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Department Safety Coordinator Training

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Department Safety Coordinator Training - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Department Safety Coordinator Training. Summer/Fall 2005. Welcome EH&S Associates. Topics Risk Management & Workers’ Comp Emergency Preparedness/ Emergency Management Open Forum. Workers’ Compensation Susan Johnston x40136. YESTERDAY….

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Department Safety Coordinator Training

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welcome eh s associates
Welcome EH&S Associates
  • Topics
    • Risk Management & Workers’ Comp
    • Emergency Preparedness/ Emergency Management
    • Open Forum
Workers’ Compensation

Susan Johnston



Injured UCSD campus employees were required to call the Workers’ Compensation office to report any work-related injury or illness, so the WC office could initiate the Report of Injury form.

Injured employees were also responsible

for informing their supervisor of the



Employees will NO LONGER call the Workers’

Compensation Office to report their injuries.

(They are still welcome to call with questions)


Immediately inform their supervisor of the injury, and

Complete the Incident Report form and FAX the form

to the Workers’ Compensation Office within 24 hours.

immediate notification
Immediate Notification

If completion of the form by the supervisor or medical provider will delay the form being faxed to the Workers’ Compensation Office within 24 hours – THEN

Initially fax the front page of the form (Employee Section) (Required information is a bold)

And then fax the completed form ASAP!!!

patience please
Patience Please…

While the Workers’ Compensation office is:

  • Educating the campus community of the changes (form and new reporting procedures)…

We will be in a state of flux and transition for a few months

in a perfect world
In a Perfect World
  • Employee is to obtain Incident Report form
  • hard copy from department
  • downloaded from

and then

complete the Employee Section of the form.

(If Employee is unable to initiate processing of Incident Reporting form, supervisor is to start the process and forward the form within 24 hours to the Workers’ Compensation Office.)

perfect world continued
Perfect World- continued…

2. Supervisor completes the Supervisor Section

If no medical treatment is required at this time, the form is to be Immediately faxed to the Workers’ Compensation Office


pw still continued
PW still continued…

If medical treatment IS required:

Employee should bring the form to the medical facility AND ask the physician to complete the MEDICAL SECTION

  • Employee must then fax the completed form to the WC office IMMEDIATELY.
but what if
But what if….

get form?? get treatment??

What if the injured employee needs to seek medical treatment, but is unable to obtain “the form” prior to seeking medical?

what should the employee do
What Should the Employee Do?

Go to Thornton Emergency Room and obtain medical treatment –

  • Thornton ER will have the forms available

Obtaining necessary medical treatment is the


then what
Then what?

If employee is able to return to work

after receiving medical treatment…

All parties should complete the form and then

fax itIMMEDIATELYto the WC office


what if
What if…

Employee is NOT able to return to work

after receiving medical treatment:

  • Employee must immediately notify the supervisor or departmental contact person to complete the form to the best of their ability, and
  • The supervisor or department must Immediately fax the form to the

WC office


rapid reporting of incidents
Rapid Reporting of Incidents…
  • Is absolutely key to assuring:
    • Good medical recovery (so authorization for further testing or treatment won’t be delayed)
    • Reducing lost days
    • Overall costs
    • Litigation
Risk Management

Diana Olson


risk management blink based information resource
Risk Management:Blink-Based (Information) Resource
  • Risk Management is a division of EH&S
  • On Blink click Safety tab, then Risk Management on the left
  • We have 32 different insurance programs we manage, some self insured some bought
  • There is also automatic coverages and by request coverages
  • Also included in our services are handling business Lawsuits and Subpoenas served to the University
ucsd driver responsibilities
UCSD Driver Responsibilities
  • All drivers of UCSD vehicles should receive this page (available on our Blink Page under Forms)
  • Risk Management can come to staff meetings and present this in about 20 minutes
  • Any drivers that have gotten into accidents should take this training or fleet service training as a retraining
  • There are two Staff Education courses that cover this material too (What you don’t know might bite you and Cars & Property: Your Personal Risks)
how to file a fire or flood claim
How To File A Fire or Flood Claim
  • Call Risk Management to report the incident as soon as possible
  • This page can be found on our Blink site under How to
  • Reimbursement may be available to recoup costs incurred
  • There are exclusions to the self insured property program and deductibles
  • If certain procedures aren’t followed, reimbursement may not be available
what to consider when planning a field trip
What To Consider WhenPlanning A Field Trip
  • This list is available on our Blink Site under How to
  • Any activity off campus is considered a Field Trip
  • Where are you going? How are you getting there? Other precautions
  • Waivers are necessary
  • Deductibles may be charged to a department if not planned properly and an incident occurs
  • Risk Management can present this training at your department
indemnification wording certificates of insurance
Indemnification Wording & Certificates of Insurance
  • Anytime we deal with an outside entity, whether coming on Campus or using their services, a High Value Purchase Order should be used
  • Purchasing will make sure Certificates are obtained and mutual indemnification wording is used
  • Departments may be responsible for incidents if Certificates and indemnification wording is one sided against The Regents
    • i.e..-Truck rentals, Hotel rentals, Off campus visits to locations, Caterers, Bus rentals, Equipment rentals, etc.

