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Governance & Enterprise Architecture

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Governance & Enterprise Architecture - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Governance & Enterprise Architecture Governance & SOA “ In 2006, lack of working governance mechanisms in mid size to large post-pilot SOA projects will be the most common reason for project failure ” (0.8 probability – Gartner) IT Governance – A Definition

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Governance & Enterprise Architecture

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governance soa
Governance & SOA

“In 2006, lack of working governance mechanisms in mid size to large post-pilot SOA projects will be the most common reason for project failure ”

(0.8 probability – Gartner)


IT Governance – A Definition

  • IT governance: Specifying the decision rights and accountability framework to encourage desirable behaviour in the use of IT.
  • (Weill and Ross, 2004, IT Governance, HBSP)

IT Architecture


Organising logic for data,

applications,and infrastruc-

ture captured in a set of

policies, relationships, and

technical choices to achieve

desired business and

technical standardisation

And integration

IT Infrastructure


Centrally co-ordinated, shared

IT services that provide the

foundation for the enterprise’s

IT capability.

Business Applications


Specifying the business need

for purchasing or internally

developed IT applications.

Key IT Governance Decisions

IT Principles Decisions

High-level statements about how IT is used in the business

IT Investment and

Prioritisation decisions

Decisions about how much

and where to invest in IT,

including project approvals

and justification techniques.

(Weill and Ross, 2004, IT Governance, HBSP)


IT Governance Archetypes

STYLE Who Has Decision or Input Rights?

Business A group of business executives or individual executives (CxOs). Includes

Monarchy committees of senior business executives (may include (CIO), excludes

IT executives acting independently.

IT Monarchy Individuals or groups of IT executives.

Feudal Business unit leaders, key process owners or their delegates.

Federal C-level executives and business groups (eg business units or processes);

may also include IT executives as additional participants. Equivalent of the

central and state governments working together.

IT Duopoly IT executives and one other group (e.g. CxO or business unit or process


Anarchy Each individual user.

(Weill and Ross, 2004, IT Governance, HBSP)


LJMU Federal Governance Model









Steering Group

Business Membership

Business Applications Needs




IT Steering Group

Business Membership



Business Membership


Methodologies: MSPITIL

ljmu governance membership
LJMU Governance Membership
  • 7 members of the LJMU Senior Management team,

out of a total of 16

  • School Directors
  • Service Directors – Library, Estates, HR
  • Admin/project/resource managers
  • All ICT Senior Managers
what can governance do for you
What Can Governance Do For You?
  • Get buy-in across the board
  • Do it with them, even if they don’t do it to themselves
  • Change behaviour, not just technology
ea governance
EA & Governance
  • Executive buy-in to EA approach
    • Within LJMU Governance structure, Architecture already identified as responsibility of Information Management Steering Group
  • Demonstrate value of EA approach
    • ‘burning platform’ required, provided by existing Student Experience Review initiative
  • Visibility
    • Exposes Senior Management to EA approaches
selling ea governance
Selling EA & Governance
  • Speak the language of the business
    • Or something as close as you can get
  • It’s all about value
    • The business has to see that this will promote better IS decision-making to support the business better
  • Show them pictures
    • Not like I’ve been doing in this presentation…
    • EA development will provide the pictures
    • See JISC SOA animation
selling ea governance11
Selling EA & Governance
  • Business value:
    • Business wants to know how to analyse staffing requirements in light of increasing self-service
    • ‘As Is’ Architecture – self-service capability mapped to business processes as of now
    • ‘To Be’ Architecture – self-service capability mapped to business processes in light of move to Campus Solutions
  • Giving a visual representation that addresses the business problem
so governance
So, Governance…

What is it ?

Why do you want it?

How can you get it?

What will you do with it when you’ve got it?