next generation mass scale on demand technology n.
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Next Generation Mass-Scale On-Demand Technology PowerPoint Presentation
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Next Generation Mass-Scale On-Demand Technology

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Next Generation Mass-Scale On-Demand Technology - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Next Generation Mass-Scale On-Demand Technology. Technology. DINA ™ is the only state-of-the-art platform solution in the world that can deliver on-demand mass data to mass audiences Able to serve millions and millions of on-demand customers without breaking your wallet or the network

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Presentation Transcript
  • DINA™ is the only state-of-the-art platform solution in the world that can deliver on-demand mass data to mass audiences
    • Able to serve millions and millions of on-demand customers without breaking your wallet or the network
    • Over 95% savings on both system cost and bandwidth requirement comparing to unicast system
    • First impression – mass-scale VOD service
      • Codec independent
        • DINA™ is a distribution methodology rather than a compression technology – hence one can stream CBR / VBR MPEG-1/2/4, H.264, or even HDTV when it comes along
    • Worldwide patented and patent pending technology
traditional delivery
Traditional delivery
  • Unicast
    • Private channel to each user
    • Expensive capital investment
      • e.g. each server handles 500 users → 2,000 servers to handle 1M users
    • Expensive running cost
      • Provision bandwidth for each user
      • Easily >1,000Gbps network bandwidth for 1 millions users
    • Un-scalable model – increase users and one has to increase bandwidth and server resource
    • Dimensioning leads to
      • User blocking – unacceptable
      • Sacrifice of hottest content - unacceptable
  • Pure Multicast / Broadcast
    • Nothing more than another traditional TV channel
problem with unicast delivery
Problem with Unicast Delivery
  • Variable cost business model
    • When the user base grows
      • More and more capital investment
      • More and more bandwidth requirement
    • Undesirable (bad) business model
  • System dimensioning sacrifices the hottest contents
    • Marketing wants
      • the hottest contents (e.g. Lord of the Rings) in order to grow subscriber base
      • No user blocking / no system dimensioning
    • Engineering forbids hottest content
      • Avoid system overload
  • Dilemma
    • Build a humongous system first?
    • Settle for a small market?
dina on demand delivery
DINA™ On-Demand delivery
  • Extremely cost effective
    • System cost – 95+% savings over unicast systems
    • Bandwidth requirement – 95+% savings over unicast systems
  • Fully scalable
    • Scales with amount of contents
    • Serves unlimitedusers with a fixed bandwidth
    • Does not require system dimensioning
    • Incremental revenue becomes pure profit!
      • No need to increase investment as revenue ()user base) ramps up
      • If this type of business model doesn’t’ make money, nothing will
  • For every single user
    • Independent instant startup, full interactive functions (infinite Pause, Resume, Jump, Stop, FF, RWD)
    • No need for local storage (i.e. no hard disk storage) - reduces piracy issues
what this means to an operator