Dealing with Emergencies


Beth Maples


  • Programs in Place
  • Emergency Response Protocol
  • What You Can Do To Prepare
  • Initiatives/Next Steps
  • Campus & Departmental Emergency Plans
    • Emergency Operations Center
    • Policy Group
    • After Hours Duty Responders
    • HAZMAT Team
    • Crisis Communications
    • Department Emergency Action Plan
  • Regional Emergency Response and Emergency Supply Containers
  • Exercises and Training
what can you do to prepare
What can you do to prepare?
  • Identify Department Safety Coordinator
  • Emergency Action Plan: Address evacuation, assembly areas, instructions on what to do during specific emergency situations (fire, earthquake, flood, bomb threat, etc)
  • Has your department “plan” been communicated to you?
  • Phone lists for faculty, staff & lab personnel
  • Development of safety teams within your department
  • Assemble emergency kits for home, work & car(s)
  • Contact me for assistance with emergency plan?
regional emergency response supply containers
Regional Emergency Response & Supply Containers
  • Regional map on Blink
      • Regions vs. Zones
      • CERT: Community (Campus) Emergency Response Team
          • Training held at UCSD in January
          • Outreach to campus
  • Emergency supply containers
      • Currently being refurbished, replaced & restocked
      • Locations
      • Access after an emergency
automatic external defibrillators
Automatic External Defibrillators
  • AED Locations on campus
  • CPR/AED Training
initiatives next steps
Initiatives/Next Steps
  • Communicate Need for Preparedness, Raise Awareness

- September as Campus Preparedness Month

- Development of CERT

-Assist DSC’s with Emergency Action Plans

- Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) Training

  • Conduct Emergency Exercise

- Scheduled for Tuesday, November 15th , 2005

DSC Program

Rich Belmontez


prioritization of eh s web based tutorials august 2005
Prioritization of EH&S Web-Based Tutorials - August 2005

I. Already Developed:

1. Ergonomics

2. Hazardous Materials / Laboratories

3. Hazardous Materials / Shop

4. Bloodborne Pathogens

II. Current Priorities:

1. General Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP)

2. Back Safety

3. Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP) / Lab Safety for Professionals (LSP)

4. Medical Provider Network Training

5. Fire Extinguisher Use

department safety coordinator certificate
Department Safety Coordinator Certificate

The Department Safety Coordinator (DSC) Certificate is intended to improve workplace safety culture by enhancing human relation skills and knowledge, and by exposure to a broad array of Environment, Health, and Safety courses. The certificate focus is development of essential, safety leadership competencies such as facilitating, communicating, planning, goal setting, problem solving, and decision making.

Safety coordinators are designated by the department or work unit supervisor, manager or principal investigator; please visit the related Blink page to find out more about safety coordinators.

Enrollment eligibility: You are eligible to participate in this certificate if you currently provide safety coordinator duties to your department/work unit, or if you desire to improve leadership skills and knowledge in the area of occupational and environmental health and safety.

Certificate requirements: If you enroll in the certificate program, you are expected to take these courses:

  • Computer Ergonomics
  • Hazardous Waste Training
  • Risk Management: What Might Bite You
  • Department Safety Coordinator Training
  • Fire Extinguisher Training
  • Environmental Stewardship
  • DSC- Department Safety Coordinator
    • Lower hazard, non-shop/studio, non-lab/research
  • ASC- Area Safety Coordinator
    • Higher hazard, shop/studio, lab/research
  • DSO- Department Safety Officer
    • Official department capacity; professional ASC/DSC
      • Medicine
      • Bioengineering
      • Pathology
      • Physics
      • Chem/Biochem
      • SIO
      • Biological Sciences