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My suitability for my placements. By Menen Gebrehiwet. A little about myself. My name is Menen Ghirmay Gebrehiwet , and I study Media production I have been studying media for the past 6 years, and each year I my passion for the subject grows.

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A little about myself
A little about myself

  • My name is MenenGhirmayGebrehiwet, and I study Media production

  • I have been studying media for the past 6 years, and each year I my passion for the subject grows.

  • I am applying to Leonardo so I can not only increase my employability, but also so I can expand in the world.

  • I have chosen Italy as my starter country, because not only do I think it is a beautiful country, but also our cultures are linked. I am originally Ethiopian, and the history between the two countries has made Italy a place to be, for me and many others like me.

Panorama films
Panorama films

  • Based in Rome the company has been running for the past 15 years, and is one of the leading production companies in Italy.

  • The company not only specialises in film, but have a dedicated department working on an international platform.

  • They have worked with film four, DreamWorks, paramount, Warner brothers, and Disney to name but a few.

Graduate and placement opportunities
Graduate and placement opportunities

  • With the company being one of the largest in Rome, I hope to find a traineeship

  • If this is not possible, I would be happy being a runner, or personal assistant in the international department, allowing me to learn from experiancend professionals.

Why i would like to work for this company
Why I would Like to work for this company

  • Panorama films has worked on so many international projects, and have good connections with many of the well established film companies.

  • Working for panorama will not only increase my employability, but also will expand my skills and knowledge in this vast industry.

  • I feel working for this company will make me stronger and the possibilities of developing amazing connections in the industry is not only vital, but will help me when I continue with my travels, working in other companies around the world.

What can i offer to this company
What can I offer to this company

  • I have been a fan of foreign cinema for many years, and feel my knowledge and understanding of foreign film makes me able to work in this field.

  • I have developed short fiction and documentaries which I have entered in to film festivals, which has installed on me the knowledge required when making a film that works internationally.

  • I also feel that my multi cultural background has given me the versatility to work on matters and issues that face different parts of the world, which is very useful when trying to work on an international platform.

L isola production service
L’Isola Production service

L isola production service1
L’Isola Production Service

  • Based in Milan this is a family run business by two brothers, Claudio Pintus and RiccardoPintus.

  • Claudio is the founder of the company, working in the industry for over eight years, whilst Riccardo is the one with the most experience and the business head on.

  • The company has been going strong and now they have plans to expand the business by developing their work on feature films.

Graduate and placement opportunities1
Graduate and Placement opportunities.

  • With the development of the company branching out in to feature films, I feel this is an ideal opportunity for my career development.

  • Currently the company’s branching out in to a more demanding and larger field, I am sure they have place for many runners, assistants and trainee’s.

  • The positions I am looking for is an assistance role, so I can be apart of the development, and also develop some connections in the Italian film industry as well as the international film industry.

Why i would like to work for this company1
Why I would like to work for this company

  • One of the main reasons why I would like to work for this company, is because it is a family run business. This type working atmosphere tends to be more caring rather then intense allowing me to develop at my own pace.

  • I also think joining the company now at such a pivotal point of their development, would benefit me from the companies lessons through such a trailing transition. As the company develops I will develop with them, teaching me lessons I need when I start my own company in the future.

What can i offer to the company
What can I offer to the company

  • I have been studying media theory and have produced a range of media artefacts for the past 6 years, this not only makes me an ideal graduate for the company but makes me versatile, allowing me to work in all elements of the company.

  • My strengths in any production is in the pre-production. Sorting out locations, sets, actors, funding and all the necessities in any production. My knowledge will not only expand working in Italy, but my knowledge of how things work in the UK may come to help the company itself.

  • I am versatile and am able to work independently as well as in a team wich is a vital skill for all media personal.