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Millennium Acquisitions

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Millennium Acquisitions. Modified from a 2002 IUG presentation done by Ted Fons, Innovative Product Manager Acquisitions & Serials. New features coming with Phase II. Extended Approval Plan (handle multiple-copy approval and firm orders)

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millennium acquisitions

Millennium Acquisitions

Modified from a 2002 IUG presentation done by Ted Fons, Innovative Product Manager

Acquisitions & Serials


New features coming with Phase II

  • Extended Approval Plan (handle multiple-copy approval and firm orders)
  • Hold Alert (staff alerted if any holds on a title during invoice processing)
  • Edit Use Tax Rates (library can edit use tax rates that the system uses)
  • EDIFACT ordering (possible to send location and fund details for each copy in a multi-copy order using EDIFACT ordering)

New features coming with Phase III

  • Financial Functions:
    • Simplified Acquisitions (eliminate need to post and clear payment history file; automatically occur after invoice processing)
    • Fund Adjustments (new fund and fiscal year appropriations also expenditure and encumbrance adjustments)
    • Fund Activity Reports (provide a printed audit trail for current transactions)
    • Foreign Currency Estimated Price Manager (recalculate estimated price for orders based on fluctuations in conversion rates)

New features coming with Phase III

  • Financial Functions:
    • Estimated Price Manager(recalculate the estimated price for orders based on the actual cost of previous payments)
    • Increase Maximum Order Links  to 200 (allows library to attach up to 200 orders to each bibliographic record)
    • Increase Maximum Payment Sessionsto 50 (allows library to have up to 50 payment sessions for each accounting unit)

New features coming with Phase III

  • Receiving:
    • Copy-Specific Receiving (will allow the user to specify which copy to create items for when receiving a multiple-copy order)

New features coming with Phase III

  • Management Functions:
    • Financial Reports (generate financial reports based on library’s fund hierarchies for current and previous fiscal years)
    • Vendor Statistics Tracking (allows library to gauge vendor performance and record total vendor activity over time)
    • Currency conversion table (allows library to establish a conversion rate for each currency)
    • Usetax table (allows library to establish its use tax rates)

New features coming with Phase III

  • Purchase Orders:
    • EDIFACT Orders (allows library to transmit purchase orders in EDIFACT format)
    • Preferred ISBN (staff will be able to select specific ISBN used in an order)
    • Multiple Receiving and Billing Addresses (allows library to maintain specific addresses for specific copies)
    • Purchase Order Sorting (allows sorting of printed PO’s)

New features coming with Phase III

  • Selection Lists (N/A to SWITCH):
    • Multiple Funds/Locations in Templates (allows library to establish logical fund and location groups to store in templates)
    • Embedded Book Reviews (uses WebBridge to integrate book reviews right into the selection list display for each title, not just link to the review)
    • Running Totals (details spending in a selection list)
    • Value-Added Service Charges (how much selection list item will cost above list price)
    • Branch-specific fund and location editing (allows library to restrict users to editing only his branch codes)

New features coming with Phase III

  • Vendor Maintenance:
    • 30,000 Vendors (allows library to store up to 30,000 vendors and introduces more flexible vendor record
show improved field labels
Show improved field labels

Enhanced record display and improved editor

show improved vendor address editing
Show improved vendor address editing

The improved editor extends to vendor and fund editing

show public view
Show public view

Select “Public Display”

show public view1
Show public view

Public Display is exactly what the patron sees


The Multiple Window feature: In this example, the benefit of multiple windows is the ease of comparing two similar records.

all features of release 2002 ii iii
All Features of Release 2002, II & III

Phase 2 Enhancements List

  • Online User Manual #105325

Millennium Acquistions

  • Online User Manual #100600
general features of release 2002
General Features of Release 2002
  • CREATE LISTS in all modules
    • Training school by school
    • Print materials & Powerpoint available
  • Millennium EDITOR for all modules
    • One-on-one help (email me)
    • Print Materials & Powerpoint available
    • Tutorial available on CS Direct (
cs direct online help
CS Direct Online Help
  • CS Direct :




Using Millennium Applications

Using Millennium Editor

Using Millennium Serials Holdings