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Charles University in Prague Faculty of Mathematics and Physics

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Charles University in Prague Faculty of Mathematics and Physics - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Floods in Czech Republic - what happened to. Charles University in Prague Faculty of Mathematics and Physics. and. Nuclear Physics Institute Czech Academy of Sciences, Řež.

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in Czech Republic - what happened to

Charles University in PragueFaculty of Mathematics and Physics


Nuclear Physics Institute

Czech Academy of Sciences, Řež


Faculty of Mathematics and PhysicsEducates students in a wide variety of directions which correspond to individual departments and their scientific interests:

Mathematics and Informatics:

Algebra - Computational Mathematics - Didactics in Mathematics -Mathematical Analysis - Probability and Mathematical Statistics - Applied Mathematics - Mathematical Logic and Philosophy of Mathematics - Numerical Mathematics - Software Engineering - Theoretical Computer Science - Software and of Computer Science Education; Institute of Mathematics, Inst. of Formal and Applied Linguistic


Physics Education - Chemical Physics and Optics - General Physics Teaching - Metal Physics - Electronic Structures - Electronics and Vacuum Physics - Low Temperature Physics - Polymer Physics - Geophysics - Meteorology and Environmental Protection - Theoretical Physics; Astronomy Institute, Inst. of Particle and Nuclear Physics







Faculty of Mathematics and Physics

The professional profile of the Faculty could be found on web:

Departments with their home pages are listed on


Faculty of Mathematics and Physics

Trója campus was a place of many conferences, schools and workshops - here are participants of the school Relativistic Heavy Ion Physics ´99, organized in collaboration with Nuclear Physics Institute


Faculty of Mathematics and Physics

The Departments and Institutes work in wide international collaborations, as for example

Institute of Particle and Nuclear Physics

participates within the framework of Center for Particle Physics ( with the Institute of Physics of Czech Academy of Sciences in experiments

ATLASat CERN (there is a strong collaboration with US ATLAS on Tilecal project and on heavy-ion program for ATLAS), H1at DESY, D0at Fermilab and in several other experiments.

There is also a broad international collaboration in the area of theoretical nuclear and particle physics (deep inelastic scattering, electroweak interactions, chiral perturbation theory, quantum field theory, the structure of complex nuclei and the mechanism of nuclear reactions, quantum chaos, finite fermionic systems, properties of metal clusters and quantum dots are the topics of study at IPNP). In recent years, a series of conferences and summer schools on some of these topics were (co)organized by IPNP.


Nuclear Physics Institute

Czech Academy of Sciences, Řež


Nuclear Physics Institute

Czech Academy of Sciences, Řež

The main activities cover scientific research in nuclear physics (both theoretical and experimental) and in related fields (dosimetry of ionizing radiation, accelerator techniques, solid state physics, material research).

Further activities are connected with applying the methods of nuclear physics in interdisciplinary areas of research and development, such as biology, environmental sciences and medicine. The institute performs research and development of new radiopharmaceuticals and provides its radiopharmaceutical production to the medicine facilities. The institute develops the new methods of production of radionuclides and provides irradiation services on various materials.


Nuclear Physics Institute

Czech Academy of Sciences, Řež

The basic experimental facility is the cyclotron U-120 M operating with charged particles, protons and light ions, up to energy of 36 MeV (protons). The cyclotron is used both for nuclear physics experiments and radionuclide productions.

Electrostatic Van de Graaff accelerator yielding an ion beam of energy of 2.5 MeV is employed mainly in nuclear analytical methods. The beams of thermal neutrons produced by nuclear reactor LVR-15 of the Nuclear Research Institute, p.l.c., are used in reseach and development of solid state physics and material sciences.

Institute consists of the following departments, their detailed activities can be found on the institute web pages:

Theoretical Physics - Nuclear Spectroscopy - Nuclear Reactions - Neutron Physics - Radiation Dosimetry - Radiopharmaceuticals


Nuclear Physics Institute

Czech Academy of Sciences, Řež

NPI groups are involved in many international collaborations. They take part in the experiment STAR atRHIC. Participation in the ALICE experiment at the Large Hadron Collider facility, now being constructed at CERN, should certainly be also mentioned. This experiment, which will start after 2005, stands at the frontier in the exploration of properties of matter. Other collaborations in the heavy-ion physics with institutions in Europe (GSI, GANIL, and JINR Dubna) contribute significantly to the scientific profile of NPI, as well.

