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Greece. Greece. Home to one of the world’s oldest civilizations, Greece has been called the birthplace of Western culture . Today, Greece is trying to reclaim its place as a leading country in Europe. Greece: History.

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  • Home to one of the world’s oldest civilizations, Greece has been called the birthplace of Western culture.
  • Today, Greece is trying to reclaim its place as a leading country in Europe.
greece history
Greece: History

Theater. Philosophy. Democracy. Art. Architecture. Literature. Math. Philosophy.

  • Their contributions still affect how we live and think!
  • In the 300s BC, Greece became part of Alexander the Great’s empire. He spread Greek culture, remember?
greece history1
Greece: History
  • When his empire broke up, Greece became part of the Roman Empire, which later divided into two parts: Byzantine Empire and Ottoman Empire.
  • Greece became part of the Byzantine Empire, and its rulers admired Greek culture. After 1,000 years of being part of the Byzantine Empire, Greece was taken over by Ottoman Turks and some elements of Greek culture began to fade.
greece history2
Greece: History

Many Greeks were not happy under Turkish rule, so they rose up against the Turks. After the rebellion, Greece became a monarchy and its government has changed many times since its independence. More recently, democracy has once again taken root in the country where it was born nearly 2,500 years ago.

greece culture
Greece: culture
  • Language: Greek is one of the oldest languages spoken in Europe today. The language has changed a lot over time, but it was never lost.
  • Religion: Nearly everyone in Greece is Orthodox Christian. Easter is one of the most sacred days of the year.
greece culture1
Greece: Culture

Food is influenced by products native to Greece and groups who have ruled. Lamb, olives, and vegetables are easily available in Greece because they grow well there. From the Turks, the Greeks learned to cook with yogurt and honey, and from the Italians they learned about pasta.

greece today
Greece: Today

Greece’s past sometimes overshadows its present. Today though, Greece has a very diverse economy and is rapidly growing with about three-fifths of the people living in cities.

greece today1
Greece: Today

Greece’s capital is ATHENS – it’s also Greece’s largest city.

Modern skyscrapers rise above ancient Greek ruins. Most of the country’s industry is centered in Athens, which has also caused air pollution that’s damaged both the ancient ruins and the country’s health.

greece today3
Greece: Today

Outside of the cities, people live very differently than we do in the United States and in Greece’s big cities. Many live in isolated mountain villages, where they raise sheep and goats. Village life centers around the town square, as it did in ancient times.

greece today4
Greece: Today

Rural Greece

greece today5
Greece: Today
  • Greece is growing economically but is still behind other European countries. It’s lagging behind economically because of a lack of resources – only about 1/5 of its land can be farmed because it’s very rugged and mountainous, remember?
greece today6
Greece: Today

Two of Greece’s most profitable industries:

shipping& tourism.

SHIPPING: Greece has one of the largest shipping fleets in the world.

greece today7
Greece: Today

TOURISM: Millions of people travel to Greece to see ancient ruins in Athens or to visit the beautiful island beaches.

Ancient ruins of the Agora in Athens