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The Holocaust PowerPoint Presentation
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The Holocaust

The Holocaust

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The Holocaust

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  1. The Holocaust By Adriana

  2. The Beginning The holocaust started actually when WWI ended and Germany signed the Versailles Treaty. Adolf Hitler, who believed that the Jewish were responsible for the loss WWI, decided to help the country get back onto it‘s feet. First he started by just giving speeches, which led to getting members of the Nazi party into the government, and then that escaladed to him trying to the over throw the current government. Finally he was elected as president in the “last democratic elections in Germany” at the time.

  3. The Holocaust Begins Originally from Austria, Adolf Hitler was the most influential person during the Holocaust. He sent all of the events into motion. Many people let him take power because the Treaty sent them into a great depression. Laws of segregation set the Holocaust into motion at such a fast pace that no body would have expected the damage of what force was needed to stop it. In fact, the American, English, and French all had to become allies to stop the holocaust. Next, was the attempt to overthrow the Baravian government. This caused Hitler to go to jail in terms wich inspired his autobiography: Mein Kampf. Many people thought it was crude and half baked to be the Nazi version of the bible. When Hitler finally became president, he began to put Jewish people in ghettos and concentration camps. Later however, many concentration and death camps held many Jewish people or Jews as the German called them.

  4. Jewish Cruelty The Jewish went through many hardships. Kristallnachtor Night of Broken Glass, was one of the many things the Jewish endured. On that one quiet night, Germans went around and beat up know Jewish people, vandalized stores and then looted (robbed) them; many people were arrested that night for resisting or fighting back, Jewish or not. When the concentration camps opened, the Jewish had to hid and cower. Whenever a Jew was sent to a concentration camp, they would be stripped their belongings and clothes and then were forced to work their years away. Then along came death camps. People were killed in death camps. They were killed many different ways. One way they were killed was by getting into gas chambers that the executed were told showers. Another way was being shot for ressisting, being Jewish, or not being fit enough. Many people died from just being overworked or underfed.

  5. Anne Frank December 6,2012 Dear PowerPoint, Anne Frank, a little Jewish girl, died with many others during the Holocaust. She went into hiding when President Hitler began to give orders about Jewish people. She used to like in Frankfurt, Germany. She left to Amsterdam to live with her grandma until Germans invaded the Netherlands. Then she left to go hide with her family and four other Dutch Jews. On August 4,1944, the Gestapo (German Secret State Police) came and arrested the eight people. Then her mom, Margot (her sister), and her were separated from her father. The three woman were sent to a concentration while her father was shipped to a different camp. After being in the camp for a bit, she was sent to Bergen- Belson with her sister; her mom stayed at that camp because she wasn’t young or strong enough to go to a real labor camp. She died here in 1945.

  6. In the End In the end, more than 1 million Jewish people died in the Holocaust, countless people crippled, and many families mourning. People today are still affected and the holocaust will always be looming in the past, ever present like a scar that won’t fade. In ways it is one. Many people still dedicate things like songs, books, poems, and dances to survivors or people that died in the Holocaust.