core applications

Federal IT managers are more likely than industry managers to hold this optimistic outlook – 61% to 51%

Take Away:Staying Power



Where Are We Today?

On track with industry organizations, most Federal agencies are currently in cloud learning mode

Federal government

Where is your organization with cloud computing?


Learning about the technology

Implementing a plan

Designing a plan

Have cloud applications in place


Not discussing the cloud

"Everywhere I look, people talk about how the private sector's ahead of the Federal government and that the Federal government can't lead. I reject that idea. The Federal government can lead.“ – Federal CIO Vivek Kundra on the adoption of innovative IT*

Take Away:Opportunity for Federal Leadership


*, “Obama CIO: Government Can Lead in IT,” March 12, 2009


Cloud Benefits

  • With Federal budgets shrinking, the cloud may offer an opportunity to save without sacrifice

What are the most significant benefits of cloud computing for your agency?*

While Federal and industry IT managers agree on the top three benefits of cloud computing, Federal managers are twice as likely to view COOP as a top benefit – 22% to 11%

Take Away:Golden Ticket


*Federal IT managers asked to select up to three benefits


Cloud Success

Across Federal agencies and industry organizations, IT departments are anticipatingandachievinga high rate of cloud computing success




of agencies and organizations that have implemented cloud computing say their implementation has been successful

of Federal agencies and industry organizations believe cloud computing is the key to reducing their IT expenses

“We have recently benchmarked our cloud implementation and have had high service levels with very low costs.” – IT Manager, Federal Civilian

Take Away:Cash In









Cloud Barriers

However, Federal IT managers see security concerns as a major hurdle to cloud advancement

What are the biggest barriers to cloud computing within your agency?*

Though Federal and industry IT managers both see it as the top barrier, Federal agencies are more likely than industry organizations to experience implementation challenges with security – 73% to 48%

Take Away:Storm Clouds


*Federal IT managers asked to select up to three barriers


Cloud Outlook

  • Both government and industry are optimistic about their future cloud use
  • When it comes to architecture, Federal agencies are more likely to select private clouds over public clouds; may see as a way to address security and privacy concerns

Clouds Today Clouds Tomorrow

Federal government


My organization is currently using:

My organization is open to using:

Government agencies are less likely to be open to the use of public clouds than industry organizations – 27% to 41%

Take Away:Feds Value Privacy



Five-Year Forecast

  • Looking ahead, Federal IT managers believe e-mail is the most likely cloud candidate
  • However, close to half also anticipate moving procurement, enterprise resource planning (ERP), and customer relationship management (CRM) applications to a cloud model within the next five years

Five years from now, how do you believe your agency will host the following applications?* 

Take Away:Clouds in the Distance


*Federal IT managers asked to select one hosting method for each application


Download the Cloud Consensus Report Today at

Steve O’Keeffe – MeriTalk

(703) 883-9000 ext. 111