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Rising in the EM Profession

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Rising in the EM Profession Presented by: Joe F. Head, Dean of University Admissions and Enrollment Services Kennesaw State University Rising in the EM Profession Introduction to Strategic Enrollment Management Part I: SEM Pathways for Career Professional Development Common Functions

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Rising in the EM Profession

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rising in the em profession
Rising in the EM Profession

Presented by:

Joe F. Head, Dean of University Admissions and Enrollment Services

Kennesaw State University

rising in the em profession2
Rising in the EM Profession

Introduction to Strategic Enrollment Management

Part I:

SEM Pathways for Career Professional Development

rising in the profession
Rising in the Profession

Developing Professional Enrollment Officers

  • Direct your career to

the next level

  • Make your campus a

Stakeholder in your career

recognizing mile stones
Recognizing MileStones
  • Rookies First year professionals

Entry level counselors, evaluators & recruiters

  • Transients Gone within 5 years

Temporaries filter out in a few years, rarely rise or contribute

  • Stalled /Plateau Hit career ceiling

Office Baggage, marking time, blocked or ceiling impaired,

  • Rising Stars 5+ years, Contributions

Trusted young professionals; consistent, productive partners

  • Veterans 10 -30+ years, Asst/Assoc/Directors

Vested, advanced degree, chaired committees, specialty,; legendary service,

rise to deans, VP levels, association offices, consult /teach. (Heavy Hitters)

Deans, V. P. s, Chief Executive Enrollment Officers

Enrollment planners, enrollment management outcomes

enrollment management awareness
Enrollment Management Awareness


  • Recruitment Road Runners
  • Student Marketing
  • Admissions/Processing
  • Records/Registration
  • Financial Aid
  • Technology
  • Orientation/Testing
  • Student Advisement
  • Retention
  • Student Accounts
find your niche
Find Your Niche

Recognize Territories of Expertise

  • Student Marketing
  • Degree Program Certification
  • Enrollment Development
  • Personnel Management
  • Enrollment Management Technology (EMT)
  • Data Systems, Processing & Work Flow
  • Counseling - Customer Service
  • Records Preservation & Retrieval
  • Big Picture Developer/Visionary
  • Enrollment Forecasting
distinguished in service veterans
Distinguished ‘In-Service’ Veterans

Angela Harris

Susan Blake and Gini Head

Walter Peacock

Julie Cook

Kim West

Mark Taylor

Debra Smith, Katherine Sweeney, Tim Tarpley, Judy Nichols, Dee Minter, Carol Nobles, John McElveen, Don Buckner, Mike Deal, Rick Shannon, Mark Taylor, Fred Fresh, David Norris, Susan Blake, Nancy McDuff and others.

rising stars
Rising Stars

Mike Augustine, Jennifer Collins, Ana Edwards, Susan Davies, David Graves, Erik Johnson, Rita Garner, Sandy Davis, Nichole Kennedy, Paul Jones, Kelly Vickers, Jody Kemp, Oscar Beltran, Kelly Vickers, Lisa Sehannie and others.

increase your stock value cross train
Increase Your Stock ValueCross Train
  • INS Regulations Expert
  • Home School Expert
  • SIS/Imaging Practitioner (Banner, Datatel, Jennizbar, etc)
  • SIS Data Software Extraction Expert/Reports generator
  • Office Web Master Expert
  • Cross Train in a Second Area (FA, Admissions, Evaluations)
  • Manage a Program (Open house, Orientation, High Ability Students, Telecounseling…)
  • Lead by doing. Set examples with Servant Leadership
  • Learn: Excel, Access, Power Point, Crystal, etc.
  • Learn to Generate Useful Data
  • Become Information Power-Broker
  • Become the XML technical expert
  • Learn Transfer Evaluation
encourage specialties
Encourage Specialties

