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  2. Extension of themes previously approved for completion in 2007 “Nuclear Physics with Neutrons – Fundamental and Applied Investigations” . Nuclear Physics Department • 60 scientists • 30 engineers, workers etc. • Annual budget (2007): • 80 k$ - materials and equipment • 39 k$ - international collaboration

  3. . Experimental investigations • 1.1 Fundamental properties of the neutron • Experiment on the direct measurement of the cross section of neutron-neutron scattering • Investigation of the n-e scattering • 1.2 Neutron optics • Optics of strongly absorbing materials • Interaction of the neutron with accelerating matter • Verification of the weak equivalence principle and measurement of the neutron gravitational acceleration • 1.3 Investigation of the properties of ultracold neutrons • Investigation of interaction of cold and very cold neutrons with nanostructures • Investigation of the quasi-elastic UCN scattering • Works to create a UCN source at the TRIGA pulsed reactor • 1.4 Spatial and time parity violation in the interaction of neutrons with nuclei • Measurement of Р-odd asymmetry of the triton emission in the reaction 6Li(n,)3H • Current status of the KaTRIn project. Nuclear pseudomagnetism measurement procedure • Search for and investigation of the structure of subthreshold neutron p-resonances in lead isotopes by the combined correlation gamma spectroscopy method • 1.5 Nuclear fission studies • Search for exotic fission modes at the IBR-2 reactor using the «Mini-Fobos»facility • 1.5.2 Measurement of total energy spectra of light charged particles in spontaneous fission of 252Cf • 1.5.3 Quaternary fission studies • 1.5.4 Measurement of delayed neutron yield at the IBR-2 reactor • 1.6 Gamma-spectroscopy of neutron-nuclear interactions • 1.7 Investigation of (n,p) and (n,) reactions

  4. 2. Theoretical investigations • 3. Applied and methodical research • 3.1 Development of neutron detectors for space vehicles • 3.2 Investigation of element composition and structure of near-surface layers of solids at the EG-5 accelerator • 3.3 Analytical studies using the neutron activation analysis (NAA) at the IBR-2 reactor • 93 publications in referred journals (2005-2006)

  5. The PAC noted with interest the scientific report on the theme “Nuclear Physics with Neutrons – Fundamental and Applied Investigations”. The experimental programme, realized at FLNP within the framework of this theme, is again highly appreciated. Strong efforts should be concentrated on the preparation of experiments at IREN and the future IBR-2M reactor. Additional funding for new equipment and modernization of the outdated one is urgently needed. The high-priority experiments conducted at external neutron sources are again strongly encouraged Recommendation The PAC recommends extension of this theme for the years 2008–2010 with first priority.

  6. Construction of the IREN Facility” (Project IREN)” Yesterday you were heard the report of Valery Shvetsov Construction of Phase I of the IREN Facility. Now I shell given short comment of our recommendations. The PAC heard report on the theme “Construction of the IREN facility”. The PAC appreciates the current results obtained by FLNP and LPP staff on the implementation of the project and considers the schedule as presented for 2007 to be realistic. The PAC also notes the well-timed financial support by the JINR Directorate, granted to the project in 2007. Recommendation The PAC recommends closing this theme in 2007. Then a new theme “Test of the IREN facility Phase I” should be opened for one year with first priority.

  7. “Information, Computer and Network Support of JINR's Activity”. The PAC appreciates the progress made on the development at JINR of the networking and computing system and on Grid in particular. The quality of service of the JINR networking is of vital importance for the whole Institute and should be further increased. Developments concerning Grid use for distributed computing in nuclear physics should be vigorously pursued. “Mathematical Support of Experimental and Theoretical Studies Conducted by JINR” The PAC appreciated the results obtained within this theme that concern the problems both of general interest and specific tasks and demands of nuclear physics studies in JINR Laboratories. However, in the discussion during the meeting it became evident that it might be useful to corroborate more clearly the situation with LIT in the context of interaction with all the other Laboratories. Recommendation The PAC recommends extension of the themes “Information, computer and network support of JINR’s activity” and “Mathematical support of experimental and theoretical studies conducted by JINR” for the years 2008–2010 with first priority. It also recommends that the JINR Directorate bring together the leaders of the various Laboratories to strengthen their collaboration with LIT.

  8. Proposals of new projects Precise Investigation of Rare and Forbidden Decays of Pions and Muons (MEG-PEN project) The PAC heard with interest the proposal of DLNP to participate in two ambitious experiments at PSI on the decays π+→e+ν and μ+→e+γ. The first experiment will provide a precision test of μ-e universality, while the search for μ-eγ aims at new physics beyond the Standard Model. Recommendation.The PAC considers the PEN-MEG project to be very important for DLNP and recommends its approval with high priority. Spin Physics at Storage Rings (SPRING project) The PAC heard with interest the presentation of the SPRING project on polarization studies of the nucleon structure and meson production in nucleon-nucleon collisions, based on single and double polarized measurements on ANKE. In a next step, preparatory studies will be made for the PAX experiment aiming at transversity measurements at GSI by using polarized antiprotons. Recommendation.The PAC considers the SPRING project to be of great importance and recommends its approval with high priority.

  9. Experimental Study of Dynamics of Thermal Nuclear Multifragmentation (FASA-3 Project) The PAC welcomes the new project on investigation of the decay properties of very hot nuclei with excitation energies around 500 MeV. The PAC considers the proposed method to investigate the time scales as a relevant step forward in this field. Recommendation.The PAC recommends approval of the FASA-3 project with high priority.

  10. Status of the NEMO experiment The PAC heard with satisfaction the latest results of the NEMO-3 experiment on the search for the neutrinoless double-beta decays. The question of Majorana nature of the neutrino as well as neutrino masses is one of the most important problems in modern particle physics, and new results of NEMO-3 are eagerly awaited. Recommendation The PAC recommends continuation of the NEMO 3 project and its support with high priority.

  11. Programme of modernization of the FLNR cyclotron complex The PAC appreciates the started upgrade of the U400M cyclotron. The acceleration of low-energy beams at U400M will extend the experimental capabilities of the Flerov Laboratory and allow an uninterrupted running of experiments during the forthcoming modernization of U400. Timely preparation of experimental equipment is an essential prerequisite for the realization of the FLNR research programme. Recommendation The PAC strongly supports the programme of modernization of the FLNR cyclotron complex and looks forward to its rapid realization. The PAC considers as relevant the modernization of the MT-25 Microtron in view of the further development of the DRIBs-II project.

  12. Scientific reports The PAC heard with interest the report “Measurement of a P-odd Effect in Triton Emission from the Reaction 6Li(n, α) 3H”, presented by P. Sedyshev. The PAC listened with interest the report “RIB’s Physics at FLNR”, presented by G. Ter-Akopian, and appreciates the important new results in this field recently obtained at the Flerov Laboratory with the 6He and 8He projectiles. The PAC encourages continuation of this research line.

  13. Next meeting of the PAC • The next meeting of the PAC for Nuclear Physics will be held on 24–25 January 2008. • Its tentative agenda will include: • Status of the IREN project • Consideration of new projects • Main experiments planned at FLNR in 2008 • Scientific reports.

  14. Results to the end of 2007 • Electron gun with modulator • Beam diagnostics • Focusing solenoid • Klystron • 1-st accelerating section • Beam tests after 1-st section

  15. g g IREN 1-st stage (proposal) Electron linac 100 MeV + Nonmultiplying target & stand for applied tasks (2.5 – 7.5) 1012 n/s  1015 g/s