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South African Press

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Kevin Carter. By: Augusta Baron, Faith Bentzel, and Colleen Yancy. South African Press. Donald Woods. From Apartheid. To Democracy.

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Kevin Carter

By: Augusta Baron, Faith Bentzel, and Colleen Yancy

South African Press

Donald Woods


From Apartheid

To Democracy

  • Apartheid: Afrikaans for “apartness; “social and political policy of racial segregation and discrimination enforced by white minority governments in South Africa from 1948 to 1994”
  • Legalized under Population Registration Act of 1950.
  • Strict governmental restrictions on the press.
  • Constitution declared Democracy on May 8th, 1996
  • “The right to freedom the press and other media…”

Current S.A. Press

  • Libertarian/western press system
    • inform and entertain
    • free market system
    • no governmental control
  • Challenges to the Free Press
    • Government
    • Media Ownership
  • Growth and Change
  • 22 daily newspapers, 25 weekly
  • Transition to more local and sensational
  • news
  • 2202 to 2006 newspaper readership
  • increased by 43.18%

Donald Woods


December 15, 1933 – August 19, 2001

White South African journalist and anti-apartheid activist

Young editor of the East London Daily Dispatch

Befriends Steve Biko, a leading Black activist, and is banned after attempts to publicize National Party as cause of Steve Biko’s death

After five years under exile, flees to London to escape government oppression and threats to family

Returns in mid-nineties to see the end of apartheid

nothing nourishes democracy as much as a system of free media developments magazine 10 98
“Nothing nourishes democracy as much as a system of free media”- Developments Magazine, 10/98

“White Knight of the anti-apartheid movement, Civil Rights legend”

  • Most famous work is Biko, his biography of Stephen Biko’s life, arrest, and death
  • Inspiration for 1987 film, Cry Freedom gives apartheid world-attention
  • Banned: forbidden to write, forbidden to speak publicly, confined to home, prohibited from in being in presence of more than one person at a time, telephone calls screened, mail intercepted

Kevin Carter

  • South African photojournalist
  • Member of the Bang Bang Club
  • First to photograph “necklacing”
  • Won Pulizter Prize May 1994
  • Commited suicide July 1994

Man shot dead in the Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP) area in Thokoza township.

Early 1990s, Thokoza, South Africa


African National Congress (ANC) demonstration during the campaign for the 1994 general election. A young boy leads a local self-defense unit to Ivory Park.

1994, South Africa