Give Ownership ToStaff

  • SIS (Banner) Administrator
  • Home School
  • Joint Enrollment
  • Recruitment Territories
  • Adult Learners
  • Telecenter/Telecounseling
  • Graduate Admission
  • Advertising
  • Direct Mail, Email
  • Honors, High Ability
  • Enrollment Verification
  • Cross Registration
  • Minorities
  • Application Reports
  • Internationals
  • Prospect Management
  • Office Web Master
  • Research/Census Demography
  • Transfers, Freshmen, Readmits
  • Marketing Plan
  • Graduation
  • Scheduling
  • Credit Evaluation
  • Storage/Archiving
make yourself others look good
Make Yourself/Others Look Good
  • Share credit with others in your office
  • Don’t plan on a 9:00 to 5:00 day ( You are not an hourly hire)
  • Look for opportunities to showcase office breakthroughs: functions, technology, systems and people
  • Publicly acknowledge what your boss has done to make things happen for: you, the office and the campus (Reflect ??)
  • Cultivate the office mission and associated projects/themes

(Volunteer, Research, Assume Responsibility, Check-in, Take Initiative, Gain Recognition, own tough duty)

key professional activities organizations
Key Professional Activities/Organizations
  • GACRAO, SACRAO, AACRAO, SACAC, NACAC, SEM, Snow Mass Institute, Noel-Levitz, College Board, Stamats
  • Write or Co-author Articles
  • Earn or Encourage advanced degrees
  • Present at conferences (Solo or Co-present)
  • Nominate others for recognitions/awards
  • Gain certifications (Teacher, Technical, Counselor, Testing,)
network network network
Network - Network - Network
  • Attend off-campus meetings, mingle
  • Boundary monitoring/visits to other offices/campuses
  • Find a mentor with a leader (Veteran or Office)
  • Volunteer for state, regional or national committees
  • BOR initiatives, committee involvement, projects
  • Project team spirit/collegial fellowship in the field
  • Invite others to join your table, break or party
  • Participate in Peer Reviews and offer feedback
build protect your reputation
Build/Protect Your Reputation
  • Associate with Leaders and Producers
  • Deliver, Deliver on time or Early
  • Share the Glory
  • Lead by Doing, Delegate, Coach
  • Dress for the Role
  • Be Accountable/Do Your Homework
  • Cite sources, Authorities, Colleagues
  • Adopt a “Coaching” Leadership Style
  • Become active in the industry network
career mobility
Career Mobility
  • Be willing to move, but not often
  • Be alert to move within your campus
  • Be alert to understudy within your office
  • Be alert to accept role changes (Technology, Policies, Supervisors, Budget, Space)
  • “Birds of a Feather” (Soar With Eagles or Roost With Chickens)
chart your directions
Chart Your Directions

Develop Career Plan & Awareness of:

  • Seek Milestones, Mobility & Worthy Mentors
  • Study Management Styles & Specialties
  • Develop Networks (Campus & Professional)
  • Seek Research, Publication and Presentation Opportunities

Introduction to Strategic Enrollment Management

Rising in the Profession

Developing a Greater Awareness

Part II:

Essentials of SEM

professional discipline
Professional Discipline

Historically There Has Never Been




common ground
Common Ground

Admissions Officer

Registrar/Records Officer

“Enrollment Officer”

classic em definition
Classic EM Definition

EM is an organizational concept and systematic set of activities designed to enable educational institutions to exert more influence over student enrollment.

  • Strategic Planning
  • Outcomes/Assessment

Hossler, Don and John Bean. The Strategic Management of College Enrollments, Jossey Bass, 1990.

strategic enrollment management
Strategic Enrollment Management
  • SEM is a “comprehensive process designed to help

an institution achieve and maintain the optimum

recruitment, retention and graduation rates of students . . . . “

Dolence, Michael., Strategic Enrollment Management: A Primer for Campus Administrators, AACRAO, 1993.

sem plan
SEM Plan

A SEM Plan is . . .

  • . . . a set of blueprints to illustrate the processes designed to achieve institutional objectives or goals.
  • . . . an instrument of public relations to booster the

professional credibilityof enrollment management.

