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UNION CEMETERY. Levias, Crittenden Co., Ky. Robert Hodge Sr.

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union cemetery


Levias, Crittenden Co., Ky.

robert hodge sr
Robert Hodge Sr.

Robert, Nelly and son Edwin’s headstones were moved from the Old Hodge Cemetery that was once located about one mile from Union Cemetery. The cemetery had been destroyed to make way for a new home. Kentucky has since passed legislation making it a felony to desecrate headstones and cemeteries.

rev collin hodge
Rev. Collin Hodge

Rev. Collin Hodge

Born Feb 22, 1816

Died Jan. 14, 1890

The Rev. Collin Hodge was the son of Robert Hodge Sr. and his 2nd wife Sallie Armistead.

Charlotte Wife of

Rev. Collin Hodge

Born Jan. 1, 1817

Died Jan. 6, 1878

Charlotte was the daughter of Dr. Washington Stewart and his wife Catherine Shelby.

rev john a hodge family
Rev. John A. Hodge Family

John A. Hodge

Born Mar. 4, 1813

Died Dec. 5, 1898

Think of man as you pass by. As you are now, so so once was I. As I am now, so you must be. Prepare for death and follow me.

John R. & Robt. L

Children of John A. & Mary Hodge

Robert L. Hodge

Son of

John A. & Mary


Born Jan. 18, 1847

Died Mar. 20, 1847

John was the son of William Hodge and Nancy Josephine Dancy. He and his two sons are buried near the Elisha Reese Family Plot. Elisha was the father of John’s 1st wife Mary Ann Reese.

murry hodge family
Murry Hodge Family

Murry Hodge and wife Ila Mae Brown

Murry was the son of Oscar Turner Hodge and wife Mary Elizabeth Brasher. He married Ila Mae Brown on June 28, 1908

Eugene Lee Hodge and wife Helen Rhea Hughes. They were married Dec. 23, 1936.

hayden oliver hodge family
Hayden Oliver HodgeFamily

Hayden Oliver “Dock” Hodge and wife Alline Mae Robertson. They were married Apr. 24, 1937. Alline was the daughter of John R. Robertson and wife Amanda Gass.

Dock was a descendant of the Rev. Collin Hodge.

John Oliver Hodge and wife Judy Graves. John was the son of Dock and Alline. He was killed in an automobile accident.

mary dancy hodge family
Mary Dancy HodgeFamily

Mary D.

Wife of

Robert White

Born May 25, 1804

Died Nov. 28, 1884

Mary Dancy was the daughter of William Hodge and wife Nancy Josephine Dancy. She married Robert White on Jan. 30, 1829 in Livingston County.

Elizabeth E. White

Feb. 22, 1834

Jan. 2, 1929

Elizabeth was the daughter of Mary and 2nd husband Robert White.

Leander F. White and wife Cathrin C. Hartigan. They were married Mar. 14, 1877 in Crittenden County. Cathrin was the daughter of David C. Hartigan and his wife Nancy Olphan.

mary dancy hodge family cont
Mary Dancy HodgeFamily Cont.

Nancy Catherine White was the daughter of Mary Hodge and Robert White. She married Lafayette T. Threlkeld on Nov. 12, 1861 in Crittenden County. Lafe was the son of James Threlkeld and his wife Margaret Brice.