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Parkway North High School College Information

Parkway North High School College Information. PNHS events. Parkway JR/SR College Night Thursday, September 11 th (6:30 pm ) Parkway College Fair- South High Tuesday, September 16 (6:30-8) PNHS Underclassmen College Night Thursday, October 30 (6:30 pm) Financial Aid Night

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Parkway North High School College Information

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  1. Parkway North High School College Information

  2. PNHS events • Parkway JR/SR College Night Thursday, September 11th (6:30 pm) • Parkway College Fair- South High Tuesday, September 16 (6:30-8) • PNHS Underclassmen College Night Thursday, October 30 (6:30 pm) • Financial Aid Night Wednesday, November 5 (6:30 pm)

  3. Things to consider • By this time, you may already have a school in mind. If you don’t, no worries. You are not behind! • Some things that students can look at when starting the college search process: • Major/Department/Program- How common/rare is the program? • Admissions Requirements- Is it realistic? • Campus Environment- Small/large, public/private • Cost- Is it realistic? How much aid is available? • Distance

  4. Free/reduced lunch Waivers • If you qualify for free or reduced lunch, please let someone in Guidance know when you request your transcripts. Most universities allow us to waive your application fee (an average of $40 for each application).

  5. How do you know if A school is a good fit? • Once you have a solid list of schools, you will want to do plenty of research online and then…SCHEDULE A CAMPUS VISIT! • When you give the campus Welcome Center plenty of notice, they can sometimes tailor a visit to fit your needs. You will hopefully be able to speak with students, staff, and faculty and ask all of those specific questions that you have.

  6. Cost • It is very important to ask about the TOTAL COST OF ATTENDANCE, as it factors in tuition, fees, and room & board. • You can also ask about the institution’s payment and financial aid options. • Every student should fill out a FAFSA during second semester of senior year.

  7. Cost cont’d • In considering cost, look beyond the price-tag for available assistance. Decide the value of a desired educational experience and how much sacrifice (usually in terms of work and loan now and later) you are willing to make to obtain your goals. Work closely with the financial aid officers at the colleges to which you apply.

  8. Campus size- What you want vs what you need • What type of school do you see yourself attending? Is it a large campus, with tons of campus life but lecture hall classes? Or a smaller school with more individualized attention? • Each type of school will have its own pros and cons. The best way to find the best fit is to visit the campus while in session. That way, you can see what the campus will look like when you attend.

  9. Deadlines!! • Deadlines seem to be getting earlier and earlier each year, so it is important that you have a tiered list of schools- A, B, C. Your A list may be a reach (for admission or financial reasons), so it is good to have other, more practical choices should plan A fall through. • You also must educate yourself on each school’s deadlines. • December 1st is a good date to remember. • Remember that a letter or recommendation takes time. We ask that you give counselors and teachers at least 10 school days. Be prepared to ask them face-to-face and have your Naviance questionnaire completed.

  10. Highly selectives • Each year, we have students apply to highly selective or Ivy League schools. • Applying to these places is time consuming and expensive, so it is important to be aware of your odds. Less than 10% of (admissible) students will be admitted to Ivy League schools each year. • Research each school individually. Even among the Ivy League colleges, schools can be varied. Know the culture of each college and be able to speak to that in your essays/supplements.

  11. Early Action/Early decision The benefits and drawbacks of applying early College Board states: “Early decision (ED) and early action (EA) plans can be beneficial to students — but only to those who have thought through their college options carefully and have a clear preference for one institution.”

  12. Two Websites That You Need **Family Connection Website **Guidance Office Website

  13. Family connections • Every student at PNHS has a NAVIANCE/Family Connection account. It can help narrow schools by size, region, and major. If you have not logged on, please come make an appointment in our office. We would be happy to give you a tutorial.

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