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Any Questions?. Chapter 10-Multimedia and Mass Storage. Multimedia devices like sound cards, digital cameras and MP3 players Optical Storage-CD and DVD How hardware devices are used for backups Troubleshooting mass media. Pg 411. Multimedia on a PC.

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Chapter 10 multimedia and mass storage
Chapter 10-Multimedia and Mass Storage

  • Multimedia devices like sound cards, digital cameras and MP3 players

  • Optical Storage-CD and DVD

  • How hardware devices are used for backups

  • Troubleshooting mass media

Pg 411

Multimedia on a pc
Multimedia on a PC

  • Using sight, sounds and animations to make output real-world

    • But computers store digital information

Pg 411

Cpu technologies
CPU Technologies

  • AMD and Intel dominate CPU market

    • Special codes or instructions on their chips

  • Intel

    • MMX

      • Pentium MMX and II

    • SSE (Streaming SIMD Extension)

      • Single Instruction Multiple Data

      • Pentium III

    • SSE2, SSE3, HT

      • Pentium 4

Pg 412

Cpu technologies1
CPU Technologies

  • AMD and Intel dominate CPU market

    • Special codes or instructions on their chips

  • AMD

    • 3dNow

      • Graphics

    • HyperTranport

      • Increase bandwidth

    • PowerNow

      • Improve performance

Pg 412

Sound cards onboard sound
Sound Cards & Onboard Sound

  • Used to record and play back sounds

  • Input and Output ports as well

  • Surround Sound

    • Multiple channels that can play sound differently

Pg 412

Sampling and digitizing sound
Sampling and Digitizing Sound

  • Digitizing sound

    • Convert from analog to digital

  • Compressed

  • Synthesized

  • Sampling rate

    • Number of samples per second (hertz)

    • Higher the rate, more accurate the sound

  • Compression reduces the quality

Pg 414

Installing a sound card
Installing a sound card

  • Similar to other installations

    • Addition of audio connectors inside the case, usually for connection for playing audio straight from CDs

  • Physical installation

  • Drivers

Pg 415

Digital cameras and flash memory
Digital Cameras and Flash Memory

  • Digital Cameras like scanners

    • Scans the field of image set by picture

    • Quickly

  • TWAIN is transfer standard

    • USB, Firewire, Serial, etc

  • Can also take out Solid State device

    • Use a card reader

    • Many kinds of memory

  • Generally need to use customized software that comes with Camera

    • Some cameras are now plug and play with video and photo software

Pg 423

Web cams and microphones
Web Cams and Microphones

  • Web cam provides live feed to internet

  • Connect with USB, Firewire, sometimes s-Video or composite

  • Generally need to install software first

    • Chat software can often detect as well

Pg 426

Mp3 players
MP3 players

  • MP3 is a compression system for audio files

  • MP3 player is hardware for playing these files

    • Sometimes refers to other codecs/formats

  • MPEG is a video compression codec

    • MPEG-1, -2, -4

Pg 428

Midi devices
MIDI Devices

  • Musical Instrument Digital Interface

    • Represent music in digital form

  • For playing instruments, not “music”

  • One instrument at a time

  • Many instruments have MIDI ports

    • 5 pin DIN port

    • Input and output ports needed

  • Connect to a mixer or PC

Pg 431

Tv and video capture
TV and Video Capture

  • Turn your PC into a television

    • Usually has a Coax or composite connection

Pg 432

Using cds
Using CDs

  • Cs used for data, multimedia, music, files, etc

  • Manufactured CDs are write once

    • Pits and lands

  • CLV and CAV used to manage CD Spin speed

  • 150 KBps was original speed for reading audio CDs

    • Multiples for data transfer

Pg 436

Cd rom cd r cd rw

  • Different types of CDs can be bough

  • Different types of drives can read and write

  • CD-ROM can read CDs and most CD-Rs

  • CD-R drive can burn CD-R and CD-RW and read CD-R and CD-RW and CD

  • CD-RW can burn CD-R and rewrite CD-RW, but the CD-RW can’t be used in older players

  • CD-R and CD-RW are blue, black or other color

  • CD is silver

Pg 437

Installing a cd drive
Installing a CD Drive

  • Once installed, it appears as a drive letter

  • Usually Parallel ATA-EIDE

    • Set jumpers like the HD

  • If possible, put it on its own cable as master

    • If not, make it slave to HD

  • Don’t forget the audio cable

Pg 439

Using dvds
Using DVDs

  • DVD designed for holding movie

    • 8.5 GB of Data or 17 GB if dual sided

      • Uses UDF format

  • DVD uses shorter wavelength laser than CD, thus more data storage

    • Also has two layers

Pg 444

Any questions

Pg 444

New standards
New Standards

  • HD-DVD

    • Didn’t make it!

  • Blu-Ray

Pg 444

Installing a dvd
Installing A DVD

  • Installed like A CD drive

    • Power, Audio, Data connections

    • Jumper

    • Etc.

