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GREECE. BY: MEGAN EDGE AND LEANA. FUN FACT The currency of Greece is cents and euros. POPULATION.

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  2. FUN FACT The currency of Greece is cents and euros POPULATION Greece has a large population. In fact in 2016 , 10.75 million people lived in Greece alone. In 2017 11.15 million people live in Greece. That means over 400,000 people moved there or was born there! Many of the reasons why people move there is the climate. Greece holds a luxury climate , especially in the summer. The climate is Mediterranean which means very hot summers and cold winters. The average rainfall every year is 50 to 121 cm . SEAS There are a total of three seas that surround Greece, such as Ionian sea, Mediterranean sea and the Aegean sea. There is actually a Greek myth about the Aegean sea. The Ionian sea is on the west side of Greece , the Mediterranean sea is south and the Aegean sea is east. All of these seas have a luxury look about them as they are a bright blue.

  3. BORDERING COUNTRIES MAIN CITIES Bordering countries include Albania, Bulgaria, turkey and republic of Macedonia. Greece's Mari lame borders are Cyprus, Egypt , Italy and Libya. Greece is well known for having a war between three parts of it. Its was between many major cities .Major cities include: Athens , Thessaloniki, patras, Kalamata, Volos, Ioannia, Kavala and Spata WILDLIFE Greece holds many animals or wildlife. Mostly because of the climate . Many well known animals live in Greece . these include: Brown bears ,lynx, wild cat, wolves and marten . Even otters!

  4. FOOD Greeks produce a lot of foods we eat such as olives , cheese ,barley, fish and cucumber. These we cant grow in our country because the climate. They have a warmer climate so they can grow a wider range of food. In ancient Greece , all that food was part of a daily diet. ATTRACTIONS Greece is a well known place for sightseeing as most of architecture is still there from ancient Greece. Some of the most well known tourist places are Acropolis on Athens and Parthenon. Another sightseeing opportunity is the countryside. It consist of mainly hills but in summer they are very green and beautiful to look at .

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