unicast running cost

operation revenue

unicast set up cost


DINA™running cost

DINA™ set up cost

Subscriber base

What this means to an operator

Unicast gross margin

DINA™ gross margin

Substantially higher profit over unicast operation

DINA™ & unicast cross over point. Typically 3,000 users

technical comparison
Technical comparison

100 movies (200 hours) at 1Mbps serving 1.5M users

dina platform
DINA™ Platform

In the next few slides, we shall illustrate why DINA™ is really a


by which other value-added on-demand services can be created on top

dina opportunities
DINA™ opportunities
  • Mass scale Movies-On-Demand (current)
  • TV-On-Demand SL
  • Live TV-On-Demand
  • On-Demand Platform
  • Other mass scale on-demand data delivery service
dina mass scale vod
DINA™ Mass Scale VOD
  • Well understood operation
    • No need to educate the consumers
    • Service well received
  • Only DINA™ can allow an effective and affordable mass scale VOD operation
    • Market the hottest content (e.g. Spiderman, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars)
    • Infinite concurrent user
      • One DINA™ system to cover all subscribers as far as your network can reach
    • No dimensioning whatsoever
dina tv on demand sl
DINA™ TV-On-Demand SL
  • An all new home TV entertainment mode
  • A natural extension from mass scale movies-on-demand
    • Don’t limit yourself to movies; also include hot TV programs
    • For those TV channels sans live events (SL), every program of the day can become an on-demand item
      • Dedicated channels like Disney On Demand, H&G On Demand, Discovery On Demand etc.
    • If needed, one can still have one single broadcast stream to mimic a preset broadcast channel
    • Easy and inexpensive to operate – Spurs content aggregators/producers to run their own TVOD channels
dina live tv on demand
DINA™ Live TV-On-Demand
  • An all new home TV entertainment mode
    • Take a normal broadcast channel and author On-Demand entry points on-the-fly
      • A few minutes into a program’s broadcast, it can already become an on-demand item for selection
    • Users can choose to watch the live signal feed
    • Users can also jump to On-Demand programs where entry points have been authored
    • The time/channel concept to a normal TV service is totally abolished – prime program (instead of prime time) model
    • Live TVOD can become a citywide Network PVR!
dina on demand platform
DINA™ On-Demand Platform
  • Set up DINA™ platforms for lease
    • Generate multiple income while saving cost!
      • Encourage other On-Demand TV channels to appear, leasing system and bandwidth as these channels emerge
        • On-Demand TV stations will not need to arrange 24 hours of programming hence saves on programming cost
      • Encourage broadband penetration
      • Saves on own programming cost
  • TV-on-demand will become the de facto lifestyle of choice for home TV entertainment
other possibilities
Other Possibilities
  • e-Education
    • On-demand delivery of supplementary education to the mass at home
    • e-Education always has the largest audience base
  • WAN based on-demand information / radio etc. services
    • e.g. a wireless Food channel on-demand device that hangs in the kitchen
  • Music-On-Demand
  • Any other mass data to mass audience on-demand delivery application
dina on demand platform1
DINA™ On-Demand Platform

On Demand Services

MOD, TVOD-SL, L-TVOD, On-Demand TV channels…

DINA™ Platform

Broadband Network


dina deployment
DINA™ Deployment
  • Deployable on Windows PC platforms
  • Deployable with STB on Linux platforms for TV viewing
  • Deployable on various network architecture
    • xDSL / Ethernet / Satellite / Cable / Mobile
  • Deployment Experience
    • Successful trials / 3rd party tests
      • Chinese University of Hong Kong – 96 user campus trial
      • One Telco in Hong Kong – technical trial in Q4 of 2002
      • One Telco in an Asian city – Q2 2004
      • An European national Telco – Successful Integration Network trial – Q4 2004 – positive report issued
      • A satellite company in USA – tested successfully
    • Current demo system locations
      • France, Netherlands, Denver (USA), Dallas (USA), Macau, Hong Kong
      • Two Chinese province-based telcos requesting demo systems
another tv station
Another TV station?
  • Who wants to pay for just another TV service?
    • Aside from contents, audience wants something more different from traditional TV delivery
    • DINA™ based mass scale VOD, TVOD, and other On-Demand features make the difference
  • TV service means mass market and only DINA™ makes it possible to deliver mass-market On-Demand TV cost effectively
  • Bring on a totally new, Everything-On-Demand TV concept
  • Operate a digital TV station on DINA™ platform
    • Deliver contents cost effectively – to both PC and TV
    • Learn what customers want – convenience with affordability. Once they have tried On-Demand services, there’s no turning back
    • Future possibilities with satellite and wireless delivery
  • Bottom lines
    • Offer value-added video services on your broadband network
    • Mass profit from mass market only
      • Unicast VOD simply won’t bring in profit – high investment and running cost will only become a burden to the operation
    • Mass market On-Demand TV delivery means fresh and enormous revenue to service operators and network carriers
    • Only DINA™ can deliver all above services efficiently and effectively to the mass
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