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CHAPTER 5. PLAY IS FRIVOLOUS By Craig Joiner & Chanterelle Davis. WHEN DO YOU GET YOUR IDEAS?. While you are doing work? Responding to questions? During physical exercise? Late at night? While in the company of others? Or while driving?

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  1. CHAPTER 5 PLAY IS FRIVOLOUS ByCraigJoiner & Chanterelle Davis

  2. WHEN DO YOU GET YOUR IDEAS? • While you are doing work? • Responding to questions? • During physical exercise? • Late at night? • While in the company of others? • Or while driving? The answers to this question can be categorized into two groups: Necessity and play

  3. Necessity Most people whose ideas are a result of necessity get them when faced with a problem, need, or deadline... In other words NECESSITY IS THE MOTHER OF INVENTION

  4. PLAY • Other people get their ideas as a result of play, joking around, beingwith friends or when not taking themselves too seriously In other words “Play is the father of invention”

  5. ALL play and no work still works • Some of the most important inventions and ideas were originally conceived for the purpose of play and later to be found useful. Take the mobius strip for example. The point of the strip is that it appears to have two sides to it but really it has only one. The strip was thought of as a toy until it was proven useful. Now rubber manufacturers use the design for conveyor belts.

  6. Laugh at it • An important part of play is humor. • Humor relaxes your mind. When you laugh at something it allows you to think of it in a more creative way. • In an experiment two groups are formed. One was put in study hall 30 min prior to a test; the other group listened to a stand up comedian 30 min prior to the same test. • When both groups take the same creativity test, the second group usually does better than the first.


  8. The core of creativity • Humor forces you to combine ideas that are usually not associated with each other. Think about it like this: What do Winnie the Pooh and John the Baptist have in common? Winnie the Pooh is a fictional bear that was created by a poet. Whereas John the Baptist is a Jewish prophet who baptized Jesus. If you look differently, you’ll see the answer is they both have the same middle name. What humor does is it enters your mind into a state of the unexpected. It allows you to look deeper into an idea which inspires you to create your own

  9. Rule bending creativity • You may not know it but when you are bending a rule you are being creative. • Rule bending is a humorous skill that allows you to search deeper into something and find or create a way around it without breaking it. • A more specific way of categorizing this skill is a loophole

  10. There are some things that are so serious that you have to laugh at them. • Some people can get so tied up into one of their ideas that theystop being creative. • They take that one idea and put it on a pedestal. It’s really hard to be creative when you have that big of an EGO for one idea. • Its good to acknowledge your ideas, but just simmer down a little.

  11. Have fun • Fun is one of the most powerful motivators around. • People whoare in a more fun working environment produce better than those is a routine environment. • When people enjoy what they do they will work more enthusiastically and try to help out with new ideas. • Enthusiasm comes from the Greek word “enthousiasmos” meaning “the God within you”

  12. Testing your creativity skillz • John Roe is now the proud papa of a bouncing 8 lb. 3 oz baby boy! Mama and baby are doing fine and resting comfortably at St. Joes

  13. NAME THE BABY CONTEST!!!! • Get out side of the box • Think of the most creative name for the baby • Add Roe as the last name • Agree on the most creative name in the class • Compare the name to the rest of the names. • Does it belong up here????

  14. Zor Roe • Henry David Thor Roe • Scissor Roe • A Long HoadtoRoe • Phar Roe • Wis Key Roe • Wheel Bar Roe • kye Roe • Fidel Cast Roe • Beg Steelerbar Roe • Agnew Spear Roe • GetcherDucksina Roe • Clarence Dar Roe • Broken Air Roe • Bone Mare Roe • Kilimanja Roe • Sagua Roe • MahaGony Roe • Mike Roe • Velk Roe • Edin Bur Roe • Jeth Roe • A Tennisp Roe • Figer Roe • Edward Armour Roe • Af Roe • Merrill Lynmon Roe • YermyHee Roe • Meist Roe • Skid Roe

  15. The most creative were Marymaryquitecontraryhowdoesyourgarden G. Roe Withsilverbelllscockleshellsandprettymaidsallina Roe

  16. great EXAMPLE! • Being creative can always result in success • Names are a great example of creativity • Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta That sounds like a name that you wouldn’t name your child. Its too long. The first three names are first names. And the last name just sound weird.

  17. So… Stefani isn't as weird as the names from the name the baby contest but I don’t think you would have though of it.

  18. Stefani is a now very famous singer how ever with an even weirder name. • And that name would be…………..


  20. GO ahead and be whacky. Get into a crazy frame of mind and ask what's funny about what you’re doing Its not as important to be serious as it is to be serious about the important things. The monkey wears an expression of seriousness that would do credit to any great scholar. But the monkey is serious because it itches.

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