nlp text analysis for picture movie generation n.
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NLP “Text Analysis for picture/movie generation” PowerPoint Presentation
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NLP “Text Analysis for picture/movie generation”

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NLP “Text Analysis for picture/movie generation” - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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NLP “Text Analysis for picture/movie generation”. David Lione Eduardo C á rdenas 23 /10/2011. Team:. David Lione Eduardo Cardenas. Project name:. “Text Analysis for picture/movie generation”. Professors in charge:. Prof. Dr. Ing . Stefan Trausan-Matu

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nlp text analysis for picture movie generation

NLP“Text Analysis for picture/movie generation”

David Lione

Eduardo Cárdenas




David Lione

Eduardo Cardenas

Project name:

“Text Analysis for picture/movie generation”

Professors in charge:

Prof. Dr. Ing. Stefan Trausan-Matu

As. Drd. Ing. CostinChiru


Motivation for choosing the project:

For the human been is easier to learn when is looking a picture instead when read a paper. Actually, many students try to remember some concepts that are in the book associating them with pictures.

The propose of our project is to transform text in images trying that both express the same mining.


How the problem can be solve?

In order to solve this problem we are going to use different techniques like text mining, natural language processing and semantic web.

We need to obtain a big Image database.

The Images needs to have tag’s with the things that are inside of them.

We need to know how to select the most representative picture in our database that describes a specific object.


How the problem can be solve?

We need to apply different text mining techniques in order to obtain most frequent words, stop removal, etc.

We need to obtain the PoS of the phrase that we want to convert to image.

We need to associate the text with the images.


Input example:

The ball is on the floor. It is a red ball. It is a rubber ball. The baby looks at the ball.

Output1 example:

The is on the . It is a . It is a . The looks at the .

Output2 example: