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The Basic Double Wing

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The Basic Double Wing - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Basic Double Wing. As run by Coach Wade All text and diagrams © Derek A. “Coach” Wade, July 2007. Sales of this material are prohibited under all circumstances . .

I am the owner, or an agent authorized to act on behalf of the owner, of the copyrighted work described.
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the basic double wing

The Basic Double Wing

As run by Coach Wade

All text and diagrams © Derek A. “Coach” Wade, July 2007.

Sales of this material are prohibited under all circumstances.


This brief presentation came about as a result of many requests for information about my personal playbook. It contains the most basic plays in my offense from only the Double Wing formation. Plays will be shown only to one side, and are grouped by series. These series are:

    • Toss
    • Wedge
    • Jet (Buck) Sweep

Toss Series

The Toss is the most important play in the offense. Basic blocking rules for the playside are Gap-On-Down. Backside, the center blocks Man on, Man Away (MoMa), and the tight end cut blocks, aiming for the center’s hip. Pullers pull THROUGH the center’s starting position and lead the way.


Toss Series

The Counter to the Toss is called X-Toss. The basic blocking rules are EXACTLY REVERSED from the toss to aid in teaching time. The 4 wing takes a sharp jab step back before taking an inside handoff from the QB. The QB’s footwork is very important. He must spin 270-degrees and handoff.


Toss Series

There are two main passes in the Toss series. 24 Toss Pass is the only one to be run to both sides and is a rollout pass with the QB looking only at the TE and then FB. The wing is a decoy route. The QB always has the option to run. (Indeed, it is the preferred choice.)

Note the angles of the TE’s and FB’s routes. This is to spread the defense.


Toss Series

30 Draw is the Big Play of the series. The FB takes a jab step and settles low while the QB fakes the toss and then presses the ball into the FB’s hand at the hip.

Since it fakes 24 Toss Pass Deep, this play is run only to one side.


Wedge Series

30 Wedge is the the most effective short yardage play in the offense. When in doubt, wedge or toss. All offensive linemen drive the inside man forward by placing their shoulders on his back. Do not interlock by grabbing a teammate. Do not push the ball carrier forward.

The wedge series is run only to the right and is run on first sound.


Wedge Series

18 Wedge Keep is an effective counter to the wedge and is used when the defense is beginning to ignore the action behind the fullback. All line blocking remains the same.

You may also pass using a quick fly pattern or rollout, but watch the offensive line to avoid ineligibles downfield.


Wedge Series

49 Wedge Counter is a “big yardage” counter. The ratio should be approximately five wedges for every one QB Keep, and five Keeps for every Counter to keep the defense always off balance.


Sweep Series

49 Jet Sweep is the primary perimeter play. The 4W is usually the ball carrier because, as the counter back, he is usually the fastest back on the team.

Playside blocking rules are determined by the TE’s count of defensive players between him and the Center. 1= G and T pull. 2=G pulls. 3=All stay and reach block.

Backside G always pulls to clean up penetration.


Sweep Series

The Quick Trap is the main counter to the sweep series. The backfield action looks identical to the Wedge, only adds two step flat motion.

Note the influence pullers on the back side (LG and LT.) This is an essential part of the misdirection.

Have the playside TE take a 3” split to aid in his inside release.


Sweep Series

The Waggle is the sweep series main pass. It is run to both sides and is a rollout.

The 2W is a decoy used to pin the FS in place. Read is right TE on out or post-corner, then backside TE on dig.

Uncovered playside lineman pulls and aims for DE’s upfield shoulder.


Sweep Series

The Reverse is the “Big Play” of the sweep series. The blocking is identical to the sweep to the same side (49 Sweep and 49 Reverse are the same, 28 Sweep and 28 Reverse are identical, etc.) The backside G can either pull for cleanup or block inside as needed.


The object of this file is not to teach all aspects of the Double Wing, but rather to briefly explain the system as I run it. No attempt is made to explain the use of plays beyond the most basic playcalling and diagramming, and additional formations are not shown.


The plays here are the tip of the iceberg. If you are interested in running the Double Wing, begin by logging in at the Double Wing Coaches’ Forum at

Look for the “Forum Playbook” available from the start menu. (It’s free.)


From there, create an account (also free) using the links provided and introduce yourself. You’ll find dozens of hard-working, successful, and generous Double Wing coaches at all levels who can help you with any questions you have.


This presentation is offered free of charge from . If you purchased it or find it for sale, please contact me at


You may copy and trade or upload this presentation to other sites as long as no changes are made to text or diagrams and all links and copyright notices remain. All use made of this presentation must be of a non-commercial nature.


Thanks for viewing!


Coach Wade and Tim Kehoe, Tomales CA (2005)