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Accessible Websites PowerPoint Presentation
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Accessible Websites

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Accessible Websites - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Accessible Websites Web accessibility is about making your website accessible to all Internet users (both disabled and non-disabled), regardless of what browsing technology they're using.

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Accessible Websites

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accessible websites
Accessible Websites
  • Web accessibility is about making your website accessible to all Internet users (both disabled and non-disabled), regardless of what browsing technology they're using.
  • In addition to complying with the Section 508 standards, an accessible website can reap huge benefits on to your website and your business
text only enhancement
Text Only Enhancement
  • We created Text Only version
    • For people that have a visual impairment
      • Easier to read
      • It will allow the visitors the ability to use their own color scheme
    • For people with slow internet connections
      • Faster loading pages
    • For people that prefer text only
  • Text Only version will NOT
    • solve all accessibility issues
    • convert asset such as .pdf and .doc to text only. It only converts content that is created in the CMA.
    • convert external applications/sites to text only.
writing effective alt text for images
Writing effective ALT text for images
  • Anyone who knows anything about web accessibility knows that images need alternative, or ALT, text assigned to them. This is because screen readers can't understand images, but rather reads aloud the alternative text assigned to them.
  • Read Article
how text only works
How Text Only works
  • The text only version replaces all images with the images ALT text if it exists.
    • Because of this, agencies will need to take a close look at the image alt text on their sites to make sure that it makes sense in the context of the text version page.

Graphic version

Text Version

accessibility enhancements
Accessibility Enhancements
  • We are starting to add Access keys
    • These are shortcut keys to enable quick access to important navigational links.
forms need to be accessible
Forms need to be accessible
  • Inaccessible forms: For optimal accessibility, prompt text should be assigned to its form items, using the label for attribute. To check for this, a flashing cursor should appear in each form box when the text next to it is clicked
  • Most forms on the web suffer from accessibility issues. The two main reasons for this are:
    • Prompt text is incorrectly positioned
    • Prompt text is unassigned to form items
      • (Prompt text is the text that appears next to each form item, for example, ‘name’, ‘e-mail’, ‘comments’)
  • Read article: Making accessible forms
labels for form items
Labels for form items
  • We are adding Labels to all form items in the CDA that are created by Vignette templates.
    • This is an example of what we are going to do for the search box:

<label for="search" accesskey="s“ title=“Search” />

<input type="TEXT" id="search" name="SearchCriteria" value="Search" size="7" maxlength="100" onfocus="if (this.value=='Search') this.value=''">

  • For forms that contain multiple form items we recommend the use of fieldsets and legends whenever possible.
    • The <fieldset> tags defines the group
    • The <legend> tags are the headings for the group.


<legend><b>Organization Information</b></legend>

<table border="0" width="462" bordercolordark="#c0c0c0" cellpadding="3">


<td width="452" colspan="2" height="29">

<label for="0rg"><font face="Arial">* Indicates required.</font> </label>





Example form:

for more about the importance of web accessibility
for more about the importance of web accessibility…
  • Benefits of an accessible website - part 1
  • Benefits of an accessible website - part 2
  • More Accessibility Resources
  • Section 508