  • . . . Participation in the institutional image & branding.
components of sem plan
Components of SEM Plan
  • Theory

2. Institutional Context

3. Research - Preparation

4. Traditional Definition/Models

5. Hi-Tech 24/7 Interactive Tools

6. Upward Management

sem theory
SEM Theory
  • Structure

Theory provides a conceptual framework that serves to guide programs and activities

  • Relationships

SEM is a companionship with academic stakeholders

sem compass context of involvement
SEM CompassContext ofInvolvement
  • Student Recruitment -Independentoutreach activities ( direct mail, field visits, advertising, etc = active/reactive in nature)
  • Admissions/Recruitment - Combinedfront end new student recruitment, processing and decision functions
  • Student MarketingPlan- Themed and researched orchestration of recruitment activities (scheduled master plan )
  • Admissions/Registration –PartneredFunctions
  • Enrollment Services -Centralized administrative entry functions (Admissions, recruitment, registration, FA, orientation, retention, etc)
  • Enrollment Management -Partnershipbetween centralized ES with a dedicated VP and academic services (deans or VP)
sem definition
SEM Definition

How to Recruit a Graduate !

  • Strategic Enrollment Management (Internal & External)

is a comprehensive Institutional partnership between Academics

and Enrollment Services to optimize total enrollment in terms of recruitment, retention and graduation outcomes.

  • Student Marketing Plan (Primarily external)

is a calendar driven plan, within SEM, to attract, recruit and enroll desirable numbers of qualified new students by using a pre-determined set of outreach activities to influence the prospect’s decision process.

sem models
SEM Models
  • Individual Voice/ Vision
  • Coordinator/ Title Only
  • EM Committee/ Matrix
  • Centralization of ES Dean
  • Divisional Unit/ VP Level
  • Central Voice with Authority & Faculty Cooperation (VP)
recruitment funnel sequence
Recruitment Funnel Sequence

Individuals seeking education,

but not indicating a specific interest.


Individuals fitting institution’s profile


Individuals, qualified and unqualified,

who express interest


Individuals petitioning for entry



meeting/exceeding requirements

  •  Committed Applicants:

Accepted Individuals

making housing/enrollment deposit

registration/course selection/advisement


Matriculated individuals

paying fees!

  •  Alumni :
recruitment funnel sequence33
Recruitment Funnel Sequence


  • High School Visits
  • College Fairs
  • Publications
  • Media
  • Direct Mail/ Campaigns
  • Front Desk Assistance/ PR
  • Efficient Processing
  • Technology
recruitment funnel sequence high tech electronic drivers
  • Interactive Web Pages
  • Telecounseling Operations
  • H S Guidance Counselors Service Center
  • Broadcast Email Campaigns
  • Virtual Advisor/ Freshman Admissions Predictor
  • 24/7 Automated Phone Operations
  • Automated applications
  • Electronic data transmissions – transcripts/scores
transitional support admissions registration
Transitional SupportAdmissions - - - - Registration

Seamless Office Handoff Partnerships

  • Timely Admissions
  • Electronic transmission of data
  • Accessible Registration (www)
  • On-Line Schedules
  • 24/7 Services
  • Advisement/Degree Audit
  • Orientation
institutional context
Institutional Context
  • The institutional context of SEM is demonstrated by the following:
  • Mission
  • Budget, Staff, Equipment, Activity Levels
  • Systems History
  • Decision-Making Processes


  • Campus Culture/traditions, work ethic, Image, (Joe Head)

See Henderson, Stanley. “Refocusing Enrollment Management: Losing Structure and Finding the Academic Context, College and University Journal, Winter, 2005, pp. 3-8.

preparation research supportive of desired enrollment outcomes
Preparation – ResearchSupportive of desired enrollment outcomes
  • Do yourhomeworkto know your institution, its market and its enrollment history.
  • Use research toguideyour direction and policies.
  • Develop departmental research tools as well as using institutional and external research sources to support enrollment goals.
sem research resources where do we look first
SEM Research ResourcesWhere do we Look First ?
  • For Primary and Secondary statistics
  • US Census – State and County Demographics
  • http://quickfacts.census.gov/qfd/index.html
  • Institutional Enrollment History (IR Office)
  • State Department of Education Enrollment Projections
  • Outsourced or Vendor Support
  • Predictive Modeling/ Forecasting (SAT, ACT, Noel Levitz, etc)
  • Tracking and Conversion Profiles (National Clearing House)
primary secondary service area
Primary/Secondary Service Area
  • Custom graphic may be designed at
  • http://monarch.tamu.edu/~maps2/ga.htm
sem research and tools
SEM – Research and Tools

