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Land Of Holistic Pets

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Land Of Holistic Pets. The Nutritional Approach to Healthy Happy pets. Land Of Holistic Pets Specialising in Alternative Approaches to Healthy Pets. We use 2 principle approaches Diet and Nutrition to allow the body to make its own adjustments towards health

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Land Of Holistic Pets

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    1. Land Of Holistic Pets The Nutritional Approach to Healthy Happy pets

    2. Land Of Holistic PetsSpecialising in Alternative Approaches to Healthy Pets • We use 2 principle approaches • Diet and Nutrition to allow the body to make its own adjustments towards health • Herbal formulas to address more specific health Issues

    3. What is Holistic Nutrition? • A diet formulated for health and well being • It is not just a marketing term but should have a philosophy underpinning it. • Foods have the ability to warm and cool the body – We eat soups and stews in winter. Salads and fruit in summer! • Dogs which are prone to ear infections are being fed foods which create a warm, damp condition in the ear canal. • We are all familiar with the term ‘Hot Spots’ • Foods also have the ability to influence the Ph levels in our Bodies • Ph stands for Potential Hydrogen! • The range is from 0 – 14 with 7 being neutral • Below 7, the body is acid or more hydrogen • Above 7 the body is alkaline or more oxygen! • The principle of Excesses has to be taken into consideration • Too much protein, fat, salt sugar etc all have an influence in our dogs health. • Deficiency of certain foods has also to be considered • So how do we bring all the above together?

    4. Holistic Nutrition Explained • Each ingredient in the diet is considered to complement each other. • If one ingredient creates a warm condition it should be matched with a food which cools. • If another ingredient creates damp conditions (fat) then it should be complimented with one which dries the body. (Too Much Fat creates very damp conditions. Holistic diet should not create conditions which are either too warm or cool, too dry or damp • Each ingredient in the diet is considered for its Ph level. • Brown rice is acid forming in the body ( more hydrogen, less oxygen) • Spinach is alkaline forming in the body (more oxygen, less hydrogen) • Thus we need to balance the ingredients to produce the correct Ph level. • We then look at the potential for ‘Excesses’ • Is there too much protein, fat, salt or sugar • The quality of the ingredients - whole brown rice, millet, oats, compared to say corn glutton meal, sugar beet pulp etc • We then look at the potential for deficiencies • Is there enough protein and fat, also is it the quality good enough? • Taurine in dog food – why? Is the amino acids in the protein not good enough for the dogs to make their own Taurine? • So what happens when we feed a diet which is not holistic and been formulated without considering these issues?

    5. Likely Effects of Poor Diet • Skin & Coat • Itchy skin, eczema, dry skin, excess shedding, hot spots, brittle or soft coat (breed specific) • Ears & Eyes • Waxy ears, prone to irritations, runny eyes, tear stains • Teeth and Mouth • Tooth tarter, bad breath, • Feet • Chewing feet, red between the toes. • Digestive System • Occasional loose stools, constipation, anal glands need cleaned • Nervous System • Hyperactive, fatigue, poor behaviour, aggressive, timid • Muscular & Skeletal System • Stiffness, slow to rise and get started, unable to walk reasonable distance • Others • There are many other health issues which can be addressed simply by diet and the use of herbs.

    6. Excesses and Deficiencies • Excesses tend to be more common and problematic • Owners leave food out for dog to finish later • The reason dogs leave food is they are not hungry enough • Thus eating more food than required means they are eating more protein, fat, salt etc than they need – result – excesses! • Too much fat and oil slows the digestive system • Deficiencies • The major deficiency is chlorophyll in the diet – greens! • Greens help the digestion of grains and proteins Keep your dog well away from chocolate and other unhealthy treats

    7. Don’t worry – we have put all the ingredients together in 2 convenient and profitable Forms Robbie’s Holistic Cuisine In Chicken or Lamb Or Luath’s Holistic Nutrition In Chicken or Lamb

    8. Robbie’s Holistic Nutrition The Dried Food With A BIG Difference • Simply put the ingredients in a bowl • Add hot water • Allow to cool (keep your dog away because the aroma can too much) • Feed to dog • Watch the dogs coat, skin, eyes, ears, and general health all improve over the coming weeks. • And your customers keep coming back

    9. If you prefer a kibble food we have Luath Holistic Nutrition 3 Grains – Brown Rice, Millet and Oats 1 Protein – Either Chicken or Lamb 3 Vegetable – Carrots, Spinach and Peas 3 Herbs – Green Tea, oregano and Parsley Seaweed and Spirulina. Sunflower Oil, Chicken or Lamb fat Vitamins and minerals Protein - 18.5 % Fat – 7.5% What’s in the Name? Robert Burns' dog was called Luath!

    10. Developed By George Burns Land Of Holistic Pets To Order - Tel: 0845 373 4122 General enquires: Tel: 0845 373 4120 Email: Web site: All products certified by the British Association of Holistic Nutrition and Medicine