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  1. E-BUSINESS IN LITHUANIA Students of Kaunas University of Technology: Reda Blažaitytė Lina Kaušylaitė Karolina Auštraitė Rūta Lynikaitė Arūnas Liuiza

  2. Agenda • Lithuania and our university • General review of e-business in Lithuania • Support for e-business • Examples of e-business projects

  3. Kaunas The second biggest city in Lithuania Population- 362 000 inhabitants Located at the confluence of the two largest Lithuanian rivers Students city Temporary capital of Lithuania Lithuanian basketball capital

  4. Kaunas University of Technology • The biggest technical university in Baltic states • 13 faculties, 10 institutes, 4 sciences centres • 18500 students, 1200 academic staff • 36 bachelor programmes, 65 master programmes,17 doctoral degree programmes

  5. Internet Usage and Population Statistics

  6. Lithuania’s improvements in IT At the Network Readiness Index (NRI) rankings published in The Global Information Technology Report 2006–2007 among 122 countries Lithuania comes in at 39th place (5 positions up). For the first time Lithuania enters the top-40 league!

  7. EU Structural Funds Support for E-business Under the Lithuania’s Action Programme for Economic Growth in 2007-2013 Lithuania will get 14,2 mln.EUR EU Structural Funds Support for the development of e-business.

  8. TheBusiness Journalfor the Information Society Three Baltic countries - Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia – publish the business journal for the Information SocietyBaltic IT&T Review. The journal contains articles about: • E-government • E-business • E-companies • E-society • IT&T Market  • Networks • Business Contacts

  9. “Window to the future” • Founders: • Omnitel - mobile telecommunications company, • TEO LT - fixed telecommunications company, • HansabankasandSEB-Vilniaus Bankas -  the largest banks in the country • AlnaandSonex Co.-  the largest Lithuanian IT companies • Partners: • Microsoft Lietuva, Sampo bank, Motorola, LAWIN, Deloitte, PR Service/Edelam Affilliate, DnB NORD bank

  10. “Window to the future” • Mission: • to promote the use of Internet in Lithuania and hereby stimulate the growth of living standard as well as Lithuania’s competitiveness among European and other countries of the world • Aim: • to increase the number of Internet users in Lithuania and achieve the Internet penetration ratio of the European Union over the period of three years.

  11. “Window to the future” • Fields of activities: • Internet access– establishment of Public Internet Access Sites • Training the society of computer literacy and Internet use • E-services to the citizens • Achievements • 175 Public Internet Access Points • 20,000 people were trained • Promotion of e-services • 50,000 citizens to be trained in two years

  12. Project “Documents electronic interchange service authoring for business clients “B2B” centre” • The project was realized by Join-Stock Company “Infomainai” • The term of the project – 2006 y. July 3 d. – 2007 y. April 3 d. • Project’s value – 215.000 EUR • The sum of support from EU – 50 % project’s value – 107.500 EUR

  13. “B2B” centre – what is it? “B2B” centre – such a way of documents exchange between partners, which will make better the results of business, it will help to save time and the investments to IT. • This new service would • reduce administrative costs of Lithuanian companies, • increase their competitive ability, • stimulate the implementation of innovative process and the using of information technologies in companies work.

  14. Procedure principals of documents exchange using “usual electronic” methods X accounting and business management system Rivile Balance Z accounting and business management system Axapta Module IS Axapta Module IS Axapta Module IS Axapta Module IS R.Balance INTERNET Module IS Navision Module IS Navision Module IS Navision Module IS X Module IS Y Module IS Y Module IS Y Module IS Z Navision Module IS R.Balance Module IS X Module IS Z Y accounting and business management system Module IS R.Balance Module IS X Module IS Z

  15. Procedure principals of “B2B” centre Rivile Balance Axapta Connection module Connection module „B2B“ centre Z accounting and business management system Navision Connection module Connection module X accounting and business management system Y accounting and business management system …. Connection module Connection module

  16. You may invest via the Internet into: • Equities- the Internet enables you to acquire or sell equities • Savings bonds- the Internet enables you to redeem the Government savings bonds held by an investor • Investment funds- each trade company offers different investment funds

  17. Using the Internet you may: • learn the recent securities price and market trends • place an order on equity, bonds, units of investment funds buying or selling; • observe and analyze information on the securities portfolio being held.

  18. Advantages of trading on the Internet: • Quick- placement of orders via the Internet requires a shorter period of time • Convenient- you do not have to contact broker every time you want to trade • Simple- international stocks markets are reachable and available as well as domestic market. All transactions can be controlled from one trade-account. • Useful- equity transactions will be cheaper compared to the standard methods • Secure- safety of internet trading are guaranteed by highest standards.

  19. Investment services providers Mostly investment services are provided by banks: • SEB Vilniaus bankas • Ūkio bankas • Snoras • Sampo Non-banking companies are providing on-line investment services and become more available for common people: • Finasta

  20. eSignature • JSC “EVP” (“Electronic Business Projects”) • Established in 2004 • 4 big projects • Internet settlement system • – SMS sending over Internet • – Internet advertisement board • – eSignature system

  21. eSignature – signing process Identity confirmation Document text input Declaration of other parties Signing Document reception confirmation Usage of valid document

  22. eSignature • Functional eSignature system, approved and monitored by Lithuanian government • Integrated with most of e-banking services in Lithuania. • Used by private and public sector


  24. The idea and achievements of • The page was started in 1999. • The idea of the site is that friends can communicate very easily, they can also see and reach people who are friends to their friends. • Index of attainability is 56,95%. • Now it has 469533 real users.

  25. Entering


  27. The idea and achievements of • The page was started in 2007. • The idea of the site is to create a club of “Ezys” users. Club members can come and use fee-paying services, to chat and even earn some money for their mobile needs.

  28. The front page

  29. Discounts & promotions

  30. Mobile content

  31. LEDAS

  32. Tariffs

  33. Thank You for having no questions !