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Personal Learning Experiences

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Personal Learning Experiences . By: Joshua Roche. Learning Experiences . Most significant educational experiences have been those that incorporated traditional education and real world, real time education.

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learning experiences
Learning Experiences

Most significant educational experiences have been those that incorporated traditional education and real world, real time education.

Types of experiences that intrigued me in early years were ones that were facilitated with advanced thinking that applied concepts to different topics.

learning experiences1
Learning Experiences

Experiences in high school: analogies

College: the application of concepts that are thought provoking and rely on that aspect to form a correct observation.

When I started college I thought such conversations would be encountered quite often.

No, they haven't been met to the degree I wished. Most of college students just want to get it done without going beyond, as in high school.

learning experiences2
Learning Experiences

Experiences would be targeted, like minded individuals would cultivate each other to progress in advanced thought.

Looking forward, I hope my greatest achievements will be carving a career by thinking out side of the box, whatever that may be.

inventioneering aspirations
Inventioneering Aspirations

I would like to develop a closed loop system that integrates food production and energy production.

The amount of resources would be incredible, not to mention integration of many educational fields.


I couldn’t even speculate on a timeframe. I am sure much of the research has been conducted or is in the process. However, financial return may not be there yet.

inventioneering aspirations1
Inventioneering Aspirations

I presume my place in such a team would be on the business/political end.

The skills that I currently have (networking, writing, and economics) could lay a foundation for the initiation of such an endeavor, but not get much further than that.

The idea was based off a ted talk I saw.

I have not made any attempts to address the issue.

inventioneering aspirations2
Inventioneering Aspirations

This would have to be evaluated by an expert(mentor) in the field I imagine.

Learning objectives would include: renewable energy, biology, and chemistry.

essential experiences
Essential Experiences

The most important would be one on one or small group interaction with persons in the field.

This is the most important because it introduces the traditional educational component but makes it tangible with the presentation of real world applicability.

essential experiences1
Essential Experiences

Videos would be the next most important aspect.

Our generation has been raised in such a way that has skewed how most people tend to learn.

The importance of such a vehicle is exemplified by the popularity of youtube and tedtalks.

It is important that education remains relevant in some regards to the population that is targeted.

essential experiences2
Essential Experiences

I believe Khan Academy is the most important model. It also allows the viewer to see to depth and breadth of knowledge that exists.

Users can roam within and between topics and subjects that interest them, possibly creating greater retention.

launching inventors workshop
Launching Inventors Workshop

Short term: The continued development of foundational principles.

Should start solidifying what it will and will not be from ideas that have already been generated.

Long term: The continued aspiration to set the precedent in educational innovation and acceptance of new ideas.

launching inventors workshop1
Launching Inventors Workshop

The main challenge would be to break the hold that the conventional educational model currently imposes, while delivering the results to justify such a notion.

The opportunities are endless as exemplified by engineering students in Africa.

launching inventors workshop2
Launching Inventors Workshop

The IW can employ tactics that prove its viability and versatility in order to be a educational model.

The club will need to have funding and regualr student involvement in order to a sustainable club at ASU.

I believe it is imperative to meet with individual clubs to initiate such a connection. Then a meeting with all relevant clubs is in order to establish an ASU coalition geered at the aims of IW.