World war 1
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World War 1. By: Haille Madill 3B. German Involvement . Cause of the war.

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World war 1
World War 1

By: Haille Madill


Cause of the war
Cause of the war

The war started when a Serbian student named Gavrilo Princip assassinated the Austrian archduke Franz Ferdinand. Austria wanted to go to war with Serbia, but hesitated because Serbia and Russia had made a defensive treaty. So Austria and Germany made a defensive treaty, that said Germany would defend them from Russia if they went to war with Serbia.

The schlieffen plan
The Schlieffen Plan

Germany had been developing plans to invade every European country Since Bismarck. One of the plans was the Schlieffen Plan. Which was a plan to encircle the enemy. This plan was used for the invasion of France and other battles. Their plan was to attack Belgium and then proceed south into France.

World war 1 begins
World War 1 Begins

World War 1 began when Germany invaded Belgium. The day after the declaration against France, Germany lead soldiers into France. It took three days, but Germany captured the stronghold of Liege, and Belgium fell.

The battle at marne
The Battle at Marne

The battle of Marne was fought from September 5 to September 12, 1914. It was a Franco-British victory against The German Army under Chief of Staff Helmuth Von Moltke. It was an attempt by Germany to take over Paris.

World war 1

Timeline of World War One

Germany declares war on Russia.

Archduke Franz Ferdinand and wife is assassinated.

Italy declared war on Germany and Austria.

July 28, 1924

June 28, 1914

August 1, 1914

August 3, 1914

May 23, 1915

April 6, 1917

Austria declares war on Siberia

Germany declared war on France and invaded Belgium.

America declares war on Germany

World war 1

Timeline of World War One

Germany signs the armistice at Compiegne, France. Fighting ends on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month

U.S president Woodrow Wilson issues his fourteen points to peace.

Germanys flying ace, the Red Baron is shot down

March 21, 1918

January 8, 1918

April 21, 1918

November 9, 1918

November 11, 1918

June 28, 1919

German Kaiser Wilhelm II abdicates and flees Germany.

The Treaty of Versailles is signed and officially ends war.

Germany launches the Spring Offensive