Paper to Rolling Web Reports

  • Weekly Application Reports
  • Real Time Registration Reports
  • New Student Profile Reports
  • Lead Follow-up Reports
  • Prospect Source Tracking
  • Ad Hoc Reports
  • External Agency Reports
the value of a sem plan
The Value of a SEM Plan
  • SEM should demonstrate that a mature Enrollment Services Structure can respond to crises or unexpected changesin institutionalpolicy, direction or government interventions.
  • A central and ready resource for research and data to provide direction regarding admission requirements, diversity,enrollment forecasting, retention, academic programs and graduation rates, etc (RPG).
registrar sem
Registrar SEM
  • 24/7 Registration Access
  • Automated Degree Audit
  • Advance Class Schedules
  • Published Course Schedules
  • Transfer Credit Evaluations
  • Master Calendar Maintenance

Electronic Data Exchange

new sem emerging relationships
New SEM Emerging Relationships

All components must interrelate

  • Traditional High Touch Customer Services
  • Hi-Tech/high touch 24/7 Interactive Web Tools
  • Unified Digital Back Office Operations
records management
  • On-Line Degree Audit
  • Enrollment Verification
  • Archiving
  • Course substitution
  • Transcript Production
  • Withdrawals
sem calendar plan enrollment services calendar
SEM Calendar PlanEnrollment Services Calendar
  • A SEM Calendar Plan determines the time and responsibility for outreach activities that guides the office and influences the decision-making processes of prospects.
  • Chronological Activities Calendar
  • Operational Task Calendar (Task , Date, Description, Who)
  • Intra-lacing to the Registration Process
  • Master Academic Calendar

Joe F. Head, "The Student Marketing Calendar: A Principle Enrollment Management Tool,” SACRAO, Vol. 15, 2002, pp. 42-47

operational marketing programs sem calendar
Operational Marketing Programs & SEM Calendar
  • The Purpose of a SEM Calendar is to Layer and Schedule Operational Marketing Programs in Order to Accelerate Conversion Processes.
  • Telecenter
  • Field Visits
  • Advertising/Media
  • Direct Mail
  • Web Marketing (Transactional)
  • Financial Aid
  • Email Marketing
  • Campus Visits
  • Data Processing/Communications
  • Registration Access
  • Orientation
  • Advisement
24x7 global and electronic office tools enrollment management technologies emt
24X7 Global and Electronic Office ToolsEnrollment Management Technologies (EMT)
  • Email Broadcast
  • High School Counselor Service Center **
  • OCR Scanning of Applications
  • Telephone Broadcasts
  • Document Imaging and retrieval
  • Virtual Advisor*
  • Web Site*
  • Apply-on-line*
  • Application Status Check*
  • Automated Telephone Status Check*
  • E-Brochure-On-Demand*
  • Chat Room, Telecounseling
  • Data Processing
  • Direct e-Mail
  • Download Applications/Test Scores
  • Work Flow Routing of Folders
rising electronic tools a global topic
Rising Electronic Tools: A Global Topic
  • The New Revolution of tools
  • Blogs and Bulletin Boards
  • Instant Messaging
  • Text Messaging Blasts
  • Face Book
  • Podcasts
  • Chat
  • Video Streaming, U-tubing , VIP Micro-sites
unified es digital back office
Unified ES Digital Back Office

EM Measure of Stealth Competition

  • 24/7 On-line Web Access
  • Electronic Data Transmission
  • Electronic Data Push into SIS
  • Electronic Course and Credit Articulation
  • Electronic Degree Audit Notifications
professional activities
Professional Activities
  • SEM Plans should detail professional activities
  • and accomplishments (Internal vs. External).
  • Community activities are also important
  • Continued academic relationships
  • Industry articles, presentations and projects
  • Peer Review contributions/visitations and feedback
  • http://www.kennesaw.edu/admissions/professional.html

GISEM Makes History

GACRAO’s Charter REP Class 2007

Savannah, Georgia


Joe F. Head

Dean of University Admissions and Enrollment Services




(770) 423-6500