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PowerPoint Intermediate

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PowerPoint Intermediate - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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PowerPoint Intermediate Using Microsoft Office 2000 Office Art Creating Objects Insert a line with a 4 ½ pt. Line style in the space below Insert an arrow with a 6 pt. Line style in the space below Insert a rectangle & an oval in the space below Insert a circle below using the oval button

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Presentation Transcript
powerpoint intermediate

PowerPoint Intermediate

Using Microsoft Office 2000

office art creating objects
Office ArtCreating Objects
  • Insert a line with a 4 ½ pt. Line style in the space below
  • Insert an arrow with a 6 pt. Line style in the space below
  • Insert a rectangle & an oval in the space below
  • Insert a circle below using the oval button
office art creating objects continued
Office ArtCreating Objects (continued)
  • Insert an AutoShape Line object below
  • Insert an AutoShape Block Arrow object below
office art modifying objects
Office ArtModifying Objects
  • Change the fill color & the line color of the objects below
  • Adjust the mouth on the first object below
  • Add a 3D effect to the heart below
  • Change several of the 3D settings to the moon below
office art grouping objects
Office ArtGrouping Objects
  • Group the objects below
office art rotating aligning objects
Office ArtRotating/Aligning Objects
  • Rotate the following object to the right
  • Align Bottom & Distribute Horizontally the 3 objects below
office art wordart objects
Office ArtWordArt Objects
  • Insert a WordArt object using the name of your school as the text
  • Resize as appropriate
office art wordart objects continued
Office ArtWordArt Objects (continued)
  • Change the WordArt style for the object below
  • Edit the text to reflect the name of your school
  • Change the shape of the object below
  • Apply animation & sound to the object below

Data Service Center

charts creating charts
ChartsCreating Charts
  • Insert a chart on this

page using the

following data:

1998 1999 2000

Supplies 4356 5478 5210

Electricity 2478 3967 4018

Telephone 1356 1478 1598

charts editing a datasheet
ChartsEditing a Datasheet
  • Replace “Electricity text in datasheet with “Utilities”
charts modifying charts
ChartsModifying Charts
  • Decrease font

Size of Legend

  • Change Chart Type

to an Area Chart

  • Add the title

“Budget” to the chart

tables inserting a table
TablesInserting a Table
  • Insert a 2 x 2 table below using the following text:

Beach Ball Springtime

Sunny Gulf of Mexico

  • Change the column & width size as appropriate
  • Resize & move table as appropriate
tables editing formatting a table
TablesEditing/Formatting a Table
  • Replace the text “Sunny” in the table below with the text “Sunshine” and replace the text “Springtime” with the text “Summertime”
  • Italicize the text & change the font color
presentation delivery hiding displaying slides
Presentation DeliveryHiding/Displaying Slides
  • Hide this slide
  • View presentation using Slide Show view
  • Display hidden slide
presentation delivery speaker notes
Presentation DeliverySpeaker Notes
  • In slide Show view, add the following speaker note to the slide:
      • Rob suggests adding a slide explaining fonts
  • Using the Save As command, save this document as “your first name”
  • Export Speaker Notes to Word
presentation delivery pen
Presentation DeliveryPen
  • While in Slide Show view, activate a Pen; circle the word “Pen” above
  • Change the Pen color to Red and circle the word “Presentation” above
  • Erase all pen marks & return to Slide view
presentation delivery custom show
Presentation DeliveryCustom Show
  • Create a custom slide show entitled “Lesson”
  • Based on this presentation; include only even numbered slides
  • Show the custom slide show “Lesson”
  • Remove the custom slide show “Lesson”
miscellaneous slide color scheme
MiscellaneousSlide Color Scheme
  • Apply a new slide color scheme to this slide only
miscellaneous duplicate slide
Miscellaneous Duplicate Slide
  • Insert a Duplicate Slide of this slide into your presentation