The college application process naviance edocs
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The College Application Process: Naviance & eDocs - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The College Application Process: Naviance & eDocs. Red Bank Catholic High School Guidance Office September, 2014. Welcome!. Mr. Mark DeVoe - Director of Guidance Melinda Fellingham - Counselor Patricia Hendricks - Counselor Kelly O’Keefe-Howlett - Counselor

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The college application process naviance edocs

The College Application Process:Naviance & eDocs

Red Bank Catholic High School Guidance Office

September, 2014


  • Mr. Mark DeVoe - Director of Guidance

  • Melinda Fellingham - Counselor

  • Patricia Hendricks - Counselor

  • Kelly O’Keefe-Howlett - Counselor

  • Theodore Jarmusz - Counselor

  • Mary Ellin Sweeney - Learning Consultant

  • Debra Hemschoot - Registrar

  • Tina Schwartz -Guidance Secretary


  • 60-75 minutes

  • Practical information

  • Changes to the Application Process

    • 5 EASY STEPS

  • Important Deadlines

  • Applying for Scholarships

  • Upcoming Events

  • Question and Answer (General)

Naviance family connection
Naviance Family Connection

  • A comprehensive website that students and parents can use as a tool in planning for their future.

  • Naviance is used for:

    • College research

    • Student Data (test scores, GPA etc.)

    • Prospective Colleges

    • Scholarships

    • Scattergrams

The college application process using edocs
The College Application Process using eDocs

  • All School Documents will be sent electronically using eDocs

    • Common Application Reports

    • Teacher and Counselor Recommendations

    • Transcripts – Initial, Mid-year and Final

    • School Profile

Overall expectations
Overall Expectations

  • Keep the process in perspective

  • Work together as a family

  • Students must take ownership

  • Discuss finances openly

  • Start early and meet all deadlines

Step 1 apply via the common application
Step 1: Apply via “The Common Application”

  • Go to and set up your account. Write down your common app username (e-mail) –You MUST establish a Commonapp account in order to submit your documents electronically.

  • Add your colleges that you are applying to via the Common App

  • Click on ‘assign recommenders’ (sidebar) and the FERPA agreement appears. Video link for Completing FERPA on CommonAPP

  • FERPA absolutely has to be signed before you can go forward.

  • Login to Naviance and match your CommonApp e-mail to your Naviance account. The e-mail has to be the same.

Common application link and tutorials
Common Application Link and Tutorials

  • Common Application-

  • Video link for Completing FERPA on CommonAPP

  • Common Application You Tube

  • Common Application Step by Step-

Naviance family connection1
Naviance Family Connection

Step 3 teacher recommendations
Step 3: Teacher Recommendations

  • Always allow at least 2 weeks for teachers to complete their letter.

  • Please make sure you personally ask the teacher prior to submitting the official request.

  • Click on the College tab, then “Colleges I’m Applying To”

  • Scroll down to Teacher Recommendations.

  • Click add/cancel request

  • Add new request, click the drop-down list and choose the teacher from the list, click submit request.

  • Your teacher request has to be done prior to your requesting a transcript.

Step 4 requesting a transcript
Step 4: Requesting a Transcript

  • You should have already started your application.

  • Your counselor should have the parent brag sheet and recommendation questionnaire from you prior to this step. You should have already asked your teachers for a recommendation.

  • Submit a COMPLETED “Transcript Request Form” to Mrs. Hemschoot personally. DO NOT LEAVE THIS FORM IN A COUNSELOR MAILBOX!

  • Enter Request A Transcript in Naviance.

    For a NOVEMBER 1 deadline-request should be submitted no later than October 15.

    For a November 15 deadline-request should be submitted no later than October 31.

Step 5 apply
Step 5: Apply

  • Complete Common Application On line.

  • Complete Supplements if applicable.

  • If college does not subscribe to CommonApp, complete on-line application for that particular college, but you MUST complete a Common Application in order to send electronic documents.

  • Make sure you complete payment screen and THEN SUBMIT application after payment.

  • Check for GREEN (on commonapp) box that appears at the top of the application to ensure that your application has been submitted.

Types of applications
Types of Applications






  • Question Mark = Student hasn’t listed the college in the Common App website

  • Blank Computer = Accepts EDocs and is not a Common App school

  • CA in Computer = Accepts EDocs and is a Common App School

  • Stamp = Paper Copy must be mailed

  • CA with line = Common App School but student has elected to use School Application instead

Updating the application status
Updating the Application Status

  • Click on “Colleges You are Applying To”

  • Under “My Applications” it will ask you if you have applied. Click on the question.

  • Update the information that is requested.

Standardized tests

  • SAT’s and Subject Tests have to be sent directly from CollegeBoard

  • ACT’s should be sent directly from ACT.

  • (They are NOT included on transcript)

Throughout the process
Throughout the Process……

  • Communicate with your counselor

  • As you hear back from schools, let your counselor know

  • Check for emails from the Guidance Office regularly

  • Parents can contact the counselor at any time

Review 5 easy steps
Review: 5 Easy Steps

  • Step 1: Set up a Common Application Account and complete FERPA waiver on the Common Application. Enter CommonApp ID (e-mail) in Naviance.

  • Step 2: Add Colleges that you are applying to in Naviance

  • Step 3: Invite Teacher Recommendations under “Colleges I’m Applying to”

  • Step 4: Request a Transcript

  • Step 5: Apply

Benefits of naviance
Benefits of Naviance

  • Streamline the process

  • Everything is “live”

  • Everything can be sent at once

  • Quick to update

  • Monitor status electronic submission

  • Eco-friendly

Senior meetings
Senior Meetings

  • Counselors meet with seniors regarding the process

  • By end of September Steps 1-3 are complete.

  • Review this process with your child prior to the meeting

  • Come prepared with questions

  • Contact your guidance counselor at any time

Upcoming events
Upcoming Events

  • September:

    • Individual College Rep Visits throughout the fall

  • October: Brookdale College Fair – October 5, 2014. (see handout)

    • SAT: October 11th (Registration by September 12th) offered at RBC

    • ACT: October 25 th (Registration by September 19th) offered at RBC

    • Application Deadline for Early Decision/Early Action for some schools (October 15th) Many southern schools have early deadlines.

  • November:

    • SAT: November 8th

    • Application Deadlines for Early Decision/Early Action (November

    • 1st/November 15th)


    • SAT: December 6th

    • ACT: December 13th


    • Financial Aid Evening: January 6, 2015


  • Scholarships are listed on Naviance

  • When applying for scholarships transcript requests should be brought to guidance at least one week before due date so it can be processed.

  • You will be notified by e-mail from Scholarship Coordinator-

    Pat Hendricks when scholarships are available.


  • Seniors need to visit their counselor frequently during the application season

  • Parents should communicate on a regular basis with their child about this process

    The process requires a minimal amount of time and effort outside of completing the actual application!