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The Comfort System

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The Comfort System Product Presentation The Intelligent Home System What is Comfort? Comfort - an Intelligent Home System which integrates Alarm, Home Automation, Answering Machine, and Intercom. Operating Comfort Scene Control Switch Each Scene switch has 4 buttons and indicator LEDs

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the comfort system

The Comfort System

Product Presentation

The Intelligent Home System

what is comfort
What is Comfort?
  • Comfort - an Intelligent Home System which integrates Alarm, Home Automation, Answering Machine, and Intercom.
scene control switch
Scene Control Switch
  • Each Scene switch has 4 buttons and indicator LEDs
  • Buttons can be programmed to control lights, appliances, or set scenes
  • LED indicators indicate status of items
  • Optional IR receivers allow handheld remote control to control the house
comfort keypad
Comfort Keypad
  • One-touch keys to Arm to Away, Night, Day modes
  • Short Cut Function Keys
  • Voice Menu to guide user through

all operations

operating comfort by telephone
Operating Comfort by Telephone
  • Use your PIN code to gain access
  • Call in to Comfort from any mobile phone wherever you are.
  • This is the most convenient method as no special equipment is needed, only a phone.
  • A Voice menu guides you through all operations.
using a handheld remote control
Using A Handheld Remote Control
  • A handheld Touchscreen remote controller can be used to control Comfort
  • Hundreds of levels of screens for lighting scenes, Air-conditioning, Home Entertainment, security and many more.

Philips Pronto

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rc01 handheld remote control
RC01 Handheld Remote Control
  • New Low cost RC01 handheld remote control
  • Just point the remote control at any Keypad or Scene switch
rc01 handheld remote control9
RC01 Handheld Remote Control

Operation Keys function depending on the Room Key

Room Keys select a Room or appliance

Scene Buttons 1 to 12

Pressing both buttons causes a PANIC alarm

4 additional Scenes A to D

Remote Keypad – works as a keypad when pointed at a KP02 keypad

controlling comfort from the internet
Controlling Comfort from the Internet
  • Comfort WebServer Module to connect to a LAN or via dial-up to the Internet
  • Use any browser to access Comfort from anywhere!
companion touchscreen
Control via Companion Touchscreen

Through network or serial connection

Able to

Fire responses

Arm/disarm Comfort

Control lighting and appliances

Interface withnetwork camera

Companion Touchscreen


Companion 8

Muse wireless

kt01 touchscreen
KT01 Touchscreen
  • B&W LCD touchscreen display
  • Alternative to keypad
  • Speaker and microphone built in
  • IR enabled
comfort automation
Comfort Automation


  • TWS Lighting Control Modules work with 2-way switches for on-off relay control of lighting,. 2-way switches work even when Comfort is switched off.
  • For high-end lighting, Comfort is able to integrate with EIB (European Installation

Bus) and C-BUS systems using bus-wiring, or Lutron using infrared signals.

comfort automation x10 compatible
Comfort Automation- X10-Compatible
  • Comfort can send and receive X10 commands, ie

it has 2-way X10 communications (using X10 TW7223).

  • Comfort can send the new Extended commands e.g. preset dim.
  • Comfort can receive X10 commands from X10 switches and controllers to activate Responses to trigger non-x10 devices or scenes
  • The new Comfort Scene Switches and RIO Modules can send X10 signals from IR remote control
comfort automation17
Comfort Automation


is the key

comfort automation18
Comfort Automation

Voice Menu

  • Voice menu over the phone gives list of appliances - no need to remember activation codes
  • It is not necessary to wait for the voice menu to finish once you are familiar.
comfort automation19
Comfort Automation
  • 16 Time Programs available
  • Each Time Program can be activated for any combination of Days of Week or holiday, and at any programmed time.
  • Time Programs can arm or disarm the security system, or control one or more appliances
Security Off - system is not armed, but 24 hour zones are active
  • Away Mode - when everyone is out - all zones are protected, phone cannot answer calls or dial.
  • Vacation Programs - cause lights, TV, radio can turn on and off semi-randomly giving impression the house is occupied
Day Mode to protect the perimeter doors and windows. Internal zones are inactive - arm to day if people are in the house, but awake, e.g. watching TV
  • Night Mode to protect all zones except designated zones - arm to Night when occupants go to bed.
can dial up to 8 numbers which may be cellular phones, pagers, or Alarm Monitoring Centers or SMS (with GSM Module).
  • Dial to Voice phone - announces Alarm Type and allows the user to track theintruder, or listen to sounds inthe home through the keypad.
The Security System may be linked to Lights and appliances in the home, for example
  • Fire alarm can light up exit path
  • Intruder alarm in Away mode (no one at home) can cause house lights to flash on/off
  • Lights turn on in the area where intruder was detected, and zone is announced on keypad.
Opening door at night can turn on hall light
  • Arming to Away can turn off all lights and airconditioners.
  • Activation of outside PIR can trigger a user-recorded warning message
Press a key to record a message when going out
  • Users enter their PIN code to hear their recorded messages
  • MSG led turns on when there are new messages
Up to 8 personal mailboxes for members of the family
  • Each mailbox is accessed by User code
  • User-recorded greeting Message (OGM)
10 minutes of messages saved in nonvolatile memory
  • Message memory is maintained even after total power shutdown and removal of battery.
User can choose to have Comfort call a pager to notify that a new message has been received. The user can call back to hear the message.
  • Or forward new messages to their cellphone, to hear the new message as soon as it is received.
Home LED - steady when not armed, flash for trouble (line cut, AC fail, battery low)
  • ARM LED - steady for armed, flash for alert or alarm state
  • AC - Off if AC OK, steady for power failure, flash for low battery
  • MSG - steady for new message from user, flash for new message from incoming call.
  • MIC - Steady if Mic is on (recording or listen)
One-touch keys to arm to Away, Day, and Night Modes
  • 2 key combinations for Fire and Panic
Any keypad can intercom to any other keypad
  • Broadcast or individual keypad select modes
  • Keypad can act as a Baby Monitor
Any telephone in the house can be used to talk to the Door Station
  • When armed to Away Mode, Comfort dials to a programmed phone so user can talk to the visitor
  • User can open the door or gate to let the visitor in (2 doors can be controlled)
Built-in Resettable Fuse for Lightning surge protection on the telephone line
  • Individual surge protection for ALL inputs and outputs
  • Rugged Power supply with surge protection