Pg 446

Caring for optical drives and disks
Caring for Optical Drives and Disks

  • Wont work vertically

  • Watch out for dust, scratches and fingerprints

  • Hold on the edges

  • No heat or sunlight

  • Don’t bend or drop

  • Don’t push the tray on the player

  • Use the correct cleaner

Pg 447

Hardware for backups and fault tolerance
Hardware for Backups and Fault Tolerance

  • Data is worth more than hardware

Pg 449

Hardware for backups and fault tolerance1
Hardware for Backups and Fault Tolerance

  • Keep Multiple copies

    • Maybe even offsite storage

  • Backup to

    • CD/DVD

    • External Drive

    • LAN connected PC

    • File Server

    • Web Based Service

Pg 449

Tape drives
Tape Drives

  • Inexpensive Backup System

    • Traditional backup for corp. servers

    • Being replaced with network storage and optical drives

  • Sequential Access

    • Have to read whole tape in order to find data

Pg 450

Tape drives1
Tape Drives

  • Internal or external

    • SCSI, USB, ATA, etc

  • Similar physical connections to other drives

  • Tapes

    • Data and mini cartridges

    • Similar to Floppies

      • FAT keeps track of where files are

    • Must match taps to tape drive

      • Lots of standards

    • Careful of

      • Light, heat

      • Magnetic fields

      • Spills

Pg 451

Removable drives
Removable Drives

  • Internal or external

    • Increase storage

    • Easy to move

    • Simple backups

    • Secure files physically

  • USB flash drives

  • External drive with USB or firewire connections

  • PCMCIA flash drives

  • ZIP, Optical, etc.

Pg 455

Installing removable drives
Installing removable drives

  • Similar to other drives

    • Check connections

    • Some have special software

  • Check docs

    • Check jumpers if SCSI

  • See if it is recognized

Pg 457

Fault tolerance dynamic volumes and raid
Fault Tolerance, Dynamic Volumes and RAID

  • Fault Tolerance

    • Elimination of a point of failure

    • Ability of PC to respond to a fault and not lose data

  • Redundant Array of Independent Drives (RAID)

    • Many Levels

    • Link drives together to appear as one

    • Hardware and Software Implementations

Pg 458

Dynamic volumes
Dynamic Volumes

  • Example of Software implementation of RAID

  • Types of Disks

    • Basic

      • Classic Drive-Divide up HD into partitions

      • Generally difficult to change partition sizes

    • Dynamic

      • Can allocate space as needed

      • Single drive letter may represent many physical and logical drives

        • Dynamic Volumes-XP and 2000 +

Pg 458

Volume types
Volume Types

  • Simple Volume

    • Like a traditional static partition

    • One area of HD represents on Drive letter

  • Spanned Volume

    • Single drive letter is made up of one or more spaces (partitions) on one or more HD

    • Fill the first partition and then the others

  • Striped Volume

    • Single drive letter is made up of one or more spaces on one or more HD

    • Write data to both spaces evenly. Fill both as it goes

    • Increases performance

Pg 458

Volume types1
Volume Types

  • RAID 5 Volume

    • Striped across 3 or more devices

    • Uses parity checking

      • Extra information so it can rebuild data if part is lost

Pg 458

Hardware raid
Hardware RAID

  • Uses specialized HW

    • Either built into MB or bought as an expansion card

  • The drives that make are part of RAID are an Array

  • Best performance is from having drives of same size, speed, features

  • For servers, it is often useful to have hot swapping

    • Can switch out a drive without shutting down

  • RAID often part of Storage Area Networks (SAN)

    • Specialized network setup for storage

Pg 460

Troubleshooting multimedia
Troubleshooting Multimedia

  • CD/DVDs

  • Burning CDs

  • Sound Problems

    • Installing Sound Card

    • Games without Sound

  • Tape Drives

    • Cartridge wont work

    • Data transfer is slow

    • Drive wont work

    • Fails intermittently

Pg 462

Cd dvds

  • Cables

  • Jumper Settings

  • BIOS


  • Resources

    • Not on newer machines

Pg 462

Burning cds
Burning CDs

  • HD needs space to buffer files to be written

  • Watch other programs that may interrupt process

  • CD brand troubles

  • Slow down burn rate

Pg 462

Sound problems
Sound Problems

  • Speakers in right port

  • Internal Audio Cord from CD/DVD

  • Power

  • Volume control

    • Take a look

  • Check Device Manager

  • Use troubleshooting software if available

Pg 463

Installing sound card
Installing Sound Card

  • Drivers

  • Uninstall and reinstall

    • In Device Manager

    • Physically

  • Replace with one you know works

Pg 464

Games without sound
Games without Sound

  • Drivers

    • Check special sound components in window

      • Direct Sounds, etc

  • Check utilities

  • Check sound card performance settings

Pg 464


  • Check write protect tab

    • Remember these!!!

  • Proper insertion and type

  • Format?

  • Retension

  • Re-seat

  • How old is it

Pg 465

Data transfer is slow
Data transfer is slow

  • Check settings in software

  • Check hardware settings

  • Erase/reformat

  • New cartridge

  • Memory

Pg 466

Drive wont work or fails intermittently
Drive wont work or Fails intermittently

  • Check cables

  • Check Device Manager

  • Old Tape

  • Clean Tape Head

    • Remember this from VCR?

  • Format

  • Tension

  • etc

Pg 466