On the other hand, the domestic site at Řež has to provide enough opportunities for research which, as the case might be, proves to be attractive for foreign groups. In particular, the set of apparatuses around light water reactor LWR-15 and abilities of members of the Department of Neutron Physics are requisites for top investigations in the neutron optics, solid state physics, and material research.


Nuclear Physics Institute

Czech Academy of Sciences, Řež

Interesting results have been obtained at the electrostatic electron spectrometer ESA 12 on possible admixtures of heavy neutrinos in beta spectra. Beams of d and 3He accelerated by the U-120M cyclotron have been used in the study of nuclear reactions important from the astrophysical point of view.

Wide spectrum of topics is covered by the Department of Theoretical Physics with respectable results.


To Řež

Physics campus Trója

Mathematics at Karlín


Faculty of Mathematics and Physics

The mathematical library in Karlín building was heavily damaged ...


Nuclear Physics Institute

Czech Academy of Sciences, Řež


Faculty of Mathematics and Physics

  • The Damage
  • Mathematics building in Karlin:
  • 14 Mkč (0,5 M$) infrastructure
  • and 56 Mkč (1,9 M$) in loss of books and periodicals
  • Physics campus in Trója:
  • 38 MKč (1,3 M$) infrastructure
  • and 35 MKč (1,2 M$) direct damage on experimental
  • equipment and library.

Faculty of Mathematics and Physics

The Damage continued

A non-negligible part of the damage in Troja campus was the damage in the library:

saved lost

Monographs (#) 138 39

Journals (tittles) 0 4

Textbooks (#) 3 276 1 383

Lecture notes (ks) 2 904 2 076

It will be hardly possible to restore completely the state before the flood, many texbooks should be replaced by equivalents. About 0.1M$ is needed.


Faculty of Mathematics and Physics

The Damage continued

The most seriously wounded department was the Department of Low Temperature Physics

Its Laboratory of NMR in magnetic materials needs about 2.3 M$ for repairs and replacement of damaged parts,

the Cryogenic section supplying LN2 and LHe to many institutions in Prague needs 0.47 M$ for restoration,

the Laboratory of the high resolution NMR in liquids needs 0.8 M$ for repairs,

the Laboratory of cryogenic turbulence needs 0.9 M$,

the Laboratory of Mössbauer spectroscopy needs 1 M$.

Efforts to get necessary funding for repairs and replacement already started.


Faculty of Mathematics and Physics

The Restoration

started with strong participation of the staff and students immediately after the water went away. But it took more than a month to


the electricity


to the campus

and almost

two months

to fully restore

the computer

network services.


Faculty of Mathematics and Physics

  • The Restoration
  • The costs of restoration will be partly covered by The Ministry of Education:
  • 0.83 M$ to restore the basic functionality of Trója campus
  • 0.20 M$ to restore the basic functionality of Karlín building
  • 0.82 M$ to restore the low temperature laboratories, labs of magnetic studies and the infrastructure
  • Further funds (about 1.2 M$) are required from the Charles University to renew the helium liquifier, laboratory of the high-resolution NMR, laboratory of NMR in magnetic materials, the SQUID magnetometer and the dissolving refrigerator 3He-4He with magnet.

Faculty of Mathematics and Physics

The Restoration is well on the way ...

Trója entrance hall, now

But any help is appreciated ...,

please contact


Nuclear Physics Institute

Czech Academy of Sciences, Řež

  • The Damage
  • Administration building
    • Basement floor was flooded up to 1.3 m ...Some dosimetric equipment was wrecked here and in all other buildings.
  • R&D radiopharmaceutical laboratory
    • was almost completely destroyed
  • Nuclear Spectroscopy building
    • Basement floor with cloakrooms and various storage places was flooded up to 2,9 m. Two vacuum pumps have been destroyed.

Nuclear Physics Institute

Czech Academy of Sciences, Řež

  • The Damage continued
  • Cyclotron building
    • Basement floor with substantial technical basis of the cyclotron was flooded up to 1,5 m. The high voltage sources, sources for the beam lines, vacuum system, and cooling water unit have been inundated.
  • PET laboratory
    • This clean laboratory with the box for PET production including production machine was flooded up to 1.5 m.

