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By: Stephen Bush. Firearms . Cannons. Cannons date back as early as the B.C years. Cannons weighed around 20,000 lbs. and required a lot of people to move and fire it. Cannons were very essential in the American Revolution when America fought for its freedom.

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  • Cannons date back as early as the B.C years.
  • Cannons weighed around 20,000 lbs. and required a lot of people to move and fire it.
  • Cannons were very essential in the American Revolution when America fought for its freedom.
  • Cannons fired many projectiles such as the traditional cannonball and canister shot- this is a projectile that when fired it sent many small, sharp objects at its target.
hand cannons
Hand Cannons
  • The hand cannon is the first handheld firearm.
  • It originated in China.
  • It was loaded and fired as a cannon was except it.
muskets and muzzle loaders
Muskets and Muzzle-loaders
  • A musket is a muzzle loaded long gun that was common in the 18th and 19th century.
  • Muzzle-loader refers to the way the gun is loaded

The musket is loaded from the muzzle.( Shown right.) Gunpowder and the lead ball are stuffed in.

1800 s firearms
1800’s Firearms
  • Firearms really made a huge change during this century.
  • They transitioned from muskets to Gatling Guns and Winchester rifles to the first box magazine.

To the left is a standard Gatling gun. It is operated using a crank that spins the barrels to shoot multiple rounds.

1900 s firearms
1900’s firearms
  • Firearms in the 1900’s changed significantly with 2 guns from WWII.
  • One of those is the Thompson Sub-Machinegun (A.K.A the Tommy gun).The second is the M1 Garand. M1 Garand was the first semi-automatic rifle in the world.

Thompson Sub-Machine

M1 Garand

hand guns
Hand Guns
  • A handgun/pistol is a modernized handheld gun that usually only fires one shot at a time.
  • Handguns are very common for police officers.

To the left is a Glock 17. The glock is a popular chain of semi-automatic handguns. (Semi automatic means the empty round is ejected after firing and a new one is put into the barrel)

  • A revolver is a handgun variation that has a 5-6 round (bullet) revolving chamber.
  • Smith and Wesson ( Founded by Horace Smith and Daniel B. Wessonin 1852) is the largest manufacturing business in the U.S. (1852-present)

This is a Colt revolver made by Samuel Colt.

sniper rifles
Sniper Rifles
  • A sniper rifle is a rifle that is very long and has a scope to make accurate shots from a long distance.

To the left is the .50 caliber sniper rifle. It is the most powerful and effective sniper rifle today because it is semi-automatic. Below is the .50 BMG Nato round that measures 138mm.

  • A shotgun is a firearm that made to be fired from the shoulder like a rifle. The projectiles are called slugs.
  • These slugs are filled with small pellets that are forced at a target with a wide spread.
  • There are 6 types: single barrel, double barrel, lever action, pump action, semi-automatic and fully automatic.
shotguns continued
Shotguns (continued)

This is a Winchester M1897- A pump action shotgun.

This is a double barrel shotgun.

This is an automatic shotgun- The AA12- The Auto Assault-12 (originally the Atchisson Assault Shotgun)

  • Rifles are long guns that are made to be fired from the shoulder. It also includes spiraling in the barrel to make the bullet spin at a greater velocity.
  • Rifles are most commonly used in the Army or on the Swat.

This is a modern SG 550 Rifle.

This is an old Springfield Rifle.

assault rifles
Assault Rifles
  • Assault rifles are rifles that is commonly used in the Army.
  • Common Assault rifles are the popular AK-47 (Bottom left) and the M-16: (Bottom Right)
automatic firearms
Automatic Firearms
  • An automatic firearm is a firearm that fires without stopping from one pull of the trigger.
  • There are automatic shotguns, handguns, rifles, handguns, etc..

The M2HB heavy machine gun is a automatic firearm.

rpg rocket propelled grenade
RPG- Rocket Propelled Grenade
  • A RPG is a Rocket Propelled Grenade.
  • RPG’s are used to destroy tanks and other heavily armored vehicles.

This is a RPG-7, The most common RPG. The Warhead is the rocket and the other part is the launcher.