Nuclear Physics Institute

Czech Academy of Sciences, Řež

  • The Damage continued
  • Library
    • The library serves for the whole Řež research area, also for students and scientists from Prague universities. The Library was surely the best Czech library on nuclear science with about 70.000 issues on nuclear and subnuclear physics, nuclear techniques and a wide field from mathematics and theoretical physics, to chemistry and electronics. During the flood, the underground store of the library was flooded and about 30-40 % of the literature fund was lost.

Nuclear Physics Institute

Czech Academy of Sciences, Řež

The Damage continued

The most important destroyed journals are

Atomic Data and Nuclear Data Tables

European Physical Journal A: Hadrons and Nuclei

International Journal of Modern Physics E: Nuclear Physics

Journal of Applied Crystallography

Journal of Synchrotron Radiation

Journal of Electron Spectroscopy and Related Phenomena

Journal of Mathematical Physics

Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology

Modern Physics Letters A

Physica Scripta

Physics Today

Radiochimica Acta


The other destroyed journals are

Applications of Mathematics


Computer Design

Contemporary Physics

EDN Magazine

Electronic Design

Fortschritte der Physik -Progress of Physics Hyperfine interactions

Microprocessors and Microsystems

Ukrajinskii fizicheskii journal Problemy procchnosti


Nuclear Physics Institute

Czech Academy of Sciences, Řež

The Nuclear Physics Institute has about 200 employees, of them nearly 100 scientists. There are about 22 research groups in the Nuclear Physics Institute, from them those listed in the following table are substantially affected by the flood. The financial estimates of the losses are also given.

We expect that the insurance company will cover a part of reparation and renewal budget, the support from the Academy of Sciences of the CR will also be received (spread for next few years).


Nuclear Physics Institute

Czech Academy of Sciences, Řež

Activity - No. of scientists involved - Losses by the flood - Losses in M$

Nuclear Reactions for Astrophysics 8 Cyclotron see cyclotron

Fast Neutron Facility 8 Cyclotron see cyclotron

Radiopharmaceutical R&D 4 Cyclotron,

+ complete radiochemical lab 0.03

PET Radipharmaceuticals 5 Cyclotron, clean lab,

PET production box 0.29

Cyclotron 8 Power supplies, vacuum pumps, cooling systém 1.32

Nuclear Electron Spectroscopy 7 Vacuum pump 0.005

Semiconductor Det. Development 3 Vacuum pump,

multichannel analyser 0.005

Library 500 users More than 20.000 issues 0.50

Primary dry and cleaning all 0.20

Buildings reparations 0.75

Total cost estimate 3.10


Nuclear Physics Institute

Czech Academy of Sciences, Řež

The Restoration

Restoration work started immediately after water fall off with the cleaning and disinfection. No radioactive contamination has been detected.

A provisional electricity distribution was arranged. Also the provisional water supply had to be provided.

These measures enabled that the work could start 5 days after flood.

The restoration of our basic equipment – cyclotron – needs a longer time, careful cleaning and drying ...,

We hope that the provisional operation of the cyclotron could start at the end of 2002.


Nuclear Physics Institute

Czech Academy of Sciences, Řež

We look for other financial contributions and donations to restore and recover Institute work in full as soon as possible. Any such support should be gratefully appreciated.

The special item are irreversible losses of the literature fund, which are estimated to about $ 0.5M or even more. We would like to fill the gaps and if any library would be discarding duplicates of some above mentioned important journals we should be very grateful if the possibility of donating them to us could kindly be considered. ...


Nuclear Physics Institute

Czech Academy of Sciences, Řež

We should be also grateful for other journals or books on nuclear and subnuclear physics and on the physics and related fields in general.

If such a help could be a case, please contact

the scientific secretary of the Institute Dr. J. Dittrich


A possible help of APS may result in a board in both restored libraries:

Tato knihovna byla po povodních v srpnu 2002 restaurována s nezapomenutelnou pomocí kolegů

z Americké fyzikální společnosti.

This library has been restored after the flood

in August 2002 with the unforgettable help

of colleagues from American Physical Society